right now idaho is probably chock a block full of lilacs.
(we have some here in new york, they are not the same.)

right now my back yard in moscow is probably real sunny.
(it's sunny in central park too, except it's not as easy to roll out there in your pajamas with a bowl of cereal.)

if i were in idaho, i probably wouldn't have just spent seven bucks on a twelve-pack of diet cokes
and then lugged them home using just mah guns.
but whatever.

ONLY VAGUELY RELATED: when i look at the empty can of diet coke next to me and wish it were full and then realize it IS full because at some point i went to the fridge and got myself a new one but i just didn't remember . . .  that is my favorite thing ever.

BUT SINCE WE ARE ENTIRELY OFF THE SUBJECT, this week's babble posts:

on spacing siblings and when to try for baby #2
huckles has a tooth and is cuter than string cheese
this one is about how i eat too much junk food
and this one is about poop! and not even baby poop either! 

and here are some fun things i'm enjoying around the internet lately:

(i have decided to live my life by this theory)
french-type things to do in nyc


  1. AnonymousMay 21, 2011

    Do you realize that your son looks like Truman Capote in those sunglasses? A much cuter, certainly nicer Truman Capote, but still...

  2. Where did you get that top? It is A-DOR-ABLE... and now I want it. :)

  3. If you were in Idaho you'd still be freezing! I need some warm weather!

  4. OH Nat. I have that top. And I love it. Freaking stripes. That top was my gateway drug to stripes. Now I have WAY too many. And I think of you. And we have the same. With a doilie. Sometimes my friends see it in my closet and question it's awesomeness. And then I wear it. And compliment city! :)

    love your west coast doilie stripey shirt twin.

  5. Ok I love your parenting advice! I am not a parent nor close to being one, but I can totally relate. If I am feeling down, I almost immediately feel better when I put some effort into my appearance. This is why I love your blog... I was literally just thinking today (while I was round brush drying and straightening my thin/currrrly hair into luscious and thick straight locks) that doing my hair (for a girl with currrrrly hair, this is a big deal). Once again, LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

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  8. well, for all of our sakes, i'm glad you are in nyc with that thing strapped to your chest. because it's just so much fun to be a part of. and by that, i mean it's fun to stalk you. blog stalk you. twitter stalk you. babble stalk you. etc. is this getting creepy yet?

  9. I thought you had made the switch to diet Pepsi?

    I'm currently in Idaho. The SE side. Spring has kinda sucked this year. But guess what?! In two weeks (TWO WEEKS!) I'll be in NYC! What's the best place to get a bagel?

  10. never feel guilty for cutting lilacs. they are there for the world to enjoy! we used to have a big lilac bush in our back yard, and i looooooved when it would bloom. (not so much the taking them inside, tho. we could never shake all the bugs out & then they would be in the house. no thank you!)

  11. I live in Idaho and love being here right now!! And now I know I can never move to NY since Diet Coke is $7 for a twelve pack? I live on Diet Coke. Are you kidding me? I would be bankrupt!!

  12. I thought you switched to diet Pepsi, and I too can't believe they cost that much!!! By the way, Looking at your Huck makes me want a boy-I have all girls.

  13. you could still strap Huck to your chest in Idaho. And I have to stop myself from stealing some of the neighbors lilacs right now.

  14. i was at the union square farmer's last weekend and it was FILLED with lilacs. go to your farmer's market and get some - they smelled amazzzzzzzing. and you can have a nice reminder of idaho!

  15. after living in rexburg for 4 years i pride myself in being able to tell an idaho potato apart from a non-idaho potato.

    kid spacing. my two are 23 mo apart. i love that my older one knows how to share. and that i don't have time to allow my OCD self to control him as much as i want to. time for another b/c two is getting easy which means crazy OCD mama is on her way back in. need some more chaos to bring us back down to reality:)

  16. Nice Tom's. My brother's new company is a better-quality, cheaper version of Tom's--see it at

  17. No, that poop filter is gone forever. Can I get a moment of silence?

    This morning, my two year old, Mercy, farted unexpectedly, and it was a long chain of loud farts. She gasped; her eyes got really big around, and she grabbed her little bottom, then in a tone of wonder she said, "Mommy! I have a motorcycle in my pants!"

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