Upon A Hill It Calls To Me

On Saturday we braved the bart and experienced San Francisco.

San Francisco, I think I like you. You're like Brooklyn with a lot of hills.

We took a trolley down to Fisherman's Wharf then we walked to Pier 39, then we looked at some fat old Sea Lions. Then we walked to Ghirardelli Square, where I saw a dog! wearing! a sailor suit!

Then we hiked up some SERIOUS HILLS.

We walked past Lombard Street and B was like, Take a picture of Lombard Street, it's crooked! And I was like, I don't wanna take a picture of Lombard Street. And B was like, But it's World Famous! And I was like, So? And then he got really exasperated with me and muttered something about being difficult. ? Beats me.


  1. hey natalie, can i make a post request??? is that possible here? ned continues to ask me about brandon and how his job is and how he likes it, pros/cons, etc. i told him that isn't what you really write about, but i thought i could maybe request a post on brandon's job?? what do you think? i bet you could make it really interesting!! anyhow, just a thought!! glad you guys are enjoying san jose and all the fun things to do.

  2. You cracked me up with this post... or as my 3 year old would say "You are cracking me crazy!"

  3. I really like hearing about your California Adventures, especially because you are going to places I have been and really enjoy! I need more details about the Korean food, like whats the name of the place in the mall, I LOVE korean food- any suggestions for the Oregon area since I haven't found any in a while.

  4. Your purple dress is ridiculously cute! I would like to shop in your closet!!

  5. I've got to agree with your husband, you totally need a picture of Lombard street. It's just one of those touristy things that is a total requirement in San Fran!

  6. There is the slightest chance in the world (but a chance nonetheless!) that we could move to San Francisco! Karl is there as I type this doing an interview with an engineering firm there. Yayyy!!! There's also a slight chance we could move to Draper, UT. Hmm. Not so "yay."

  7. Whatever you're on I want some. Maybe I need to lay off the caffeine.

  8. Have you tried coq10 for your migrains?


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