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i get a lot of emails from readers about what shoes they should pack for a weekend in new york city. i typically suggest bringing whatever shoes you can wear the longest with the least amount of discomfort, plus a pair of back up shoes because back up shoes are key. you want a second pair of shoes that are completely different from your first pair, because even the most comfortable shoes will give you foot fatigue after too many blocks, or start to rub in strange places. my back ups are usually my saltwaters. they're slim and match everything, and i just toss them in a stroller basket or in a baggu inside my purse and then i'm set to go.

the shoes above are THE best shoes for wandering all over this filthy city in during the summer months. natalie tested and approved! comfortable, cute, nerdy looking mostly (i love nerdy looking shoes), and very well constructed.

(fair warning, i used a few affiliate links up in here.)

and now, babbles!
a forever 21 post
a round up of cute bikinis
and a round up of cute one pieces, too.
you know, i like to be thorough. ;)

i also wanted to say (though there aren't enough words in the dictionary to do this justice) just how grateful i am for all of the kindness sent to us from across the internet for our little family this week. i'm  honored and humbled. the emails + comments + tweets + text messages i've received this week have truly made me feel so loved! thank you.


  1. Those Birkenstocks look like a walking nap for feet.

    Thank your! "I can't help myself!" Quick anecdote because I really can't help myself. My partner and I were in a fancy, crowded grocery store and not feeling it. I said, 'this place is a tomb, I'm going to the nut shop where it's fun.' A mom walked past us at this moment with her son and said, 'did you hear that? they have a nut shop!' My whole life was made in that moment.

  2. #6 is so cute. I've been eyeing a pair like that for awhile. Hanna Marie

  3. aside from no.6 I'll take the rest!!

  4. I still need some height so I'll take no 1 and 3.

    Have a peaceful weekend Natalie xx

    www.todaymyway. com

  5. oh let's talk about how mark threw away a pair of shoes in front of journeys in exchange for the new ones he bought while we were there. homeboy's got a lesson in city walking to learn. (JOURNEYS. it was that sort of emergency.)

  6. 2,4,5, and 6 would be my picks! Did you notice how I stayed away from the wedges and heels? My feet would literally kill me if I chose those haha! Thanks for the great tips!
    xo Akshara
    Simply Akshara

  7. when i worked retail, i was all about a backup shoe--it's a must! thanks for sharing, love your picks :)

  8. Agreed all around. Plus these-- you won't believe how comfortable, all-day comfortable, they are (the mustard color is fun yet surprisingly neutral):

  9. i love your shoe choices! im going to new york in two weeks so i might take some of these! love your blog!

  10. Despite my feet being super blistered, cut and bruised this weekend (I've done some awfully clumsy things!) I love these and would probably even try and squeeze one or two on to try if I could. Number 3 and 7 are lovely!
    I also second your back up shoes recommendation. I didn't take any back-ups to my graduation ceremony and ended up nipping into the nearest bargain shop for a £1 pair of flip flops. Never felt so good to take a pair of heels off!

    Flora x

  11. I must say, the babbles were spot on. I give you an A+++ because I was nodding my head right along with you. And the sweat shirt is the greatest thing ever made. Ever. Thanks for being so great!

  12. AnonymousJuly 13, 2013

    Love these recommendations.
    Just bought my first pair of salt water sandals- in red- and they have been amazing for long nyc walks and subway stairs.

    - The Triplets

  13. I'm not a big fan of the Birkenstock- Look, but the first ones are really nice and not at all nature-girl-looking.

    Love from Europe,

  14. natalie,

    i think that you should consider adding a pair of nisolo's to your summer edition city shoes! have you every tried a pair? you should definitely add a pair to your closet if you have never tried the shoe. they go with everything and are oh so comfy for miles of walking.

    - kristen

  15. I love this post! I need to know how to do a list post like this with my affiliate links. It's probably so easy and I am making it harder than it is!!! Any advice from any bloggers out there? Natalie? Simple Savvy? Heellp!!! lol


  16. I JUST threw a loved pair of sandals away because Chicago had just killed them (RIP). Thank you so much for these suggestions! Am always on the hunt for shoes that can endure a good city beating.


  17. All of those shoes look so comfortable and still cute! Thanks for sharing! Xo

  18. Having just visited New York City a few weeks ago, I can confirm that it's critical to rotate your shoes! I like to pack light, so I generally bring two or three pairs (one pair cute flats that go with everything, one pair dressier shoes for nights out & church, one pair comfy but stylish sandals) and switch off every other day. And no matter how cute your shoes are, don't bring a brand new pair! Or you will want to kill yourself after just a few hours.... and that is a really sad way to feel when you're visiting New York City! (or any time...)

  19. I looooved the antropologie bikini, so sad it's no longer available. :(

  20. AnonymousJuly 19, 2013

    Wowww...its really amazing what a lovely pairs..your choices was too good..


  21. I've seen so many people in those birkenstocks this summer and last summer and I want (NEED) a pair. I never thought I would want some after I passed through my very brief hippie phase but those just look so good.

  22. Those Birks are the best. The BEST. I live in mine all summer. Can't go wrong with Saltwaters either. How can such a flat shoe with no support be so comfortable? Must be magic.

  23. LOVE this post! I am visiting in October, will you do a CITY SHOES (Fall Edition) ??


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