today we spent a grueling couple of hours at century 21, an awful discount department store across from ground zero that i hate i hate i hate. it's always crazy busy in there and it always puts me in the foulest mood. brandon needed to buy new shoes for his new job, and some doorknob told him that the century 21 was the best place to get shoes. i was dismayed to hear this news, since the century 21 fills me with such love for my fellow man (not really). it was one of those "gird up thy loins and put on yo big girl pants" kind of days. oh aren't we so proud.

now that we have that covered,
here are this week's babble posts:

baby's first tummy bug.
in which i make a fool of myself on video to catch huck's new smile
so far we've tried peas, carrots, avocados, pears and twizzlers. we like everything but the pears.
you've already seen this one but maybe you'll read it again?
about nicknames and the stress thereof.
(in high school my friends called me gonads. and now you know.)

also, there are still about 12 hours left in my fabric + handle giveaway (scroll down a bit!). so hurry up!


  1. Good choice Holbs! I bought my Rockports there, which I wore with my tux for my wedding day AND I still wear them to work and church. That's right, I only have the one pair of nice shoes. :)

  2. AnonymousMay 27, 2011

    I HATE Century 21. Though I will say the men's section is SO much better organized & less panic-attack-inducing than the women's section. Dave got his overcoat there (Michael Kors, if you can believe it) for super cheap, he found a Hugo Boss suit off the rack that actually fit him for $400 (we didn't get it because we aren't as fortunate as you yet in the job market), & his uncle only gets his ties there.
    If you HAVE to go back, rent a ZipCar & head to the one in Paramus. Much less crowded, plus no sales tax on clothes in NJ!

  3. Natalie - I am a new follower and I have a baby boy, Gavin, born in September (who is also not a fan of pears). I also have 8 and 6 year old boys. Anywho, if he keeps throwing up, just make sure you replace fluids (electrolytes). Pedialyte makes freezies that baby boys think are kind of exciting to suck on. Also, this may or may not apply to a baby, but when my kids are throwing up, I follow the "BRAT" rule for bland foods to feed them. B-Bananas, R-Rice, A-Applesauce, and T-Toast. Or baby versions of those.
    Love your blog Natalie - you make me laugh and cry. I had a 3 year stint of being unable to get pregnant, so I totally get your thoughts on that subject, and also on the subject of LOVING BABY BOYS. Baby boys luuuuv their mommies too - so we are lucky. Holy long comment batman.


  4. huck's smile.
    and i thought he couldn't get any cuter.

  5. AnonymousMay 28, 2011

    poor baby. hope his tummy feels better soon. also funny how moms don't mind their own babies stuff...for me it's snot. I hate snot. Ugh. just thinking of it makes me shiver, but i was fine when it was my own sons.

    This is Rhonda at; apparently blogger has issues with me logging in to my account and leaving comments on certain blogs. My apologies.

  6. Once my 3 yr old threw up whole McDonald's french fries that he had eaten 3 hours earlier. Um, yeah. I have barely touched those fries since then. But, yes, love and concern were my main concerns. That was awesome. That and when my husband carried that same puking 3 yr old across the house and it splattered everywhere- even on the walls. Awesome.

  7. sorry this is totally unrelated to your above post, but firstly, i like your blog a lot, especially the way you write, and of course your baby is a whole lot a cute (which of course you already know, but it's still nice to hear). anyway i stumbled upon this post that you wrote about marriage and loved it. it inspired this post

    so i guess what i am trying to say is.... thank you for sharing, i appreciate you and what you do.

  8. AnonymousMay 31, 2011

    Wow, I didn't know someone else like me existed in this world! I too haven't thrown up since Septemebr 7th, 1990 - I was 8. Knock on wood! I always do that too when someone asks me about it!
    I even survived a horrible stomach bug my WHOLE DAMN FAMILY caught, including my son last May when we were on vacation. I just made sure I didn't throw up, though it did come out the other way (wow, sorry for that nasty image).
    Throwing up is my biggest fear and has been my greatest mommy concern since my son was born. And since he was born, he has had four episodes of tummy illness. Each episode was just as horrible as I expected. I cringe just thinking about it and have anxiety thinking about the next time it happens!
    Just know you are not alone in your gastro-intestinal illness aversion. I hope your little guy feels better soon!

  9. AnonymousMay 31, 2011

    I have heard of these motherly instincts and the things that bother us now that won't bother us when our babies do it. I await this day...

  10. Bah, places like that completely stress me out. They take all the fun out of shopping! I don't mind a crowd, but there's a limit, you know? And since I'm all of 5' tall, I get trampled fairly easily. Although I can elbow like no other.

    Also, seriously impressed with how you dealt with Upchuck Huck (sorry, sorry, too catchy not to repeat. You brought it to mind!) That is one of the things that makes me not so sure I could ever be a parent. I'm just awful in those situations.

  11. OHMYGOODNESS I THOUGHT I WAS ALONE IN THIS WORLD!! even seeing someone puke on TV or in movies makes me flee and leaves me shaking for like half an hour. i get hideous migraines complete with intense nausea but every time i refuse to succumb- i would rather dieeee than puke. This was honestly one of my biggest concerns for motherhood ("but what will i do if they PUKE?!?") so i loved this post. you give me hope, Natalie. :)

    vomit-free since 1994 (i was 7).

  12. I have to say that it's great to know that I'm not the only one who is vomit-phobic. I have been puke free since 1995. It's also a relief to hear that when it happens to your own kid you can handle it b/c that is a major fear of mine in regards to future procreation. I mean, I'll love that baby but when it starts feeling pukey, go find Daddy is all I'm saying....


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