Brooklyn Flea

Once upon a time there was a little Brooklyn Flea named Nat the Rat.

She lived in a little flat on Montague Street with her Brooklyn Holbsmouse. Together they ate bagels every day. They were blissfully happy, the Brooklyn Flea, her Holbsmouse, and their Pancricket.

Then one day her Brooklyn Holbsmouse got this crazy idea to go to law school, so they up and moved to Idaho.

And while that little Brooklyn Flea loved Idaho with all of her heart, she desperately wished she could go back to her little Brooklyn flat, walk her dirty Brooklyn streets, and maybe (if she was good), go to her favorite Brooklyn deli for a plain bagel with tomato and cream cheese, please.

Then one weekend, her Holbsmouse packed her up in the car and whisked her away to the real Brooklyn Flea.

(The one in Fort Greene.)

They had their first Egg Cream there. (It wasn't very good.)

I tried to narrate the babies' conversation, like this:

"Hi, I have a thing for boys with red hair, and I think you're cute."
"I don't have red hair! My hair is strawberry blonde!"

These clogs!

The end.


  1. I would have to tell my hubby its either the clogs or the ultra expensive table and let him decide which one I'm going to buy :)

  2. I have to agree with Sophie!

  3. I love your "jigga what?!" face next to Holbs' egg cream.

  4. Turquoise and green!!!! Yum!

  5. Clogs woud be an amazing birthing gift, no?

  6. there has been uh-hum "bribery" used to obtain shoes in our home... true confessions...

  7. Good thing I look good in green because I get more and more envious with each of your posts!

    I would say "please" and he would say "what?!" because I'm not a shoe person.
    I would have to find a way to convince him that I did indeed need all of those owl things! I always go to lash batting, make eyes at him and hint towards things that made us end up with our daughter those work the best :)

  8. "Hey, guess what? I'm pregnant with your child. And it's hot out. And I can't see my ankles anymore. I'm not sure I even HAVE ankles anymore. And I'm pregnant--did I mention that?"

    [Insert pregnant pause here. Tee hee..."pregnant."]

    "Buy me the damn shoes."

    Done and done.

    Pregnancy gives me a potty mouth. Je m'excuse.

  9. My initials! In metal (or something like unto it?)! (GO)

    Good luck gettin' the clogs, lady! (I think you should use the "I'm pregnant with your child" thing until you're no longer pregnant! It's your right, woman!)

  10. Um, will you please go to the Brooklyn Flea every weekend and take pictures like these so that I can live vicariously through you?

  11. No more owls?!?!

    I keep my owl-buying to a minimum so that I can stretch my habit out longer before it becomes creepy.

  12. Word had gotten around that I love owls and they began pouring in from all those dear friends who pay attention to things like that. And I became someone with lots of owls. Some were beautiful. And some were cute. And some were horribly tacky.

    And I announced proudly that I was far too classy for these tacky owls and I got rid of them.

    But really I didn't. They are in a box in my closet. And sometimes I get them out. And look and look into their tacky little owl eyes.

    And I love every single one.

  13. What an adorable post! And I agree ... remind him you are carrying his child and it has been really hot. Tell him he gets to cut the cord!

  14. Just so you know, you are living my life right now. My dream life and I kind of hate you just a bit for that. But I love you all the same. How's that belly?

  15. I think ANYTHING that a pregnant woman wants can be had by suggesting that baby wants it too. ;)

  16. If you convince Holbsy to let you buy those lacey lamps and mail them to me, I will personally fly to Brooklyn and present you with those lovely clogs that have wedged themselves into your heart. (Get it? Wedged!) I crack me up!

  17. Those owls are beautiful! Please tell me the Holbsshopper will let you go back on your no more owls statement?!

  18. Turquoise and green? Yes, please.
    And the clogs? You're carrying his child, surely that provides bargaining power?

  19. Right now, I am sitting on a rock in Texas and I cold. In September! It's actually cold. And I have my own little rainbow from this pretty fountain everytime the wind blows just so. It's lovely. ( thought you could use a dash of southern in New York. :) )

    As for the amazing clogs, I find opening my eye, batting my lashes, and saying "please (insert name here)... Please?" with a cute, pouty face usually works. But you have to get the pleading voice right. This has even worked on non- boyfriend guy friends. *nodnod*


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