As I Type This My Toes Are Cold And My Socks Are All The Way Down The Hall

Saturday's Lunch

Today I got to church super late. I didn't really have any reason to be late, I was just late because I wanted to be late. You can do that when you're a grownup.

Also, I ate nothing but breakfast foods today. 

After church I happened to see on the TV Guide channel that a movie I was interested in watching was coming on channel 31 at 8:00. We only have cheap cable, so, no Info button or whatever. So I checked my watch. 6:00.  Then about twenty minutes later I promptly forgot what movie it was that I wanted to see. So it was this mystery! What movie was it? I kept asking myself but I kept not remembering! I tried recreating the scenario wherein I saw the movie scroll across the screen to see if it helped. I tried watching the TV Guide channel but I kept forgetting what I was looking for. It was all too weird.

Don't change the channel! I told The Holbs. A movie is coming up that I want to watch!

Oh, what movie? 

I don't remember. But, don't change it!

Then I had to suffer through two hours of the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a movie which I do not like. But I sat through it, because I knew the pay off would be good, I just couldn't remember why.

Finally a few hours later the movie ended. I sat up straight. It went into commercials. The suspense was killing me. What movie did I want to watch so bad I sat through bad Tim Burton to see it? I was about to find out. The dogs sighed on my lap. I shushed them.

Then the Target Thanksgiving commercial came on. I love that Target Thanksgiving commercial! Guest beds in the garage? It kills me. And then it was over. The movie started. It was . . . Disney. It was . . . animated. It was . . . Meet The Robinsons. 

And I went, oh, really self? But then I watched it and it totally made me cry. So.

Isn't that weird?


  1. Sometimes I think God gives us just a tiny bit more than we can handle so that we remember that we can't get through trials without Him. :)

  2. I find this terribly funny :') I enjoy your style in writing very much, but I for one do not feel shame for the excitement I have for animated Disney movies, hehe.

  3. You know what? I love that you write about Church on your blog. I love reading you little anecdotes, and I can guess that you're a pretty amazing Beehive instructor.

    I've been thinking a lot about trials and trying to get the eternal perspective of what my life is supposed to be, and it's nice to be reminded that everyone struggles in their own way. Thanks for reminding me!

    P.S. I'm totally excited/embarrassed that I'm so excited about New Moon. I'm currently in Taiwan, so I have to wait until December to see it. Agony! :)

  4. one, i LOVE that target commercial and everyone i know thinks i'm weird for getting excited when a commercial comes on.

    two, i think meet the robinsons is one of my favorite movies ever. i love disney.

    and three, i am definitely in that last new moon group lol.

  5. I love your blog. I don't share your religion but I respect your faith and think you're an excellent writer. Don't worry, with a muscle bound husband, your time to have children will surely come and you will be the ultimate yummy mummy. In the meantime, keep the church gossips guessing!

  6. I just skipped church all together this week. But, I am sick...

    I am SO going to see NEW MOON. I'm thinking a matinee before the kids get out of school. But then I will have to fight all the mama's, too.

  7. Thanks for reminding me that my spirit is stronger than my body! My poor, weak, procrastinator body....

  8. Best comeback to a lame pick up line:

    "Your body is a temple..."

    Comeback: "Yes, and services are closed today."

    Me, I skipped church because I figured the scout campout sunrise services we had Sunday morning were good enough for me.

  9. Meet the Robinsons is an adorable movie. I find myself watching animated movies even when my 5 year old isn't home. And there is nothing wrong with that, just ask Walt Disney.

    That's why there is so much hidden adult content in every animated flick I tell you. Morals and hidden jokes.

  10. I'm pathetically excited to see New Moon this weekend. My Mrs. Cullen t-shirt is ready to go!

    I watched Meet the Robinsons last night too! I love that movie and it always makes me tear up.

  11., do you hate "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," or do you hate Tim Burton in general?!? We need to discuss this. Because Tim Burton rocks. He speaks to my inner macabre like no other director can. And I have to say, I actually liked his version of "Charlie" but only because I was scarred as a child by the original and can't hear the oompa-loompa song without wanting to take my skin off and scrub both sides of it until I stop feeling violated--ugh!!! But I can accept your not liking it...because it IS Johnny Depp's creepiest role to date. Not one ounce of hotness at ALL in that movie!

    Now, "Chocolat" on the other hand...delicious.

  12. I don't think television existed on the same level before the "info" button. It just wasn't the same.

    Your faith is inspiring. :) It makes me happy to see that you've found a way to cope with your difficulities. So many people just give up. :/

  13. This whole post just cracked me up. I love it! Like lo-ove it!

    As for the mother/nesting syndrome thing, I completely understand. Hubs and I have had plenty troubles in that area and we've only been married four years. And despite all the things that have gone wrong, the desire never changes. Several people, good-hearted as they are, have suggested one thing... adopt. Then, when you least expect it, you'll also get pregnant. And I know several people for whom this worked!! It makes me happy. :) I hope it makes you smile too.

  14. Yes I am going to see New Moon, yes I am going to love it—how couldn't I with Jacob being the leading male role for the most part?!?!

    "God will not give us what we cannot handle"—My best friends little girl is about to bless this world and I can only believe that little Sophia will have an extra strong spirit, that she will let shine in three Onsie-Twosies! Do you have any idea how excite I am for these??

    So thoroughly enjoy your handy work—both with your onsies & your blog that I check every day i can!

  15. A few things, Nat...

    Firstly, the title of your post made me really grateful for the warm bottie-socks I purchased for myself a couple of weeks back at Sam's Club. They are "Snuggly Slipper Socks with cozy soft lining from top to toe." Best $7 I ever spent. Love 'em so much I had to go back and buy another pair so that I can wash 'em and wear 'em in rotations. Whenever I'm home, this booties are on my feet. (One more reason to love winter, self.)

    #2: I'm still laughing over your comment "My bum clenched in anticipation." Bwa ha! Golden.

    And then...what was #3? Oh yes. New Moon. Not real excited for it. I'm certain I'll end up seeing it, but not on MY penny. Mom'll probably drag me into seeing it, but at least she'll pay. Now before you go off hatin', let me 'splain it to you: I LOVED book one. Read it in no time flat whilst on holiday in the UK. Read it so fast, in fact, that I bought New Moon whilst on holiday in the UK. (Not gonna do the math to figure out how much money I'd have saved if I'd have waited to buy it in the States; prolly spent double, but like I said, I'm not gonna think about that.) I really enjoyed New Moon. And 3 happened? What's book 3 even called? I don't know...I borrowed it from a friend and didn't really love it. I think the word "tolerable" is the adjective I'd use to describe book 3. Then we had to wait for book 4, didn't we? REALLY had to wait. Because I loved Twilight and really liked New Moon, I ended up buying book 4, just to see what happened in the Edward/Bella saga. And book 4 (what's it called again?) was abysmal. Seriously. Hated. It. So anti-climactic. Everything resolved itself so perfectly for the whiner we call Bella. And Renesmee? WHAT IS THAT? Okay, I'm getting off-track. I've made people hate me by sharing my views on book 4. Let's just say, I gave book 4 to DI as soon as I finished it. Nearly ruined the series for me. Then last year 'round this time, my good friend bought me a ticket to Twilight, so I was forced to go. And although the movie wasn't super spectacular, I kinda got a kick out if it; it reminded me why I liked book 1 so much. (And what the WHAT? Didn't think Charlie would be so cute--even with the 'stache! Whoah baby, is what!) So...maybe fill me in on your thoughts on the New Moon movie. And don't hate. Remember how much you like my comments (before this day)?

    Happy Monday to ya!

  16. Without fail, every time I watch the TV Guide channel to look for something, I'll either forget what it is I'm looking for or I'll get distracted just as the channel rolls by. I'll be like, "Ok, sit still and wait for channel 64 to come up. Hmm, it's only in the 20s right now, I'll go give the dog a chewie. Ooh I should light these candles over here!" And I come back and it's just past my channel. I'll wait again and end up looking away JUST as that dang channel 64 goes by. Hopeless!

  17. TV Guide channel...I miss it. The program I have now on my tv doesn't have it. and I don't have an info button on my remote :( What is up with THAT???
    I also hate the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Tim Burton's worst movie in my opinion. It ruined the original. Craziness!

  18. Ok seriously this Photo makes me Hungry...

  19. Meet the Robinsons is SUCH a great movie. One of the best Disney movies to come out for awhile.
    "Ring my doorbell."
    "No, ring my doorbell."
    "No, his doorbell will give you a rash. Ring my doorbell."

  20. A. I love those 99 cent cones from McDonalds as well.
    2. Being able to show up places late without a note is one of my favorite things about being a grown up too. But granted I still get embarassed and rationalize why I'm late instead of just saying, DEAL WITH IT!
    III. I love Target holiday commercials and GAP ones. I spend way too much time on YouTube rewatching them. Fantastico!

  21. New Moon is my birthday movie this year. We're all going after my buffet lunch. I am EXCITED. New Moon was my favorite book of the series, because we get so much Jacob!! (Kate, wtg w/ that one!)

    I would love the Target commercial of which you spoke, I think. But no TV means no Commercials. Or, rather, online commercials which aren't the same thing, and I have no idea why!

    And... You need emergency booties or socks hidden under the couch cushions... Or sewn into a pocket in your couch blanket. : )

  22. I'm in NY ... New Moon will be in theaters this Friday .. but will I be? I dunno, I want to, but havent decided yet.

    OH and have you seen the Burger King commercial?? Team Edward / Team Jacob ... this New Moon craze is getting serious!!

  23. new a teenage girl....i...nuff said. u understand me, dont you?

  24. I have tickets for the midnight showing on Thursday night. Me and a bunch of mid-twenties and my hubs. Yes, he is the only boy in the group that will be rocking the New Moonage.

    And I even saved some Twilight-themed Halloween candy for the occasion.

    AND my theater has tix for $5 Mon-Thurs. and they're counting this as a Thurs. for a showing in a 700 seat HUGE-A theater. It's going to be awesome....and I didn't even love the first movie!

  25. wow...learned something new about you, though you I'm sure you know absolutely nothing about me...a few thoughts: 1. I was in such a crapp mood today. This cheered me up. Well, this and the simple act of my almost 3 year old stopping on our sidewalk to pray for me as I was in tears coming home this afternoon (hey, when you have a 3 yr old, it happens...oh but she is the sweetest and greatest blessing of my life) 2. we don't share the same beliefs and that's okay. I appreciate you sharing. My husband is a pastor (that makes me sound sooo old! I did turn 30 this last week. maybe I really am old?) But word of encouragement: John 16:33 says, "I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." Love that God says "WILL". It's a guarantee that life at times, sucks. But believing that He is above all and in all, we can rest in peace knowing that he is in control...just a thought...gotta love trials or hate em, but we can either grow or sink...ok didn't mean to go deep...3. It took my us 2 1/2 years to get pregos. And now, again it's been the same amount of time...isn't it amazing what people say even if it's said with the right intentions. Almost makes me want to carry around duck tape in my purse so I can shut their mouths for them. Oh well, keep your head up. And throw out what isn't uplifting.'s something funny...talking about church hubs stood up in church one day announcing we found a good book of baby names. (TOTALLY NOT PREGNANT) and this sweet old lady come up and gave me a wad of cash for the baby only to find out the hubs was kidding to which she swatted me and took back the was nice holding it while it lasted.

  26. I can't wait to see new moon, I may cry. But I will be so excited to see taylor lautner and robert pattinson. yes i'm a creep and i hate myself!!!!! still excited though.

  27. Oh that lunch looks good!


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