I am still pregnant.

I mean, all in all, it wasn't such a bad day to be pregnant.
But I can go into labor now, right? Please??


  1. Whoa first comment!
    Soak it up girl.... you will never be pregnant with your first ever again. You are not treated the same with baby #2.

  2. haha "ill be pregnant forever 21" made me crack up. good good stuff.

    and diet coke is the best.

  3. Note to Natalie: please cease posting in the afternoon and instead post in the morning so I can stop checking your blog every freaking hour to see if you went into labor overnight. Okay?!?

    Another note to Natalie: Zara...c'est magnifique. I discovered it in Paris! And I love love love getting to type about things I saw in Paris! Because once upon a time I lived in Paris!!! Like, seven years ago on Study Abroad. Seven years. This depresses me.

    Yet another note to Natalie: I'm nearly certain diet Coke is actually recommended for pregnant-ish people. It most CERTAINLY is recommended for mothers-of-sleepless-newborns-who-are-sleepless-themselves. We built a pyramid of Cherry Coke boxes in our kitchen when les petites Taylors were born.

    One final note to Natalie: Never, EVER be pregnant in Utah. You will get no attention, no special treatment, and no sympathy from the thousands of other mothers who've been pregnant before and think you should just suck it up. It SUCKS! ;)

  4. I Look forward to your posts everyday!

    I love your pregnancy stories and your travels; live it up! I'm just Jealous of your escapades...

    I also keep wondering how we'll find out of little Huck's arrival... maybe we'll get a holbs post?! lol... enjoy it momma!

  5. I'm here to tell you that you CAN sleep till 11 with a baby. But you will probably have been up at 6...and 2...and well, you get the picture ;)

  6. megan, thank you for that first note!! that was me today too! haha :)

    and i love your list, nat :)

  7. It won't be long!! (I'm so excited!)

  8. I say DIABOLICALLY genius! :-)

    Hurry up, Huck!

  9. I think Huck knows the power he wields. Look at all the far-flung people he is driving insane. He's enjoying this...and THAT'S diabolical!

  10. My husband just walked past as I was laughing at the computer and asked "is Nat still in labor?" I told him you were never in labor and were now trying on boots...he may thing this is going on in the maternity ward...but wouldn't THAT be awesome?!!?? Maybe it's because you keep giving Huck those awesome bomboloni??? Just sayin'...

  11. Love the list! Great change in perspective. And I think I just bought the same floppy wool hat. We are twins. Well, as far as hats go.

  12. Haha! I think you are soooo funny... this was great. I remember waiting and walking and trying all kinds of things to get my false labor to become real labor...finally...and that little one is four years old now. Enjoy your last few days of "you" time...that will become "we" so soon...but, oh, it's fabulous! :) Wear that floppy hat like you own the place!

  13. I love your narration. I feel like a good outlet mall is like unto the Celestial Kingdom. Especially if there is a Coach outlet where I can ooh and ahh over the still overly inflated prices.

    As for pregnancy, you are right, it is wonderful and beautiful until the final days. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

  14. I love Zara like a preggo loves cupcakes.

    Maybe you should wander over to Leonidas Chocolates in Midtown, near the Zara? Just being helpful!

  15. Things I love about this post:
    (1) You are pregnant! (
    2) Peanut butter and honey combination is devilishly clever. I know bc it's one of my faves.
    (3) The Web IS waiting for you to have a baby. (4) "I'll be pregnant Forever 21..." hahaha Good one. And also I LOVE Forever 21!
    (5) Soak up the love. You've earned it! And hats are my weakness but I rarely wear them. And Holbs must really love you to only eat half of each cupcake bc such things require extreme self-control. I'm impressed.

  16. I'm so excited for you :)

    And LOL when you said "I'll be pregnant forever 21".


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