Snacho Hour

I have had this note on my laptop all week long. It says, "Tell the story about what The Holbs is missing out on when he plays Solitaire on his cell phone every night in bed."

So intriguing!

There are certain things in life that are just facts. Like this. The longer I am awake, the snackier I become. At 9:30 I am thinking I could go for some something and then by 10:45 my mouth is making all sorts of unreasonable demands.

The Holbs too. That's why we call 10:45 "Snacho Hour" at our house. I will be in the back room doing onesie type things, and The Holbsnacho will be on the couch "studying" (aka channel surfing with his books open on his lap), when suddenly I will hear a stirring in the kitchen as The Holbs is messing about in cabinets and fridges and shredded cheese bags.

"Is it snacho hour?" I ask,

and he answers,

"You want some?"

and I always say,

"No thanks,"

even though I really mean,

"Yes please!"

And then I try to steal chips off his plate

when I think he's not noticing.

Traditions are good for a marriage, I think.

A few weeks ago in church the second counselor in our bishopric issued a challenge to the youth to "unplug" for an entire week. Seven days. No Facebook, no email, no texting, no cell phone games.

Then he asked, "What do you think I'm missing out on when I play games on my cell phone instead of playing with my kids?" The youth pondered.

I leaned over to Kim (the bishop's wife), and I said under my breath,

"What do you think The Holbs is missing out on when he plays Solitaire on his cell phone every night in bed?"

To which Kim replied,

"I will so pay you five dollars to say that out loud."

And I thought about it, but, five dollars? Seriously, Kim?


  1. What else are those kids suppose to do? It is after all Moscow. That picture however is not Moscow. I tried to trace your running route in my mind and place that field....there are lots of fields you know? I lived on A St. for some time and ran in that area....I don't miss the know what smell I am referencing? Especially the smell when you are over by the (s)mall...Oi Vey! Nearly deterred my love for pounding pavement.

  2. I'm thrilled to hear somebody else puts toothpaste on their pimples (only mine's green).

  3. that picture of The Holbs is in San Fran isn't it? I recognize those hills you guys look like you are near lombard street! was too lazy to log in so she is "anonymous."

  4. 1. I would have said that out loud for $1.00 and a piece of gum. But then again, I'm the guy who makes the Bishop cringe every time I stand up to say something. I'm also the guy who saves his empty sacrament cup. I haven't decided if it's sin or maybe just non-traditional, but I really do use the cups after I get them home! I paint and the little cups are the perfect size! Not to mention, I love the looks I get as I slowly put the empty cup into my shirt pocket... reverently, and all.
    2. Speaking as a former Midnight Snacker I can only say that that is the first step from moving from "small and petite" bypassing "voluptuous" and moving straight to (whispering) "large marge", and that is NOT a good thing. (I can hear all of the female gasping, "Oh no he didn't just say that!) Hey,don't throw rocks at me for pointing it out!
    3. And finally, speaking as a former husband, and sticking up for the Holbs-Dude, "Do YOU realize what YOU'RE missing out on when you don't pick up on his non-verbal cue that he is waiting for you while he plays solitaire??? HMMM? (Dudes gotta stick together, and all!)
    Ciao, Little Lady!

  5. I tried toothpaste on a pimple once and it turned the area even redder and angrier than before... Very disappointing.
    Am indulging in my own snacho moment as I type. Cheese is good.

  6. I feel quite confident that I might die if I unplugged entirely for a whole week. I'd be willing to give up one or two things, but that's it; and I think I'd be more willing to give up the internet than my cell phone.

    Although, know what? I accidentally left my cell phone at home when I went to UT to visit the family for an entire weekend, starting Friday morning, ending Sunday night. It was actually rather lovely, as long as I wasn't thinking about it.

    Not sure where I was going with this comment...

  7. Our neighbor's children once did this thing where for one week they gave up sweets, the next their iPods, the next, TV, and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, they were not made to wear t-shirts that said - "don't give me chocolate" or "don't force unto me an App Store card that you don't want" etc. so we broke their fast, every week, unbeknownst to us...and then, to add insult to injury, mentioned it to their mother in conversation. We are the most evil of evil neighbors, and didn't even mean to be...

  8. Would it be wierd if I said I was a long-time reader, first-time commenter??? Maybe...

    Anyway, love your post! Love all your posts really!

    What I really wanted to say was thank you. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog b/c its been so refreshing! My husband and I moved away from our families for his job (it's a 6 year commitment). I was really excited at first... and then I got here. The people here are kinda unfriendly (honestly, it's the Midwest, who's unfriendly in the Midwest!!! I'm from the Midwest and I'm super friendly! Grrr!). But its just really great to read your blog because you seem so normal and nice! And I've found other blogs thru your site by people who also seem normal and nice. So thanks, b/c I was beginning to wonder if normal, nice, life-loving people even exsisted anymore! Bascially... you rock! Keep it up!

  9. Snacho hour (though it's a new term for me) is my favorite! Then again, I always disappoint myself when I'm trying to be healthy, but I eat something just before bed. Then again, when IS bedtime after all??

  10. Hahaha!

    I'm the kind of person that would have relished saying that out loud. I have a habit of causing a scene. :)

    But I'm glad you at least said it to us so we could giggle. ;)

  11. I'm a definite snacho-er. I try to not tempt myself..but I can't. I also am a Holbs-esque studier. Tim is often in the bedroom while I am in the living room with my little lapdesk perched on my knees, he calls out "are you learning?" because he can hear me giggle at the t.v. and I yell back "but of course!" Multi-tasking!

  12. Lars, my route is the D street to Mountain View Park loop. 2.25 miles. Barely nothing, but I haven't done it since Monday and am feeling down about it, and YES, the mall is STINKY. Some say it's those cows, some say it's the filtration plant across the street, I say who decided to build a mall right there it makes no sense?

    Spuds, you are 100% correct.

    This little girl dreams, you are correct, San Fran. I have no good recent pictures of The Holbs because it is dark outside all. day. long. :(

  13. ok, for real though. so i'm not the only one who toothpastes her face! this is liberating :) also, late night snacking makes me feel young again. collegiate, really. and what could be bad about that? :)

    xo, em

  14. Ah yes, If I recall right I think that is part of the half marathon route. One my routes used to be the Bill Chipman trail that took one along the Moscow/Troy Highway. About 8-10 miles.

    I beieve it is the cows due to the dairy across the street as well as the sheep lab on Baker and A. St. Methane gas and all. But yeah I wondered the same theory was that the agriculture folk grew up on farms and never have enjoyed clean air so they didn't care about location and nasal pleasing.

  15. believe* shoot. I can't type very well on a PC keyboard. Lo siento.

  16. This is my first ever comment. I e-mailed one when it did not work the first time, but I am determined to make this posting thing work.

    I enjoy a snacho as well. Shredded cheese and chips works for me, but my snacho changes daily. Shredded cheese sprinkled over light sour cream with chives and then dipping Baked Lays into it is yummy!

  17. Nat you really need to let go of the filter, and just let those comments fly. I can tell you that the teacher, bishop, etc. actually love it when this happens because they feel less insecure after something like that happens, then they loosen up and it turns into a good lesson.

    Also,I am a frequent snachoer, sprinkle a little taco seasoning on it, throw on some black beans, sour cream and scallions and -crap it's not a snacho-it's a full on meal again at 10:30...mmmm I think I must retire to the kitchen for now.

  18. I forgot what I was going to comment because I got distacted by the phrase "sheep lab" in Lars' comment...

    Cute post, though!

  19. Does toothpaste work?!


  20. ha ha ha. one should not discriminate against the blue spotted face, though.

  21. ummm... what's a sheep lab?

    and nat, $5 is $5! think of the DC you could buy with that! : )

  22. I used toothpaste quite successfully for several months when I was in college, and then another brand went on sale. It RUINED my face. I think it was feeding the zits because they got bigger and redder and wider. I couldn't figure it out because toothpaste had always worked before! When I finally decided the brand was the problem, I couldn't remember which brand worked. So I spent a few years searching for the one that worked, but now I rarely get zits. So I'm still in the dark. Kinda like you when you enter your bedroom. Oh, I forgot, that's illuminated by the glow of a cell phone. Ha!

  23. See though, after you have kids you'll want to stay up late even MORE. Because it's your only time with no kids.

  24. I think if my kids unplugged for a week, I'd have to entertain them which just means more work for me.

    I know what my husband is missing out on when he plays bejeweled all night and I end up going to bed before him...He just hasn't figured it out yet. I guess he's not the sharpest tool in the shed.


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