a little bit of old-fashioned americana, all from schoola, to get both of us through the late summer / early autumn hump :) 

My philosophy on getting boys dressed is this: Two parts basic to one part flashy. 

For example.  One pair of good, slim-cut skinny jeans (often from the girl's section-- stores still aren't getting that boys need more than baggy pants anymore?), one part basic tee or long-sleeved thermal, one part flashy shirt worn on top that'll keep my kid warm while also adding that tiny element of "pretty flyyyy for a white guy."

Brandon's philosophy on getting boys dressed is this: ALL OF THE FUN THINGS, ALL OF THE TIME, ALL AT ONCE.

It's always a kick in the pants for me to see how one set of clothes can skew so differently depending on who is the one putting two and two together. Huck's favorite colors on Huck are "all of dem!" and Brandon's favorite colors on Huck are pink and purple and orange, and I'm over here trying to keep things at least mildly classic by stocking the blues and browns and wondering how did it happen that *I'm* the conservative one when it comes to getting Huck dressed?? I count myself a pretty lucky girl in that way, though. It's always more fun to be the brakes in an operation when the two crazies gunning the gas have such a fun sensibility about things. Especially when you're the one accustomed to being the speed demon, otherwise. 

As such, whenever I'm picking out clothes, I keep in the back of my mind that fully half of the time these clothes that I select will be used + abused by the male two thirds of the house, leading to chuckles + smiles from strangers in the parking lot at the Walmart when they see my kid bound out of the Jeep ready to take on the world like a clashing patterned superhero in all the colors of the rainbow on the days my boys are in charge of the morning routine. 

Similarly, it is important to document the times on those rare days when the items in questions are used responsibly, as Mom intended, to further the betterment of mankind as a whole.  :) As such, here we have Huck in his Schoola, styled by to me. He's a pretty handsome little turkey.

This year Huck is growing like a weed, it seems he wakes up a full inch taller than the day before nearly every single morning. It's miraculous and exciting and bittersweet. More and more pairs of pants are becoming high waters on him on the daily. It's a good time to outfit a kid in items from Schoola, a shop that sells gently loved items of kids + women's clothing, with every purchase helping to fund programs in schools across the country. Huck gets taller, I have somewhere to send his pieces that are outgrown but not outworn, more schools get money, Huck's closet gets replenished on the cheap with anything we could ever dream up along any inch of the basic-to-flashy spectrum. And if Huck only gets three wears out of a thing before it's already too small, so much the better! We send it back in a Schoola donation bag (request one here), pick out something new, and feel good knowing we've made it possible for one more student to enjoy a music or art class as part of their daily school curriculum. 

(You can read more about our new Idaho lifestyle and how we use Schoola this fall here!)

That's pretty cool.

And anyway. Congratulations to me on being prudent for once in my life!
The end.

This post was sponsored by Schoola. Ongoing collaborations like these make me feel happier than a clam in the sea with a strong wifi signal. 


  1. These photos are so cute!

  2. Very cute...but I can't help but think that he would be SO much more comfortable in baggier jeans - why would he need skinny jeans? Never did like them on men...and certainly not on little boys, who move 24 hours a day. And yes, I know what I'm talking about...I raised 2 boys.

  3. I love Huck's skinny jeans. He looks so happy!!!!

  4. Hola! este pequeño es un amor felicitaciones!!!

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