June Gloom is a real thing, it turns out.


  1. do YOU want to know something ELSE???

    I miss you. Let's chat sometime?

  2. Are the clogs you want Dansko's? Because they are SOOOO worth it. I've worn mine for 5 years and they are the bestest most comfortable shoes ever! check out

    also...I'm going to send you an email soon about a custom onesie!

  3. You WILL get pregnant. I have a good feeling;) Sending you lots of good vibes:).


  4. I don't know you apart from blogs and Facebook but I find myself praying for you and keeping fingers crossed that whether it be blonde and skinny or brunette and squishy that you will get a baby soon.

    The optimism is beautiful and the "chill" looks good on ya. Possibly even better than patent leather red clogs.

    Well, maybe not THAT good.

  5. i'm pretty sure that last time i commented it involved 'shoes & babies' . . . so i hope you don't mind a repeat comment . . .

    get the shoes . . . you deserve them and this is your year natalie! :)

  6. the shoes you want must be Danskos because most of their shoes are $120. :) They do have an online outlet and also you can find new Danskos on ebay.

    However, I am proud of you for having that no spending day. I am trying this myself. It feels good. There is a huge article in this months Ensign on family finances.

    sounds like you and your hubby are doing well in CA. miss ya in Moscow. I know you will get pregnant, too. :)


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