Hot Child In The City

Today we went to Central Park to look at leaves.

It was supposed to be the last hot day of the summer and my apartment was crazy uncomfortable. The kind of hot where I would open the fridge and think to myself upon shutting it, "Could I possibly fit in there for a nap?" I just needed to get out.

Earlier this afternoon I ventured to Verdi Square on some errands and proclaimed to my husband via text message upon my arrival,

This is the sweatiest I have ever been in my entire life!

Back when we were struggling to get pregnant I used to play a game where I'd imagine all the things that would be worse than infertility. After having lived through a really nasty summer in Brooklyn, I decided that being pregnant in the middle of a New York heat wave might definitely be worse than not being pregnant at all.

Well. Now that I am here, in one horribly grimy, truly awfully terrible New York heat wave, while pregnant, and without any air conditioning, I have something I would like to say:

You are not worse, New York Heat Wave.


  1. I am saying a little prayer that tomorrow you get some cooling relief! I remember living in a single wide with no a/c (though not pg at the time) and I used to lay on my couch in a bra and panties with frozen bage of peas laying on my belly, thighs, and chest. I can't imagine handling that heat while pregnant!

  2. But it looks soooo beautiful. The park. The people. The blue skies. The only time this Aussie has ventured to your fair city, it was the middle of winter. I kinda like the green sunny'ness. The sweating though, I could live without.

  3. I love New York! but I totally know what you mean about the hotness level. It's like 34572349587234 times hotter than the Idaho heat that's nice a dry :D

  4. You know what? I am sitting here freezing to death in my air-conditioned apartment, and you made me start sweating from reading how hot life is for you right now. Could you possibly get a window air conditioner into your apartment? Pretty please? Just for me? I'm dying here!

  5. I played the crap out of that game whilst trying to get pregnant- I think its safe to say that there just is NO greater agony to a women in want of a child than the agony of TRYING in VAIN to get knocked up.
    Please get an AC or some other contraption to cool your pregnant butt off. You're making us all so very hot.

  6. I live near Tokyo. A friend who's from NY told me that the weather is almost identical- at least in the summer. After reading your account of the heat there I have to say it sounds just like Japan!
    I hope you get cooler weather and soon!!

  7. Poor you. I was also heavily pregnant with both my girls in the height of the African Summer. Its NOT fun. I lived in our pool.

    Central Pack looks awesome.

    We need an updated picture of that beautiful bump of yours.

  8. I recommend filling your tub with cold water, grabbing a book, and planning on not moving from said tub during the day. That's what I did during the last few weeks of my pregnancy (there was a heatwave in England and yeah, it was only like 80 -82 degrees and yeah... im a puss)

  9. In The Seven Year Itch, Marilyn Monroe's character confessed to keeping her underwear (and I believe also potato chips and champagne) in the icebox, in order to beat the NYC summer heat. I'm just sayin'....

  10. Central Park certainly looks dreamy, but I can only imagine the sweatyness and then it does not seem so dreamy any more. I hope you get some cooler air SOON! Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  11. When I was pregnant with my third baby, and her due date was September 2nd, I told my husband if he didn't put in air conditioning that made our house like a refrigerator, I would kill him. He did ... so I feel your pain.

    But as someone certainly old enough to be your mama, I will tell you what I tell my own kids (and self all the time) it REALLY could be worse.

    I just read "The Glass Castle". Finished it last night. The author ran away from her impoverished, horrible childhood at age 17 to NYC ... to live her dream, and so happy to be there as she first shared a room with her sister in a women's home.

    You live in NYC - that's pretty cool (no pun intended!) Hang in there! Baby is on the way!

  12. I imagine that being way pregnant during the heatwave is mightily unpleasant...but imagine being in your first trimester during that heatwave. The hot smell of hot New York trash hitting the oh-so-sensitive nose that leads to mucho mucho morning sickness? I can't help but play the it-could-be-worse game...It's a flaw in the human condition, I think.

  13. This summer has been hideous. The worst ever ever ever (well, i was only here last summer and it wasn't bad).

    Sooooo, when are we going to meet at Shake Shack and eat burgers and concretes?

  14. Oh the dreaded "it could be worse" game! Who knew playing that game is like predicting your fate.

    I stuck my head in the freezer and was a big fan of a cold shower.

    I feel your pain.

  15. ... be careful what you wish for! Hurricane Earl passed through Long Island yesterday! Now you cannot say its too hot here, its high 70s - low 80s today in NYC.

  16. I soo feel for you. I had my son in June in Florida! The heat, the humidity. Oh the sweat. When I get pregnant again I want to deliver BEFORE the summer hits.

  17. I hate hot. End of discussion.

    I'm so glad you won, though! I had no doubts that you would, of course...

    Which day art thou due?

  18. I am new to your blog... having lots of fun reading around. I love this post the most so far! You so perfectly capture the stickiness that is East Coast summer heat. That was one of the biggest adjustments for me after moving from Washington state to Vermont. When I learned I was pregnant at the end of August 2008, I quickly counted months and was happy to realize I'd be giving birth in May - totally missing any sort of hot summer pregnancy/birth experience.


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