oh, irene. the sun never quite made it out of bed this morning, we could tell she was coming. so we wandered around the neighborhood for a bit before the rain started to fall, my holbslicker and the huckumbrella and i. we could feel the electricity bouncing between the gray misty clouds and the coming storm on our arms all afternoon. we popped into a few bodegas to see what all was left on the shelves, and searched out open restaurant for a quick lunch before we headed inside to wait out the storm.

we found a thai place. it wasn't terribly fantastic.

but don't you worry. huck is ready for lady irene. 
he says, "bring it, sister!"

we're lucky to live in a safe zone. we've been emailing friends to make sure we're all prepared. we have plenty of water and batteries and sugary snacks. we feel ready to wait this one out. there's mad men on the netflix, i have some needlepoint to attend to, and there is a squishy baby who is just learning to crawl around the house. what more could we need?

i'm feeling pretty good about it. thanks everyone for your concern.
i'll be sure to keep you updated.

stay dry, east coasters.
see you on the flip side!

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  1. In Tallahassee, FL we got all the nasty humidity and heat! As if it could get any worse this summer...(I'm dying for some cooler temps!). Be safe and don't be the crazy people who tempt Irene and go running outside. She is fierce.

  2. Little Henry looks like he was born to rock that rain coat (and his rolls :)

  3. p.s. Love the boots. Where are they from?

  4. @Kersey, they're Jcrew! But I'm not terribly sold on the quality. Thinking of returning and getting Hunters instead.

  5. I love your red boots and Huck's yellow coat! So adorable. But on a serious note, hope you and your family remain safe. :)

  6. On another serious note, is that Donald Sutherland?

  7. so cute in that raincoat!

  8. Huck's adorable, curled little toes slay me

  9. Hope everythig is good in NYC today! We had a day of hunkering down in Chesapeake, VA yesterday! Very little damage, just a long boring day inside with a baby!

  10. I had rainboots from Jcrew, they only lasted a year, my hunters are on their 4th summer and 2 years in Southern Louisiana where they got a HUGE workout.
    And I agree, Huck's raincoat is to die for, I think my little dude needs one for the fall. Care to say where you got it?

  11. those guys in the tuxedos remind me of the guys on titanic who played their music in tuxedos right to the bitter end.

  12. That slicker is the best thing I've seen all day!!!

  13. Last night, we had the thunderstorm to end all thunderstorms--I finally ran outside at 11:30 at night in my wellies and funky fleece hospital robe just to soak in all the rain (literally--it was blowing sideways). CRAZY lightning--like, flashes every minute for over an hour. It was awesome (mostly the bit about how I finally got to wear my wellies)!

  14. OMG, that rain coat is to die for!! SOOO adorable!!!


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