today was a really good day

huck loves his c/o little alouette teether.

today the holbs brought home a package of end-of-season mallomars
we shall eat them while we watch the 'burbs! 
good move, holbserino.

in case you missed them, here are this week's babble posts:
my very best nursing advice


  1. i kind of don't want huck to grow up. i kinda just want him to keep gettin' fatter and fatter.

  2. You mean until he's a little ball of pudge that you can just roll the street?

    He's pretty cute.

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  4. haha that's so cute :D

  5. Hi Nat: I love this blog. I just started reading a few months ago and I'm hooked. I had a quick question: did you work while your husband did all his schooling/internships/moving? (It's not a judgment, I'm just really curious). If you did work, what kind of work was it?



  6. gosh. that babe is such a chunk. ADORABLE.


  7. He is so cute. BTW I got a chocolate peep the other day and I haven't eaten it yet. I'm waiting for a day when I don't horrendously go over on my calories already. But I'm dyyyyyinnng to have it.


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