Okay so: I think Chuck Bass is basically Robert Pattinson, only done better. Like, a Robert Pattinson crush you can feel good about. Only it's Chuck Bass.

I mean, don't you think?
(I don't watch Gossip Girl and am slow on the uptake.)

Overheard at the Big 5 on Crow Canyon last week while buying The Holbs some snazzy Basketball shoes so he can be as cool as his big brother when they play 5:30 a.m. church ball together:

Little kid: Hey, do you carry Adidas skater shoes?
Salesman: Uhhh, Adidas skating shoes? That's gonna be pretty hard to find... (pokes around a bit)... Yeah, Adidas doesn't really make skater shoes.
Little kid: That's okay, I'm not really a skater.

I get Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP newsletter. It's no secret, in my next life I hope to come back as Gwyneth Paltrow. In the GOOP a week back at the bottom where she usually includes a sneak-peak for the next newsletter's content it says instead, "Note: need NEXT WEEK copy." Oops. That does it. She's my girl.


  1. AnonymousJune 19, 2009

    They copied you sis... Or great minds think alike

  2. oh, chuck bass....he's naughty. really naughty. you have to only watch a single episode of GG to know this. But I agree, he's more handsome than RP and has a more devilish look.

    Although my pick from that crew of GG boys is Chace Crawford. yum.
    look at this picture here and you'll know what I mean

  3. uh, yeah, yours are WAY cuter! Love your blog! JaDell

  4. yours are cuter, no contest.
    the first one is tacky too

  5. HaHa I think the guy that created the sleazy vibrating motel mattress died today. Not funny that he died but funny that you mentioned it.


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  7. Oh my heck you crack me up!

    Chuck looks so much better in these pics than he does most times on GG. Sometimes I feeling him and other times I SO not.

    Great post...just might follow suit.


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