Thank you, the title, I know. This post is already pretty rad.

The thing about a cross-country move is that it's a little like moving to Mars. I've always said this. 

I can say that I've always said this because I have--I seem to move across the country fairly consistently. It's like a thing with us. And in every big move I've noticed you get a similar type of new things to adjust to, regardless of where you're going -- a new climate, possibly a different lifestyle to adopt (in this case, especially. #cars), weird regional accents + languages to figure out (shopping cart vs. carriage, purse vs pocketbook, garage sale vs. tag sale?) . . . you get it. Sometimes a move throws more into whack than just where your mail gets delivered or whether your wifi is any good. 

For instance! This move here means I probably won't get to eat a really great bagel now anymore ever.

For instance part two: This move to Moscow also means I get to have a year of Huck's childhood back.

Huck was scheduled to start kindergarten this fall here in Brooklyn. He got into one of the best schools in the city, an art-heavy program with a really great faculty and, like, cool murals on the walls and stuff. The public school dream! It's been kind of the hardest part of leaving, actually. Nobody gets into their dream school the first try. (Hah, guys. This is kindergarten we're talking about.) We'd been counting our lucky stars, even though all along I've also felt it's a little too soon for him to be starting full-time school. Out here the age cut off for starting kindergarten is 5 by 12/31, so a late October birthday like Huck gets shuffled right on in. And you don't have the option in NYC of holding a kid back a year. 

In Idaho the cut off is the beginning of September. And thus my baby will stay a baby, and my chief partner-in-crime, for one more year. 

It's actually kind of wonderful.

This post was written in partnership with Schoola because they're cool-a.


  1. What a sweet blessing! I love buying used clothes but I had never heard of Schoola! So thanks! :) It's so nice to hear of someone else moving across country. We just moved from Ohio to Arizona and it has been so different. Like you said, lots of things to get used to! We may already be planning another move back to the East coast so it may be happening all over again! Ahh, crazy!

  2. Huck is seriously adorable. But oh man. That hair! It's making me itchy feeling like I have to move my hair out of my face just looking at these pics!

    1. seriously. five bucks to you if you can talk him into a haircut. i bring it up twice a day with him. it's not a hill worth dying on ...... yet. :)

  3. I don't have babies, so I'm so happy to see that Schoola has a women's section :) I love the idea of buying used, even more so when my $ is sent to someplace I really want it to go--i.e. ART AND MUSIC PROGRAMS WHAT. So happy to hear that you (and, by proxy, us) will get to experience one more year of all-day adventures with Huck. Good luck on the big move!

    The What's In Between

  4. I've been wondering if that would happen, since we have an August cut off here, and I'm so excited for your new adventures! I've always related a bit to your city adventures because we live in a college town, and some days my kids have been the youngest walking down the sidewalk by 18 years; we've found ways to make campus & main street our playground. Can't wait to see what fun you'll have!
    -emily hansel

  5. I looove that vest on him! I recently found a black vest that I'm having a love affair with too, so I understand his enthusiasm. ha!

    I was held back for kindergarten as well, also for having a late-October birthday. It worked out really well for me! I was oneof the oldest in my class, started driving before lots of my friends, etc etc. But it was great spending more time at home with mom. She decided to put me in a church pre-k a few days a week where I met many of my best life-long friends, too, so that was great for me. By the time I started K I knew all sorts of things, like how to tie my shoes, count really high, and all of my ABC's, which might be standard for kindergarten entry these days but I know that I was ahead of a lot of kids who were starting school young. Welp, just wrote you a novel!

  6. He is so cute! I was in his place where I had to go back a year when I was in 6th grade and moved haha. Good luck to you and Huck!

    Records of my Troubles

  7. AnonymousJuly 24, 2015

    Great initiative, thanks for sharing and good luck with the move!


  8. AnonymousJuly 27, 2015

    I first heard of Schoola the last time you posted about it, and since then I've donated two bags, and I felt smug. : ) Especially when I got the follow up email telling me some of my items had sold and I could see that good was being done. It's really for anyone, even if you don't have kids, you can pick a really needy school and your donation helps. Awesome. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  9. What do you mean that in NYC it's not an option to wait a year to start them in Kindy?

  10. My birthday is Nov 30, and I was always one of the youngest in class... I was super independent as a child, so my mother was never worried, but I can see how it would maybe benefit an only child like Huck, and this way he can get acclimated in Moscow. Seems like a blessing in disguise.
    Him in that vest made my flipping morning.


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