the other day i tried on a pair of hot pink skinny jeans. they were, like, hot pink. with zippers on the ankle. i don't know much about this whole ankle zipper thing, except whoever invented them must not sit cross-legged ever. 

i realized as i tried them on that, should i bring them home with me, they would be my second item of hot pink clothing meant to be worn on my bottom half. and as i realized this i wondered to myself what all that would say about me as a person, a person owning two bottom halves made of hot pink, and hopefully it means something flattering, but i wouldn't get my hopes up.

i bought them and then brought them home with me in my strollah, with my bebeh, and my three twelve-packs of diet pepsi sticking haphazardly out of the undercarriage storage.

the holbsamundo used to have zippers on his shoes, he informs me as i type this incredibly poetic bit of literature. he is waxing nostalgic about these shoes now, and about "putting quarters in them" for the purpose of "making phone calls" after school.

furthermore, there are no fewer than thirty-six cheerios strewn about the floor at this moment, currently. i look at them, all sad and abandoned, some of them ground up into magical cheerio dust, and this is how i know i have become an adult. 

this week, on baby's first year:

and, on the new home-ec:
(can you tell what's on my mind these days?)
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  1. Hahaha on the zippers being invented by non-leg-crossers! So true! And yes, something oddly adult-ish about strewn cheerios. Sigh. But the hot pink apparel balances it all out, I think. =)

  2. i agree. cheerios on the floor and shirts needing pressing are definitely signs of an adult.

  3. i just realized that i don't i ever leave comments over here, but i always appreciate your links. fyi--you're a HOOT! :)

  4. Nat! We don't have kids yet- so I really appreciated your "8 things I'd do differently" post. Great perspective about giving dad more time early on! :) Love you, Love your Huck!

  5. Well I must be as old as the Holbs (okay...older) because I remember how much I loved my shoes with zippers when I was a kid (they were called Kangaroos!). Excuse me while I go wax nostalgic.

  6. now i'm wishing for a pair of hot pink pants...possibly capris though as it's still 105 every single day here.

    i have cheerios on my floor as well and we don't even have a baby! (11 year old)

  7. 3 = the number of times i laughed out loud while reading this. that's a record, i'd say! congrats! drink a diet pepsi now in celebration, i dare ya.

  8. Oooooh, I have had hot pink crop pants before. Loved 'em! I bought my daughter a pair of hot pink plether pants once too. I saw them on another girl and thought they were pretty "hot" ... she never wore them. I guess it takes a brave soul. Kuddos to you for getting a second pair!!!! ;)

  9. Do you always have 3 packs of diet pepsi in your stroller after shopping? If so, I am going to name you as a reference when I propose to my husband that diet pepsi is essential and must be budgeted. Also, if you haven't tried Pepsi Max, please do. It rocks.

    Becky from Parlor Talk

  10. Colored pants are the shiz. Colored pants with zippers? There are no words.

  11. i would love to see a picture of these hot pink pants! i bet you'd look smoking (im so jealous of you post baby bod btw)


  12. i really like you. and i didn't forget the promise i made to send you a necklace...I still have full intentions of doing so. like SOON, even though you probably are over it now. you'll have one! xo


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