It's Fashion Week! And one of my best friends from high school is in the city for a short visit. We had a few hours to kill, so we wandered over to Lincoln Center to and pretended we were Scott Schuman.

Don't you wish it could be Fashion Week every week?


  1. the orange suit!!! thats all I will say on that..

    The boots were to die for..
    and I need to be at fashion week!! FUN post
    short and sweet

  2. I'm a fan of that orange sherbert suit!

  3. I think the guy in the orange suit walks the mall by my house (or at least his twin?). He also has suits of canary, plum, and siren red!

  4. La Garance! What a discovery! Thank you! I also wish I knew where the Naked Cowboy roamed and where so many of the other well kept secrets of NY were...but I guess that takes time.
    I could see Janet Jackson wearing those studded heals...or maybe I have... Oh well, you're a great fashion photog!

  5. How fun for you! These are some really great shots too! That is quite an array of peeps! :)

  6. I so loved those studded spike heels and, of course, the pastel man. Will send you my pics from that day soon! xo!

  7. LOVE the shoes in the pic next to the studded boots. Next time forget the pic, take the shoes!


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