IN MAINE . . .

Get atrociously sunburnt and daydream of a windswept shack perched along the bluffs of the sea . . . Maaaaaiiiiiine!! 

I liked Maine. I think I liked Maine best. Ughhh I looooved Maine. I liked just about everything about it. Except for maybe lobster. But I mean that only insofar as I didn't like their flavor. I think on a friend-to-friend basis we'd actually do just fine. 

Maine was so flippin picturesque that I practically broke my phone taking so many photos. And then I promptly broke my brain when trying to narrow them down. So instead there's a jump to preserve the sanity, and if you decide to spring for it, there are enough photos and thoughts and what-we-dids to last you an entire 10 minutes, easily.

Let's break this up into sub-segments so as not to overwhelm the senses. Ready?


In classic Natalie fashion I did some solid pre-stressing about my maybe-allergy to lobster before we left for the trip. It's a long story. Basically, I think I'm allergic? Based on anecdotal evidence? And how was I going to enjoy myself properly in Maine if I couldn't partake of the red devil with my family? What would I be missing?!? I even tried to get an allergy panel done so I would know scientifically whether or not I would be dying, but it didn't come together so I decided to be brave and just eat one already and maybe die, maybe not, but at least I'd have my parents with me.

This story ends mostly anticlimactically because I'd gone just one bite into my heroic "try-it-and-see" stunt when I decided I didn't really like the way it tasted all that much, and therefore, none of it really even mattered. 

So I finished everybody's potato chips for them instead. 

Brandon took his Good Dad duties to another level this trip. This one-lobster marionette was a rather high-class act. Many fart jokes. Occasional lobster parts in your face.


We stayed in a cute Airbnb in South Portland and spent a day driving about to the various vacation towns to try out their fudge shops. Kennebunkport, York, Ogunquit. Each town was somehow more beautiful than the last, it was insane.

And a bit more of South Portland . . .

South Portland was the only town that included half a bear sticking out of a flatbed.

Dogs in scuba gear, however, did require some traveling.

Wait wait--

Worth it. 


There is just something so romantic about these quaint fishing towns. I could do it, the moody New England weather and the buoys on the water and that constant smell of fish guts. I could do it this second. 


Maine pulls together some really spectacular sunsets. We somehow managed to be outside in a place that was gorgeous every night as the sun went down. There might not be a bad spot for beauty in the entire state.


I brought my instax along and very much enjoyed all my consistently crappy shots. It's like a skill to do this that badly. If it wasn't over exposed it was under exposed and some of the time they just came out black. Fun.

Seagull Story Time: On the walk over to meet the boys at the beach, my mom + I picked up a few cookies from the local coffee shop. Once we got settled, here comes this turkey, waltzing right up like he was going to be cute, before sneakily grabbing the cookies from my bag in his beak--the whole stack of them!-- and then flying off over the water AS IF he even knew what to do with those things once he got inside the saran wrap. I sprinted after him with my arms waving, all, "oh no you don't!" until he dropped the suckers + flew off + I realized the entire beach was staring at me.

But the cookies were worth it. 


Oh come onnnnnnn.

I want to be this guy when I grow up. 

And I want to live in that shack.

And I want to kiss that grouchface on the cheek.

All this gorgeous scenery gave me such a jonesing for a trip up to Prince Edward Island. Wouldn't an Anne of Green Gables pilgrimage be the only thing that could improve upon this view? I sincerely think that is going to have to happen. 


This water was frigid.

But we enjoyed it anyway.

Gross! ;)

We all got fully soaked + sandy + salty. It was absolutely perfect.


Too busy seeing the lighthouses to remember to see the actual city? Good work, us.

Brandon was up before the crack every morning to investigate the lighthouses + capture these ridiculous photos of the day's first sun. 

We rational people had our explorer take us to his favorite spots a few hours later :). Sunrise appreciators, us Lovins. Not partakers. 


The End.


  1. OMG Huck and that motorcycle! ha! So classic!
    Maine is at the top of my list of places to visit ASAP! Need to go! Looks so beautiful.

  2. eating lobster and NOT dying, is the best!!
    each picture is sweeter and peaceful, and beautiful and more Americana'y than the last. great post!

  3. We drove up from PA to Maine for our honeymoon and I could have stayed indefinitely. The food, the people, the sights - everything was so picturesque. The food was amazing as well (lobster rolls!!).

  4. I love seeing another perspective of Maine. That teal bridge in Kennebunkport is one of my all time favorite places EVER. We will be up to "summer" in August. Which is what the locals always ask. "Do you summer here?" They are also known for asking "Are ya all set?" When ringing you up or serving you food. If you ever make it over to the East Coast again I have a couple places I think you would love to visit in the Kennebunk-port/Portland/Wells areas. There are some awesome "hidden treasures" a monastery grounds with amazing sunsets.

  5. can you link the airbnb you stayed in? i am going in 3 weeks and still haven't booked a place to stay!

  6. Eeeekkkkk! Maine has been my home for my whole 28 years and I loved going through your post and seeing all these little reminders of why I'm so lucky to live here! I'm a wedding photographer in dear ol Maine and Kennebunkport, York, and Portland are my favorite places to shoot. I'm so glad you loved it! OH and I don't like lobster, but I LOVE lobster rolls. Maybe keep that in your back pocket for next time ;)

  7. looks spectacularly perfect! looks like i need to get my bum-diddly-um to maine!

  8. Maine is one of those states I forget even exists but boy does it look beautiful! PEI has always been a dream of mine to visit -- I had a friend go there on a family vacation and I was so jealous!

  9. I know I would just LOVE Maine too. It all just seems so romantic. I also have a thing for lighthouses.

  10. I love the style of these photos - were these taken on a phone? camera? I love how everything looks beautiful and deep and natural rather than bright and maybe over exposed (which sometimes looks GREAT!) but I am a huge fan of these pics!

  11. I love maine, and what beautiful photos. So glad you got to experience it all!

  12. So fun to see some photos of your cute parents. Good memories of the two them growing up & into adulthood. Tell them Lisa White (Barnes) says hello. Good luck with you move back to ID. Quite a change from Brooklyn for sure.

  13. That is the cutest little town I ever did see! And Hucks hat.... he knows the deal.

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog

  14. this pictures are so cute! This places look amazing would love to check them out sometime. plus, your kid is SO CUTE!

    Records of my Troubles

  15. i recently told mark it's time to start doing more domestic travel-- THIS is exactly what i meant. heart eye emoji.

  16. You did a great job showing off some of the beauty of Maine! I sure feel fortunate to live here this time of year. You must come back because you missed lots of great things to do/see/eat in Portland and north of Portland on the coast. Also, you should try lobster in other ways besides the traditional boiled dinner..

    For anyone looking for a great place to stay, our family rents out a vacation home in the Portland area:

  17. Gorgeous pictures!!! I had zero desire to go to Maine, but this post completely changed that!! :) I'm crazy about the NE, so of course Maine had to be beautiful!

  18. Have you and Huck read A Time of Wonder or One Morning in Maine by Robert McCloskey? I bet you would both love them. They describe life in Maine in such a magical way...reading them would be a great way to remember your trip!


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