For you dear Beeblies, on this, your 38th birthday: 


01 / your beautiful smile

02 / the way your eyes crinkle at the corners

03 / that you are the best father in the world to our baby

04 / the way you sings off keyyyyyy

05 / your cute little butt

06 / how responsible you are and how hard you work to take care of our family 

07 / the way you look when you're grading exams (hot!!!!)

08 / your collection of dude bracelets from college (wear one tonight?)

09 / when you and huck laugh together at cartoons in your matching donkey wheeze chuckles

10 / how kind you are to others

11 / how consistently conservative you are, you right-wing weirdo! ;)

12 / i have always loved your slanted little penmanship

13 / you write the most beautiful notes in birthday + anniversary cards - always the poet in tax attorney's clothing

14 / the way you look with huck on your shoulders. sexayyyyy

15 / how goofy you get around babies!!!

16 / your beautiful arm hair ;)

17 / your freckles! like copper rain smatters.

18 / i love it when you make dinner and it is this explosion of spices and flavors and how creative you get

19 / i love the children's stories you make up about huck

20 / i like it when you say "you're up!" at bedtime when you're finished reading to huck and huck is ready to snuggle with me (ultimate bedtime tag team)

21 / i love the way you talk with your hands, especially when you're driving

22 / i love how measured and calm and thoughtful you are, so long as things aren't hectic.

23 / i love how you freak out immediately when things get nutty, because it is the only time *i* get to be the calm and measured one, and sometimes that's fun

24 / i love the way you love our families. you are a wonderful son AND son-in-law, a great brother, a fantastic uncle, and a super solid brother-in-law

25 / i love to see how much my baby brother looks up to you

26 / i love how you drive suzy-q-two in her lower gears for maybe too long ;)

27 / i love all of the adventures you've taken me on! paris! venice! provo! lake oswego! brooklyn! idaho! brooklyn again!! idaho again!!!

28 / i love that crazy red beard

29 / and i love how handsome you look with your graying temples. cinnamon + sugar, baby

30 / i love the way you laugh, even at me :) especially at me! 

31 / i love our weird shared sense of humor. remember when we went to see napoleon dynamite in theatres and we laughed so hard we almost gave ourselves a hernia?

32 / i love the way everything you touch is so precise. that fence over on mountain view . . . your super sexy excel spreadsheets . . . 

33 / i love it when you triple check the tip after dinner

34 / and i love it that you are so generous with waiters. even really bad ones

35 / i love picturing you in high school, this super cool guy, all athletic and stuff. the coolest boy in high school married ME! what was he thinking??

36 / i love the way you take care of me and huck

37 / i love working on a second baby with you ;)

38 / i love that we have the rest of our lives to be together, to figure each other out, to get this marriage thing right, and then just when it's perfect i'll get alzheimer's and forget who you are


I'm grateful for you every stinking day, Professor Holbrook. Thanks for being born. I like this funny life we keep on bungling up together. :) 

Happy birthday, Noodles.

(With that, I officially declare Holbrook Birthday Season 2015 to be on like Donkey Kong. Hit it!)


  1. I chuckled at that last one for far too long! So true!!

  2. #relationshipgoals I swoon at your true love!

  3. it's almost like you have to have some kind of idaho ties to truly appreciate the awesomeness that is napoleon dynamite.

  4. #37.....seriously, the best part of married husband and I are currently expecting baby #11 and it's always so much fun working on making that precious baby. (Maybe a little bit too much fun for us!)

    And #38 -- LOL, right? when you finally get it perfect....BAM. Who are you again?

  5. YAY! awesome post, and happoy birthday to your love!

  6. this made me smile! happy birthday brandon.

  7. We have a birthday season here too, were in the middle of. 3 birthdays in one month!

  8. You + Brandon + Huck = squad goals.

    XX Laura

  9. Happy birthday Brandon!

  10. I swoon at this romance!

  11. The sweetest. Happy birthday to your Holbs! October is our birthday season too. We call it Huntoberfest and it includes 5 birthdays and our wedding anniversary in the space of 27 days. Wacky, I tell you.

  12. September birthdays are the best, and being a fall baby is the icing on the cake! Mine is on the 24th! Happy birthday to him! Hope it was great!

  13. cute!!! great list. greatest gift. did he get embarrassed by this post or love it?

  14. "16 / your beautiful arm hair ;)"

    This was so fun to read, and made me feel so happy. not that it really matters how I feel about your marriage. why am I even mentioning myself here? us commenters are so self-centered!

    (seriously, though.)

    Anyway, I love your love! And that you continue to share it with us.

  15. Your writing is fantastic.


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