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nursing in public days one, two, and three,
(i cried like a nerd while writing this)

. . . aaaand i'm spent.

see you next week dudes, and enjoy your easter candy!


  1. peeps! lots of them. chocolate ones.

  2. your love song is too really make me look forward to one day being a mom. have a wonderful easter!

  3. i just posted pictures of my daughters and i, and one is me sippin my water from Coffee Bean while nursing Ever against a wall. steve mcqueen got nothing on me :)

  4. You're son is such a cutie. When I was still nursering, I did nurse him in puplicy. But we have own rooms in shopping centers etc. for that too. I did only nurse him one time in a shopping center, the first time I was there with him, and I didn't know that the have nursering rooms.

    I also did nurse him in restaurants, the car, on a park bench, even on a high seat in a drugstore, on a toilett (not very classy, I know, but if youre child need you, you would nurse him everywhere).

    The people where looking, staring but nobody said anything. I think its natural and if there arent rooms for that, you have to do, what a woman has to do :)

    However, enjoy your weekend :)


  5. I made a blog post just for you...and all of the other nursing boobs in the world :)

  6. The cuteness is ridiculous. Careful or someone may cook him up for Easter dinner!

  7. huck is your dad. i can't get over it.

    and also, that love song gave me chills. looove it.

  8. Okay, just read your babble article about nursing in public (or NIP, as one commentor so cleverly said). LOVE IT!!! I, too, am not really one for politics or having opinions of much importance, but I am a total Mom Avenger! And I have nursed in all kinds of places before. Including standing in line at Universal Studios. I love what you say about boobs being welcomed by the public if they are big and jiggly and sexy, but not if they are being useful.
    LOVE IT! I have a pic of me nursing at a dance recital, but I'm using a hooter hider. does that count?

  9. There's a photo of me nursing here:

    I've been reading your babble posts and I'm so impressed with you for facing your fears. It's so much easier to be able to just whip 'em out, hey?

  10. 1. Nursing is not gross - Aha! Now I know what you're doing and why. I completely agree. I had similar feelings while smothering my last baby at feeding times, and I also whipped the cover off while sitting with three other nursing moms in a back tent at the State Fair. They disapproved, or at least they seemed to, (we didn't know each other, but they were not looking very happily at me, so I assume they didn't approve). I'm not a fan of the baby hiding.

  11. 2. Love Song - Absolutely perfect.

  12. long-time reader and googled to find your babble/f21 posts to see what i should be buying and google lead me to this flashback. i literally gasped at the overload of cuteness. and then my heart melted. he's the best, as you know.


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