coming home to a clean kitchen at the end of a road trip is like finding a golden unicorn at the end of a rainbow. right??

Two-thirds of the Holbrooks are in Portland this weekend! My baby brother gets home from his mission on Tuesday, and we're all here to meet him at the airport at 9AM with a welcome home banner the size of obnoxious and, hopefully, to let the cousins bash around all over themselves all weekend and manage not to break any bones. 

The other Holbrook third has classes to teach (and chickens to feed, lol, sorry dude!), so we had to leave him at home. We miss him to oodles already.

A few things for the weekend? I mean, we may as well. 

This girl performing Eminem's Lose Yourself in ASL is amazing. Reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite, in all the best ways.

What if Harry Potter were actually a boy with a mental illness? And Hogwarts was a mental institution? I mean, this one will mess with your brain. 

La-loved this piece on how to spend time alone in New York.

The Puma Index. Hysterical.

Finally, my friends at ACCOMPANY just refreshed their site for the fall and it is perfectly perfect, and chock full of incredibly beautiful pieces made by women artisans all over the globe, all with an added dose of goodness + philanthropy with every purchase. I get excited every time a new boutique collection rolls out, but the Black, White, and Bold this time! The hat! The pochette! The embroidered bag!! Nailed it, nailed it, nailed it.

My sister is doing my lashes for me tomorrow so, you know, lookout world! Can't nothing stop a woman with big ass lashes. ;)

Have a good weekend! Over + out!


  1. Wow, I disliked the Puma Index soooo much - so objectifying!

    1. I know! So gross! But it's like 5 years old so thank god it didn't catch on, at least?

    2. I totally agree. Ickkkkkk.

    3. ugh. whoa. yeah. gross.

  2. You can take the girl out of New York ... :)
    And the Signing video - dope!

  3. Yay for homecomings! I've got mine coming home in MAY, I have to wait eight more months. rude. Let's see those lashes!


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