Twenty Eight!

Hey it's my birthday! 

We spent the afternoon wandering from one You've Got Mail location to the next. 
It was a Meg Ryan kind of birthday. 
It involved a lot of eating (and a lot of being pregnant) in a lot of different places. It was pretty great.

Magnolia cupcakes for lunch. 

Gray's Papaya on West 72nd Street.

Cafe Lalo on West 83rd Street.

Pancakes at Good Enough To Eat.

Thanks for the perfect day, husband!



  1. The birthday balloon was brilliant! Gray's Papaya and Magnolia cupcakes to boot! Pure birthday bliss :-)

  2. Happy birthday! Your husband is so sweet!

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you got to put your feet up and watch You've Got Mail after all that walking, and point at the TV loudly and proudly and say "We've been there!" at each familiar locale.

  4. I am thrilled. SERIOUSLY thrilled! What a sweet husband you have!

  5. Happy birthday from a land faaaaar faaaar away. Well, just Minneapolis, but still. Good luck with the baby!!! Looks like your are due pretty soon:)
    Mrs. Arndt

  6. Happiest of birthdays to YOU! :)

  7. Happy happy birthday to you, Nat!! Two things - tell us about that divine birthday necklace, please, and fill us in on why you have two cupcakes. :)

  8. Happy Birthday! Hope your day was the happy-faced kind!
    (my day was great until I broke my phone :( but then your blog cheered me up! thanks for being faithful with the posting and always being so fun to read!)

  9. That's a precious man you have there!! Sweet sweet!! That little baby is surely coming into the perfect family!


  10. Jessie, you are my favorite forever because I MADE that necklace! (I was selling similar styles on my Etsy shop for a while, and I've been debating whether or not to open the shop again around Christmas time. What do you think?) Secondly, one cupcake was for The Holbs and the other was for me. Well, they were both for me. But I shared. :).

  11. I knew you would say you'd made that! ADORABLE! If you have back stock of things to move, I'd say open up your Etsy shop again at Christmastime - but if you don't, well, Huck might have something to say about that :)

  12. we have the same birthday! and you celebrated yours exactly the same way i'd love to celebrate mine one day -- this is intense. :)

    happy belated birthday!

  13. But wait, I'm confused. Did Holbs get the bday balloon for you or did NYC? Either way, I LOVE IT!!!



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