The county fair is always a good idea. That's just logic. I asked Huck a bit ago if he'd like to concur and help me write this post and he said no, so that's as far as this paragraph is going to get.

But I will say this! When we decided Brandon should accept his new teaching position and I was still working through how I felt about it, I did think to myself, "OMG, THE FAIRS!!!" and it perked me up quite a bit. We get two county fairs out here plus a rodeo in Lewiston that I never remember to go to, and slowly perusing award winning quilts and blue ribbon canned peaches is kind of the ultimate for me. 

Last weekend was the Latah County fair, the weekend before that was the Palouse Empire fair, and now I present unto you, a post about it! For posterity. 

Here guys. This is the Palouse Empire fair parking lot. ☟

Just so you can appreciate what we're working with here.

The Palouse Empire fair is charming as the day is long. And then there's a rodeo! It's over in Colfax, on the other side of the Idaho / Washington border. The Latah County fair is a little bit on the ickier side and maybe don't eat the corndogs, but that's what gives it its own kind of magic, if you ask me. It's in Moscow, right here in the middle of town, and it turns the whole place into crazy. Every evening the entire town shows up. The Moose bugling competition this year was epic. 

And now, pictures! 

Look at that pose! Look at those feet!!!

Death grip!!!!

Huck here is King of the Barf Rides. Oh the kid has no fear. We got him a wrist band on Saturday morning and this kid rode and rode and rode those rides till the cows came home. (No the cows stayed in their exhibit stalls.) I managed to live through exactly one ride. Just one!! I am such a wimp. Frankly it was the scariest one, too. The ferris wheel. 

He takes this very seriously.

On a scale of one to ten I'm at about a two-hundred-level scared right here. ☝︎

And then the rodeo! 

The rodeo wins. 


  1. the title of this post totally took me back to when i was in my high school production of "state fair." lol good times. that walking taco is pretty epic.

  2. Next year you need to go to the Pendleton Round-Up! Schools shut down for a week, Main Street is taken over by vendors and live music. There's a carnival, Native American Indian village right next to the round-up grounds, PBR, Happy Canyon Pageant, world class Rodeo, 2 parades, the original Pendleton Woolen Mills. All the residents suddenly turn into cowboys. Do it.

  3. Huck is like the perfect combo of you and your husband

  4. Love love love! I was in Pullman last weekend for a WSU football game, and was reminded how much I just love that area. Not sure I could ever live there again (I need water near me) so I'll just live vicariously through your blog :)

  5. Ferris wheels are TERRIFYING. But so magical! Every time I see one I think I must go on it. And then I do, and I am terrified nigh unto a panic attack at the top. But by the time I reach the ground again I've already forgotten what it was like being stuck at the top and I think they're magic again. It's a cycle.


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