Sixteen, Sixteen Minutes, Sixteen Minutes Gotta Get It Right

Thank heavens for No Shave November. The stubble!

Every now and then I like to do really nice things for The Holbsplaya. Like tonight, like how I let him take me to a junior high school basketball game. Just because he is so red-headed. 

First I played a fun game where I tried to count the number of boys that had already gotten armpit hair. 

Then I counted the bricks in the wall.

I hummed the Star Wars theme under my breath for a little bit just to see if I knew it.

I finished my can of Diet Dr Pepper and announced somberly, "The soda is gone, time to go home." Then I pestered The Holbs to go out into the lobby and buy me a Diet Coke. He obliged, he really is a good little redhead, and when he came back I told him all of the thoughts I had that he had missed out on while he had left the room. (My thoughts usually warrant narration, my brain is a fascinating place.)

I sipped my soda and thought for a bit about my hair, then about the girl's hair in front of me, and also about her jacket, which was very cute and very red. Then I thought about all the candles I have at home and how I hardly ever light them. I solemnly vowed to light them more often. That made me feel better.

My soda was already half gone, and I was starting to have that funny feeling like I was going to need to find a restroom in about ten minutes. That is a dreadful feeling! 

I asked The Holbs, "How much longerrrrrrrr?" and then frowned down at my boots. Then I had my boots do a little dance for me.

"Man, it is such an advantage being tall!" The Holbs suddenly said, interrupting my two-footed puppet show. "How would you know?" I asked. But then, how would I know either? Basketball games can be such tragic reminders of our own shortcomings!

So I decided to send some harassing text messages to the Bishop, who was sitting three rows behind us. 

Then I decided to practice my comedy routine. My comedy routine is something I'm pretty proud of. I made some highly witty jokes tonight if I do say so myself!

For about the last five minutes I watched the game. You know something, it wasn't so terrible.

At the end of the game we drove over to Mikey's where there were gyros and hummus. Mikey's!

And then I came home and didn't even eat a bowl of the $2 Cocoa Pebbles I got today at the Walmarts. That there is R-E-S-T-R-A-I-N-T my friends.

And then I sat and pondered those darned yams I bought. I wonder what I am doing with them for dinner? 


  1. yams ... roast 'em and while they're still hot slap some butter on the suckers, yumm. Or boil them. For the record, I'm probably the one Jamaican who vowed to dislike yams forever, until I had them roasted ... oh love!

  2. You love HSM!!! I love you!

  3. Ok, that would be from High School Musical right? :)

    As for the yams, I suggest roasting them as well, then putting them on the table for everyone else and eating the bag of mini marshmallows all by yourself.

    Right, now I have to make a confession. I Googled the title. I've not seen HSM. I just wanted someone to love me. Forgive?

  4. I was one of those people who did not light the good-smelling candles at home for a long time. But a few years ago, I resolved to start lighting them more often. And you know what? Lit candles are a nice touch to any day. And there is no shortage of candles, so you can always buy more. AND . . . it helps cover up the scent of dog in our home (we also have 2 dogs). :)

    And very glad that you know the Star Wars theme. Everyone should, in my opinion. I'm a nerd like that.

  5. The title is from High School Musical 3!

    I'm pretty sure what you call Yams we call Sweet Potato, it's orange right?
    Anyway cut it into chunks, drizzle with maple syrup add a few little bits of butter and bake it in the oven.

  6. Try this Yam Casserole:

    Good Luck!

  7. Your mind truly is a fascinating place, you know. I love HSM too, (and not just cuz my daughter made me watch them all repeatedly...I totally would've anyway) but I like this post more!

  8. ew, i would chop 'em up into little squares and roast them or bake 'em or stove top 'em. whatever. that way it's not so overwhelming to have to try and eat a whole big mushy yam. and they're fun an crunchy being all small and stuff.

  9. The best recipe ever ... Sweet Potato Casserole from Ruth's Chris ... Are sweet potatoes the same as yams? In any case, here's the recipe:

  10. Yams with Mini Marshmallows. Peel and chop into bite size pieces. Arrange in a baking dish. Put dollops of butter intermittently atop the yams. Sprinkle with ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon, and ground cloves. Or you can use all spice if you prefer. Then sprinkle with as much brown sugar as your little heart desires. Shove it in the oven and bake at 350F for about 30-35 mins, until the yams are fork tender. Then, grab your bag of mini marshmallows and cover the top with as many as you can shove on there and put the dish back in the oven under the broiler. Word of warning here, don't walk away and let it cook. You'll come back to a fire if you do. Watch it closely as it gets golden brown and cripsy on top. Then you're done. Yummy!

  11. You do have a fascinating brain. Mine just baffles me. Like what? Did I just think that?? Who me???

    I don't know HSM so I couldn't fathom a guess. But I still love this post. Promise!

    Not sure about the yams either. I always just cook them similar to mashed potatoes, but with the marshmallows maybe.

  12. Katie just posted her favorite yam recipe on her blog--here's the link!

    And while I actually like middle- and high-school basketball games, I do NOT like showing up to MY old high school to watch a game, seeing a popular guy I used to know at school, and realizing I've forgotten to actually do my hair and makeup before coming to the game. This, of course, means I have to hide for the rest of the game lest he catch sight of me and think, "Ugh--a Moore twin. They haven't changed much, have they?" (Assuming, of course, that he actually knew my name in the first place!)

  13. My first thoughts on the impending doom on needing a restroom in 10 minutes? "DAMMIT, I need to use a public restroom!" I hate using public restrooms, but my bladder is tragically small. Unfair, really...

    As for your YAM conundrum: try this little number:
    Now I've never "technically" tried this recipe because yams are, like, gross. What the heck is a sweet potato?! It totally falls short of The Real Deal, (meaning the Russett or perhpas the Red). It's not the sweet potato's fault, I realize, but ain't good. Anyways, I think I'd be willing to give this recipe a taste because it's got cranberries AND mallows. Sounds like a winning combination to me :)

    There was something else real clever that I wanted to say, but it's totally gone. Such a shame, really...

    Also, I've not a clue where the title of this post comes from, but you still have to love me. Especially because I gave you that yam recipe, see... :)

  14. um, how is it that i have never ever seen even a second of hsm yet knew that was where the title came from? seriously. i think this solidifies my belief in parallel universes. because another me must have some serious knowledge of the hsm. also, when it comes to yams, i like them boring. just baked and topped with tons of butter. (would you like some yams with your butter? yes, please!)

    this year i am so so thankful for you :) happy thanksgiving!

  15. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I knew right away the title was from High School Musical. Darn NetFlix...I've watched a lot of movies that are at least 10-15 years below my age bracket. :)

    My hubby isn't into marshmallows on yams/sweet potatoes. Did you know that we don't actually have yams here in the US, except in some southern regions. What we call yams are just garnet sweet potatoes. Honest. Anyway, I like to cut them up with onions and roast them with olive oil and maybe some sage or rosemary or thyme...or all of the above. So yum...actually so yum with any winter squash.

    The end.

  16. Junior high basketball? I feel your pain! You know the only thing worse than having to go watch a game? Having to go referee a game. Since the hubs and I just bought a house, I've had to referee lots of those games lately.

    You're right, it is a game to identify the smelly ones. Eww, puberty!

  17. I'm pretty sure it's from HSM 3! Those movies are so stupid, but i love them anyway!

  18. I am green with envy over your trip to Mikey's. Oh do I miss that place and my avocado pita nom nom nom....

    Not to mention the amazing people watching...

  19. I vote you try this one, with yams instead of sweet potatoes, of course.

    Although you'll probably have to go for about 10 runs afterwards to counteract all the calories, but calories don't count on Thanksgiving, right?

  20. I hope you don't mind when I start saying, "The soda is gone, time to go home" somberly in all occasions where it may (or may not) be appropriate!

  21. I have the best mashed candied yam recipe! I'll email it to you.

  22. I don't have an exact recipr for yams but they come out super yummy when I peel and cut them into chunks cut up a stick of butter and sprinkle brown sugar on them cook at 400ish degrees for 20 minutes and then stir add more butter if needed and more brown sugar. Keep cooking and checking and adding until all chunks are soft.

    My mom uses canned yams and mashes them with orange juice puts them in a casserole dish and covers them with mini marshmallows- it's all right but I like mine better!

  23. I'm a sucker for HS movies, musicals, and Disney. : )

    Can't help w/ a yam recipe, but all the ones posted so far look yummy! Make sure you take pictures of however you make 'em & post it on the nest, please & thank you kindly!

  24. I'm not sure I agree with your assessment of No Shave November. He's getting excessively scruffy and I'm getting embarrassed to take him places.

  25. Google said it was from HS Musical. But I don't want to make out with you. At least not while my husband is in town.

    CAndied yams are so American. I am still trying to adjust. I just think marshmallows are for smores and krispie treats.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  26. Megan - I totally swiped that recipe from Katie's blog. It will be gracing our Thanksgiving table. What an honor for her, I know I know.

    Betina - Marshmallows are for EVERYTHING. Silly Canadian. You call me when that tall guy of yours leaves town next, I'll make it all better.

    Carmar - What? I have a blog for recipes? I keep forgetting.

    Dang, Gina - I will ALWAYS love you.

  27. Sporting events can be torture for me unless I have someone I know to cheer on.


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