i have been having a cosmically funky week. normally i would put on you've got mail (my bad day movie of choice), but even though i swear i only upgraded from vhs just last year, my dvd of you've got mail is already skipping in places. such a mystery! who is obsessively watching this movie too much?

rather than watch a busted copy of my feel-better movie, i decided to go outside and live my feel better movie--FEEL THE RAIN ON YOURRRR SKIN!

so! zabars!

"she has no cash? she has no cash."
"oh, get on another line lady."
"hello henry! happy holidays!"
ohhhh i could go on all day.

the walk home from zabars is just lovely, too.


  1. Dear Nat The Fat Rat,

    May I ask you a question without it being totally creepy? I am nowhere near the city so I promise I'm not a stalker! :) Where do you live? (Not the actual building, obviously.) I used to live on 80th and Amsterdam in a brownstone and I often wonder which streets you live near as I imagine you living your Kathleen Kelly day. Next time you are at Zabar's please stop next door at h&h and get a potato bagel for me? Also, if you are nearby- head up a couple of blocks- Essentials has the coldest diet cokes on Broadway!

    your non-stalker but really really wish I still lived on the uws reader.

  2. I'm still kinda confused--does Huck really have mastitis? Or do you have mastitis and you wrote in as a sort of "Huck has it because I have it and what's mine is his and his is mine" sort of thing.
    I feel like everything I've ever known to be true will be shaken if your non-lactating baby boy has mastitis. Does money grow on tree's? Are floral pants really in fashion? I'm so confused

  3. how does he have mastitis?!?! that is cray-cray. my mom got it with my older sister and therefore only breastfed me for a month because it freaked her out so bad. turns out - I'M FINE - the formula didn't kill me. shocker, i know. (remember that when you worry about huck's naps - i'm a productive member of society who pays her taxes. he will, too.)

    everytime my parents come to the city we have to trek up to zabar's because my dad is obsessed with it. so this post warmed my heart because dad is kind of the

    also, i'm so glad you call her aunt flo, too.

    and the store with the multiple "lost our lease" signs made me chortle. i do love a good chrotle, so thanks.

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  5. The You've Got Mail love. I am right there with you -- I can't get enough. I've moved from cinema, to vhs, to dvd, to ipad, and it's still my favorite movie. I'm so envious of your proximity to its neighborhood. Aren't we all really glad that The Shop Around The Corner didn't turn into a BabyGap. That would've been really depressing. Take a picture at the hot dog shop for me? Let me live vicariously...

  6. Aw, sorry to hear about the mastitis, that blows. Hope it goes away post-haste!

    And dude, I so hear you on You've Got Mail...'cept of course my feel-good, can-never-tire-of-watching-it-even-after-umpteen-viewings, is the ORIGINAL You've Got Mail, i.e. Sleepless in Seattle. That, and Pretty Woman...oh yeah, and Clueless. And--

    Okay, now, enough jibber-jabber!

    "FEEL THE RAIN ON YOURRRR SKIN!" = dammit, now I totally feel like watching the addictive guilty pleasure that is The Hills reruns. Ay-yi-yi!

  7. again, saw the YGM reference in the title, got chills, and proceeded the quote that scene in its entirety....henry's so annoying.

  8. but not as annoying as rose, let's be honest.

    oh but i've been told i can say "get on another line" with a perfectly convincing hispanic accent.

  9. Love your love of simple things! So sorry Aunt Flo visits you so soon after a baby! She doesn't visit until I stop nursing- which happens to be at 12 months- and with the twins it was 11 1/2 months since we were moving!

  10. Poor Huck. I didn't know babies or boys for that matter could get that....

  11. But yes. Because only three Kit Kats solves these sorts of things. At least it's my go-to candy of choice.

  12. i didn't know anyone loved you've got mail as much as i do and all it's wonderful quotes, quirks, and kathleen kelly. you are great!

  13. Note to self. Stop at Zabars for a Kathleen Kelly day when visiting NY. Definitely starting an NY visit spread sheet right now. I'm way too into spread sheets at the moment. Good luck with the rock boob.

  14. AnonymousMay 06, 2011

    chocolate = MUST HAVE when aunt flo comes to town

    i totally agree!

  15. Oh my gosh. This post just made me love you that much more. I love this movie more than life itself. My mom and I quote it in everyday life, just fitting it in to what's going on. The other day I was studying for my Econ final and came upon some info about rent control? What did my mind think of? What movie did I instantly put in? haha I have no idea how many times I've seen it, and I'm surprised my DVD still works. I'm so jealous of your NYC-locale that you can experience the places in real life.

  16. I could absolutely quote that entire movie as well, "I'm going to the nut house where it's fun!" "Where are my tic tacs?" "She was the nanny?" "Read it with a box of kleenex, she said." "Patricia makes coffee nervous."

  17. You've Got Mail is the feel goodiest for me as well. Although I favor Twix or brownies to appease Aunt flo.

  18. I am just loving all these You've got mail refrences, This is a cash only line, Dasiys are the friendliest flowers, Brinkley! It must be spring in New York or something?

  19. AnonymousMay 07, 2011

    YGM is definitely the best. I'll be watching it today, and when my husband complains, I will blame you.

    I am also confused--who really has mastitis? I've never heard of children getting it, only lactating mothers. I hope it resolves soon--I've had it a total of three times over the course of a combined total of 5.5 years' nursing four babies. Owie. (I'm really surprised I didn't have it more than that)

    I'm giggling about your KitKats--I prefer variety to be available to me, so my last goodie-run-because-I-was-craving-so-bad-my-entire-body-was-quivering included two quarts of strawberries and chocolate dip for them, S'mores ingredients, chocolate chip mint Klondike bars, and those ice cream cones covered in chocolate and nuts where there is a delightful chunk of chocolate at the cone's tip (those were for the kids, of course). I do believe as I cruised the aisles with my goodie-laden basket, that it crossed my mind that I might simply DIE of PMS. I was also embarrassed and hoped no one noticed the contents of my basket!

  20. I'm in heaven with all the You've Got Mail on your blog!

  21. Whew! I'm glad you included the proper pms etiquette. It's good to know that I'm following all the rules correctly. :-)


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