We, The Village People

Yesterday was Constitution Day. Happy Constitution Day! To celebrate, Brandon took me to NYU to watch a guy dressed as Thomas Jefferson speak on something or other (the poor guy was hilarious, and kept slipping in and out of his accent). There were mini cupcakes involved. And then we decided to wander around the Village for a bit.

The village is my very, very favorite.

Chick-fil-a! There's one in a residence hall cafeteria. Isn't that exciting for my husband?
I will tell you this: wandering a residence hall cafeteria looking for a seat while 8 months pregnant while your husband is in line for food is weird.

At one point we happened to walk past one of the apartments I looked at during that one-day mad apartment-hunting day. I really wanted to live in the Village. Real bad. But Downtown rents are crazy. But this was a really good apartment. Right in the heart of the Village. Tinier than tiny, up a flight of stairs (no fun with a stroller, my mother kept reminding me), but with floor to ceiling bookshelves and the quaintest little details you've ever seen, and a sweet little window overlooking Christopher Square. I died for that apartment. (But, the stairs . . . and no laundry . . . and a broker fee . . . Brandon had no concept of pregnant longing that day and heartlessly instructed me to "keep looking!")

It was fun to pretend for an afternoon that we'd moved into that little apartment and to imagine for a while what our lives downtown would have been like. And oh boy, I liked it a lot.


  1. A few things:

    1) I've never wanted to live in NYC. Visit? YES. Live? NO. But now? Now you've got me thinking, and kinda jealous. (And jealous does NOT look good on me!) I'm really going to have to focus on the "positives" of where I reside, is what...

    2) You do NOT look 8 months pregnant. Just so you know. I'm thinking you look more along the lines of MAYBE 6 months. You look fabulous.

    3) I cannot stop thinking of chick-fil-a waffle fries. And I live in Idaho Falls. Dilemma!

  2. Thanks for the vicarious trip around the village...the Holbs is a lucky man!

  3. YOU LOOK TINY! I mean- I was already telling you how tiny you were when we met in real life, but now that belly that is 8 months grown is tiny too! (not in a bad way- but in a cute and proportionate kind of way!)

    Is it possible for you to get more adorable?


    by multiplying and replenishing!

  4. Ah! Those puppies are adorable! I'm using that picture as a tool in the cat vs dog debate in my apartment.

  5. Lovely, just lovely! And those puppies... Oh, I want a puppy, but my cat still says I can't have one. : )

  6. I know what you mean about the 'do I fit in?'. I did Honours at Adelaide uni after my daughter was born...I was like a creature from out of space wandering through the halls with a pram. I used to wear my best outfits to try and somehow shift the cool-o-meter in my favour. I don't think it worked.

  7. "Jews for Jesus" haha... Only in New York huh!

  8. If you do get that black French bulldog puppy, will you call it Stitch for me? I think it's a great name (because of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch having the big pointy ears) even if no one else does!

    You really do look fabulous for 8 months (I bet you never get sick of hearing that!) :)

  9. I really love that iron fence. Seeing the thick layers and layers of paint somehow sent me off into imagining all the life that fence has lived.

    I know. Not the point of your post at all.

  10. Those puppies are adorable, I really want one now. Also I agree with Gina...although I always did want to live in NYC, but now I fear I may never get the chance, as my husabnd is not the adventurous type.

  11. my husband and i are obsessed with frenchies. we already have a dog who is a delightful mix of who-knows-what but we always talk about frenchies. and you wanna see a cute dog? find a boston terrier mixed with a french bulldog. those guys are so fierce!


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