this is a formal apology to my dad

dear dad,
it really, really sucks that we live so far away.
i feel like i've stolen your baby soul mate.
can you ever forgive me?
i feel really pretty lousy about it.

huck was really cute all day today.
he smiled at all the shoppers at trader joe's like it was his job.

one woman asked, "is he always this pleasant?" and i said YES.
and then i felt bad that you weren't around to mug on him.
also i wished we could run to mashitas for some kimchi,
that was really good kimchi, huh.

huck is still taking his naps in the car seat.
i feel like if i give the car seat back to the friend i borrowed it from, then that means my portland vacation is really over,
and i think i'm not ready for that yet. 

luckily huck loves sleeping in that car seat. 
(driving around in that car seat he likes considerably less, why is that?)

this morning we were feeling lonely for you, so we put on some mickey mouse clubhouse.
it didn't help, i just felt more bummed that you weren't around to do the hot dog dance with us at the end.

it was the episode where goofy goes back in time and becomes a baby, and mickey has to babysit him all day, and donald uses the fact that he's helping as a way to hit on daisy (which is weird because, aren't donald and daisy already an item? aren't they married? i'd always assumed they were all married only now i'm realizing that in toon town at disneyland they all have separate houses . . . so, either they are doing the woody allen/mia farrow thing, or else they're all eternally dating, which . . . is weird now that i think about it),  and then pete shows them all how to burp goofy after he takes a bottle. 

after goofy is burped he says in a high-pitched baby voice: "garsh!" 

you should watch it, if you get lonely.

daughter #1


  1. WoWWWW!!!!
    The baby is so very cute..
    Like his dad. When the baby smiles the whole world will smile too. He is so healthy. I bet he maybe the next supermodel.

  2. i think someone thinks your dad is huck's dad! easy mistake, since they are sort of twins.

    in all seriousness, this is so sweet. living away from your family is not always the best idea in the world - i can fully attest to that.

  3. What a nice post. It's so hard living away from family with a baby. But, it gives everyone extra reasons to visit!

  4. just a note about the toon-town:
    daisy&donald are eternally dating, so are mickey and minnie
    the only ones "somewhat married" are clarabelle cow and horace horsecollar...

    you have a gorgeus chubby boy:)


  5. This post made me laugh for several reasons. #1 being that Huck looks exactly like your dad. #2 being that I've totally seen that Mickey Mouse clubhouse episode, and my little girl LOVES doing the hot dog dance.

  6. I feel the say way when I leave my parents house! We live in California and my entire family lives in Alabama. My dad loves my kids so much and I hate that he doesn't get to see them very often. I feel like a terrible daughter because I took them away. I'm always depressed for a few days after I get back from visiting them.

  7. they are so cute!! (being that they look darn near alike..) i'd be pssst too, to be that far away from him and all.

  8. The love between a grandpa and his grandchild is a formidable thing! Jim claims he lives solely for his granddaughters these days. And my mom reports that he cries (or...well, gets misty, in Jim's words) whenever there's a parting between Spunky & Spanky Winkerbean and their pop-pop (and yes, Jim is the author of those nicknames). Jim has to hold my mom's hand when they go to the car and then to the airport, or when they walk away from our gate and drive back home. And then he refuses to stay at home that night--they have to go out somewhere fun because he claims he can still hear his girls' laughter in the house and can't stand it. He's such a softie. Methinks Randy is the same way.

  9. Goodness, this post made me cry a bit. I, too, live much to far away from my daddy-o, and it's awful. Seems so wrong that our life paths weren't meant to run at least close enough for a quick visit when we get to missing each other too much. Sigh. I really liked this post. I gotta go call my dad now.

  10. makes me sad...and makes me miss my family

  11. what a lovely letter to your dad! he's a good grandpa. :)

  12. Natalie (I hope that's not too informal...), what a touching tribute. You're so lucky to have such a wonderful relationship with your father.

    Of course I don't know you or your family, but here's something to think about. When you look at that beautiful baby of yours, ask yourself, would you bemoan your son if he chooses to live thousands of miles away from you to pursue his family's dream?

    Don't beat yourself up too much... Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts. Take care.

  13. Aw, I'm sorry, too, Dad. :-(

  14. PS> I just went back and read your commenters' comments, and I have to say to Leslie:

    Wait a second, WHAT? Clarabelle and Horace are somewhat married? What about the episode when Goofy is all anxious about going to the clubhouse dance with Clarabelle, and she requires him to wear a purple polkadotted tie, and he thinks he has to learn how to fancy dance, but it turns out she only wants to hot-dog dance which is his favorite dance, and he is so relieved at the end because he doesn't have to fancy dance for her?

    She's a somewhat married woman? Oh, Disney Channel, you disappoint me! ;-)

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