How Does One Even Name A Post Such As This One, I Wonder?

This is what Barnaby looks like when he's about to cause some TROUBLE.

I have been thinking about a lot of pointless stuff today.  

Today when I arrived at work I discovered a giant platter of lunch meats sitting by the cashier. What is that about?

Also I have been trying to wrap my head around this Ice Dancing business. The conclusion I have reached is thus: Ice Dancing . . . is like Figure Skating . . . only not . . . there's nothing really hard about it . . . it is kind of a lot less pretty than Figure Skating . . . there are really crazy embarrassing costumes going on, and also really bizarre musical choices (Linkin Park) . . . so . . .

Basically the good news is, I have decided that I'm pretty sure I could be an Ice Dancer. 

Naturally, I took my new career path dreams to my husband, who is my "biggest support" and "number one fan" and "ringer of encouraging cow bells" and "I couldn't have done this without you." You know.

"Holbsy," I said, "Holbsy, I have decided to become an Ice Dancer at the Olympics. What do you think?"

. . .

"Well? Do you wanna be my Ice Dancing partner or what?"

. . .

"Umm, I'm pretty sure it's too late for us," The Holbs finally said. (Settlers online against a robot, if you must know.) (My husband is so cool.)

Then he laughed at something a robot competitor messaged him, which must have been hilariously nerdy, or something, I mean, I don't know.

The end.


  1. The Prichard Art Gallery has an interesting glass art display going on from now until April if you get really bored and need something to entertain you. You know if you are looking for some "culture" in the 'scow. Can it just be spring already so North Idaho is enjoyable? I mean really...

  2. I want to be an ice dancer so I can wear all the cool costumes!! I DEFINITELY don't think it's too late! Let's go...

  3. chocolate covered gummy bears? i havent even heard of those and suddenly feel really sorry for myself that ive never tried them.

  4. Ice Dancing. *shakes head* In my apt we all decided that's what you can do if you're not good enough to be a pairs skater. Maybe you can find an online ice-dancing game and make your husband be your partner. :)

  5. Hey there,
    Your Scottie looks like he's about to yank that Wire Fox by its tail, right out from under that table-or goose him? How about this for a title: "Should I Goose Him or Not?
    Then segue in to the fact that you might need to be "goosed" into... doing something. Ice Dancing sounds fine!

    And...I would so love to have you as an Official Follower of Bocci's Beefs-I'm following your blog! Thanks a ton! I'll look forward to seeing you in the Olympics in four years!
    Check me out at:!

  6. That has to be the most hilarious post I've ever read.

  7. Do you ever stand in front of the fridge and wonder why you are there? If not, you are halfway there.

  8. Totally unrelated to this post, but I just read your bio from the CBC (after popping over from OMyFamily. And I just had to tell you -- you had me at "What would Anne Shirley do?"

    a kindred spirit.

  9. Wow. Your scrambled thoughts today have suddenly scrambled my brain too. LoL! Just as I tried to keep up with each topic you presented and answer each question you asked, you changed the subject suddenly and my mind went "Huh???"

  10. Just do it. Be an Olympic Ice Dancer. I mean, I'm sure if you know how to dance, then you just need to learn to do it while skating. Sometimes I find myself perusing the aisles of walmart and spending an absurd amount of money on things I think I may use/need in the future, but will likely never use.

  11. I might actually watch Ice Dancing if you were there. I can't make myself, really. I just don't get it. Figure skating is pretty neat, but ice dancing...yeah. I'd have to know someone who dances on ice to make myself care.

    Not to deflate your dreams, of course. Live the dream!!!

  12. Ice Dancing! I love Ice Dancing. If I could balance on ice skates and dance, I would do it too. It looks so much fun! So I say if you have the guts to try it, go for it.

    Your scrambled-up brain sounds like mine today. I can't seem to pay attention or come up with anything constructive to do.

  13. You need to read Outliers. According to Mr. Gladwell, all it takes to become a master of ANYTHING (sports, piano, computers, ice dancing) is 10,000 hours of practice.

    GET ON IT.

    Also, sometimes I arrive at home and have no memory of the drive. I'm like - was I ASLEEP? How did I get here? It's very mysterious.

  14. Dear lord....there are chocolate covered gummy bears?! seriously?!

    talk about a news flash!

    Maybe instead of Ice Dancing...perhaps a news anchor job at CNN is more suited for you?

    just don't get one of those stupid journalist hair cuts! keep yours as is, it looks nice...already.


  15. Settlers! Our favorite game, but I don't think I like the online part. We play in real life, and it's so much more interesting that way.

  16. bah- i could take ice dancing...or leave it. either way though- if it's a dream go for it. could they start a new no partner ice dance category? that way you wouldn't need the holbs? just a thought.

    but also i have a geeky husband. LOVES settlers. so i totally know the scenario! too funny!!!

  17. There are some really cute tees and cardigans on sale at Old that you mention it.

  18. rah ha ha...Mr. Schalk (hubsy) and I used to play Settlers online with the robot...I didn't realize other people did that, too. Oh, thanks for bringing back geeky memories!

    Secondly, choco covered gummie bears? Never knew.

    Third, I saw SourPatch Straws in the check out line at Meijer and felt a burning desire to let you know. Yep, because Indiana and Idaho are SO close together. I wonder if they have choco gum bears? Hmmm

  19. It can be fun to drive around and see where one's heart takes them! It sounds like you ended up with chocolate covered gummy bears, so the trip was worth it!

    Perhaps you and the Holbs could both do ice-dancing simulation...You mentioned he likes robots, right? I can see the costumed robots now!

    Chocolate covered gummy bears are good on a yellow cake cupcake with chocolate frosting. It looks really cute, too, like the bears are swimming (I made them for my niece's b-day party).

  20. Yummie gummie bears covered in chocolate!! I wonder what the best flavor combo would be? I'm gonna think it'd be lime. Mmm!

  21. anything chocolate coloured is amazing...well maybe not insects.

    as for olympic dreams -- maybe it's time to buy his and hers skates?

    not too serious i hope

  22. I had the same exact kind of day. It was sunny here (finally) so I skipped work..because well..the sun was out! Then I found myself just out driving and thinking thoughts of randomness such as "should I cut bangs?", and "how about some new shoes?" and "I think I need a super large coke!" It was a really quite lovely day!

  23. Today, i spent ALL DAY! (well, about 2 hours) looking for chocolate covered gummie bears. I don't think Africa belives in them like i do. I went to 5 different stores. Nothing. not even regular gummie bears. They had gummie dentures. why?

    I need to find a place to get them imported! I LOVE CHOCOLATE COVERED GUMMIE BEARS!


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