we have had so much fun in portland the last two weeks. huck has been having the time of his life with baby theo.

this week i had a lot of blog firsts . . . like, first word theft (it was super weird seeing my brunch post on someone else's blog . . . a little flattering, but mostly weird), my first time being recognized in a j.crew, and having my first run-in with really persistent, really strange, sort of frightening emails. i'm not sure how i feel about any of it, actually. 

last night we went on a little family walk around the neighborhood and through the old garden center i used to work at over summers in college. the place is really beautiful. somewhere in the last few years john must have bought these weird mannequins. weird, mostly fun, kind of frightening. pretty much this week in a nutshell.

babble posts: 
the truth about getting your period back after baby
what to do if your kid is a biter
summer jim jams
drinking thru a straw and sleeping (or not) on vacation

 . . . and the new home ec blog!
what makes up a well-stocked bath,
a little tour of my apartment,
what comes first? vacuuming or dusting?
kick your top sheets, and doily projects! oh doilies!


  1. everything sounds like wonderful time spent with your fam - hope the blogosphere isn't so weird to you next week.

  2. i'm not pregnant, not married, not engaged - none of that. and yet i every week i spent an abnormal amount of time reading things about getting your period after childbirth and how to stop babies from biting. you're to blame, of course!

  3. well it was a really good brunch post.

    i love visiting family, but leaving always sucks big time.

  4. Love the cute little painting on Huck's baby fat arms! He's adorable and so are your posts. :)

  5. first, huck's tat is fierce. second, blast those word thieves! i wish the internet was sketchball-free. sorry that you had to deal with that (and weird emails on top of it all)! :(

  6. nat come back! reading your blog at work is the best part of my shift...but i'll survive, have a great vacation! just know that we miss you!

  7. I think i missed the brunch post...where is that one at?


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