The New Adventuring To-Do

On the docket for tomorrow:

The San Jose Flea Market

This is what I would like to wear when I go:

Also on my new and improved Adventure List...
1.) Take the BART to Union Square
2.) Explore Berkeley
3.) See Half Moon Bay
4.) Hike Muir Woods
5.) Visit Carmel?
6.) DISNEYLAND IN TWO WEEKS (Don't let me down, Holbster!)
7.) Chinatown
8.) Alcatraz? Maybe?
9.) North Beach
10.) Outlets in Vacaville (whyyyyy noooooot)
11.) Oakland A's game next week
12.) Frozen yogurt in Sacramento with Rachel
13.) Monterrey?
14.) Fisherman's Wharf

What else?


  1. Alcatraz was awesome. Creepy, but awesome.

  2. If you wear that first outfit, can you promise that you'll still eat, or is the malnourished, affected look required to complete the ensemble?

  3. allison, i think since i think the malnourished, affected look is a requirement for that outfit, i don't qualify :)

  4. I had mentioned a ride down the PCH, but I failed to mention it's quite exciting if you rent a speedy little convertible. It's totally worth it.


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