Here is a really fantastic way to spend an afternoon in the Village:

First get a Falafel at Mamoun's, a little hole in the wall on MacDougal Street. There is a constant line snaking out the front door. Best falafel I've ever had, and it's barely three bucks!


Next you get a Belgian waffle at Go For A Bite. Get the strawberry banana with chocolate sauce and maple syrup and whipped cream. Ahh-mazing.

Then go and listen to some adorable hipsters at Washington Square Park.


  1. I'm a Morningside Heights girl. Not a UWS girl, just a Columbia girl.

    I love my hood. I love my deli (hamdel, what up! awesome pickles there) and my alma mater. (sob, am no longer a college student)

    I miss my hood.

  2. Also, I love downtown. If I had to pick another place it would be there. The Village is awesome. More fun (gasp) than Morningside. Way funkier.

    Damnit, now I want to go into the city. Damn burbs.

  3. Sometimes, when I read your posts, I hear the Meg Ryan voice from You've Got Mail in my head, reading it to me. It's a good thing.

    I've never been to NYC, but wow, do I love Billy Joel.

  4. I started wearing dangles when I saw how elegant they were on Samantha Mathis on Little Women (grown up Amy), but I am very selective. What makes me who I am? The thrill of facing a challenge every day. I feel like a fish out of water without doing something that stretches me and pulls me out of my comfort zone. Oh, and I hate towel racks. They just beg to be broken, leaving ugly holes in the wall... Hooks, baby.

  5. I wear studs. I can't handle the jewelry decisions that come after you put a pair of dangly earrings on. As a Mom, I haven't figured out how to wear jean shorts even though I live in the South. I like my photos matte. And what I consider defines me is that I'm fiercely loyal.

  6. I've been in love with Billy Joel since I was four years old and my mom would take me into Portland for ballet lessons in a studio above the Galleria and then to Escape From New York Pizza for a slice of pepperoni and a glass of ginger ale. We'd listen to Billy Joel's "Innocent Man" in the car (by far his best album ever) and I'd gnaw on my pizza crust (saved for the ride home in a paper napkin) and feel that life was just about perfect.

    And what makes me me? I will never ever eat chicken sandwiches. Chicken in a BUN? Excuse me--a bun is for red meat. Chicken is not red meat. And thus it does not belong in a bun. End of discussion.

    (Seriously, even if I were starving, I'm pretty sure I still wouldn't break this promise to myself.)

    (And Billy Joel is freaking adorable in "Uptown Girl." Everybody knows this.)

  7. I'm an ocean girl myself...salty sea water, colorful beach glass, the sound of the waves...nothing better in this world

  8. I think what REALLY makes me me, is that I'm extremely blunt. Sometimes people mistake it as being rude, but I'm really NOT rude! I mean everything I say out of the kindness of my little heart.

  9. dude, natalie. mamouns!! love it and miss it. please tell me you frequented the new haven location during your ct days? i lived on that block for my last couple of years in high school. i'm missing the east, although i do think i've become a cali girl.

  10. I'm totally a downtown girl also and started to base my identity on that and then we moved to.... SUBURBIA... and I'm still trying to figure out who I am now... Interesting... Your blog is endlessly entertaining, thanks for keeping it up. ALSO your days of freedom aren't numbered! The fun is just beginning-- if you can figure out a way to do it, you MUST FIND yourself a Beco baby carrier. I promise you will not regret spending the money. That baby snugs right up to your chest while they are little and hangs on your back when they are older. And I mean seriously they snuggle right on your front, you can do anything while wearing it. And it doesn't hurt your shoulders like the Bjorns do. It fits in a purse and is a true lifesaver. Especially when you are trying to ride the subway or something like that. Seriously, you are going to thank me someday for this advice if you decide to take it!

  11. I wear dangly AND stud earrings, the latter only if they sparkle, though.
    I ooze lovey dovey talk for dogs more so than for babies, which I ooze love for, so we're talking exorbitant crazy love talking here.
    I drive instead of walk or bike because it's secretly my alone time to talk and sing and dance (yes!) all things important to the world. My world.
    I kill plants unintentionally.
    I kill bugs intentionally.
    I've loved NYC all my life but only visited once. Something tells me Harlem or the Village would be for me. Unless they reek of pee.

  12. What makes me me?

    I wear skinny jeans and purple sneakers.
    I never listen to country music.
    But I am a country swing dancing FIEND!!!

  13. hmm...

    i tend to choose books over people and have actually said i had other plans when an outing with friends came up so i could go home and finish my book. i fall in love with fictional men all too often.

    also, i refuse to kill bugs in the house (because they were probably living here before we intruded) but call other people over to kill them (because, hello?! a bug in my house!).

  14. I am definitely a Boston girl...mainly because I love the random crowds that form around Quincy Market to watch a crazy street band or street performers.

    Also, I love your "greige" (that new gray-beige fad that is sweeping the nation) nail polish. And if that is your bag on the ground of the picture, then that is pretty freaking awesome, too.

  15. When I am el-preggo, I will travel to NYC just for the FalafelWaffle. I will hold off those last three pounds to experience the F/W, you bet I will.

  16. I'm a dangly earring girl myself, and did you see? You had TWO fruits on your waffle. Two! Bananas AND strawberries!

  17. When I visit NYC...and you better believe I will someday very soon. I will eat the FalafelWaffle and I will enjoy it and I won't even worry about the pounds that it puts on me because I will be in NYC and that will be all that matters!


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