Pete And The Picnic (And Barney Too)

We like to share apples.

Wait for it, Pete . . .

Waaaiiit . . .

Waaaaaiiiiiiitttt . . .

Good boy.

Show mama your big scary teeth . . .


Oh hi Barney!

And Bugles! Best chip EVER.

The End.


  1. I am much older than your average reader (at least if the age confessions happen to be true) and yours is the ONLY blog I read. I don't even read blogs by my personal friends since I absolutely hate sitting at this computer. I'd rather be doing ANYTHING else. But I happened to stumble on yours and I LOVE a good writer so.....I was sucked in (and willingly, too!)

    You asked for a "good day" story....mine happens to be about my 15 year old, 6 foot 5 boy. We had parent/teacher conferences which I really don't understand because I homeschooled for years and tend to be wary...but at some point (around jr. high) they needed there they are, incarcerated. I went around to all his teachers and invaribly, out of their mouths came, "Oh! I just LOVE your son!" Which makes me beam because I just LOVE my son also and there is something in me that is so glad there is a wonderful potential man out there in a world that needs so many more of those!

    BTW, the way you write is the way my college creative writing prof wanted us all to write. I couldn't do it, but I recognize it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  2. Aww, I'm sorry you had a peculiarly bothersome day. *cross country internet hugs*

    But the picnic looked nice! : )

    I got to grocery shop today, which I Love, even when I'm on a budget & not sure I can get everything I need & have to choose btwn getting cat food or Bugles (best chip ever, you are right!). While I was at the store, I ran into my Aunt Chris & Uncle Jim. Uncle Jim is the unlce who looks the most like my dad, and I hadn't seen him in a really long while (possibly Christmas of last year!), and it was really nice to see him all decked out in his Hawkeye clothes.

    That, and watching Castle on Hulu, made my Tuesday something to smile about. : )

  3. Love love love your blog... it makes my long day just a little bit easier to get through. I'm hoping for a new post by 8 a.m. eastern standard time so that I can sit through my four hour public affairs class without wanting to scream ; )

    I don't have a great day to share with you, other than this moment... you could wake up at 6 a.m and go to journalism classes at university until 5 p.m. (for a job that no longer exists really) and then bartend until 2 a.m. and have a customer throw quarters at you for cutting them off after hours of drinking... those moments are the reason i blog and the reason i run too, talking at the air...

    again, love love love your blog and thank u for a couple of moments of sanity :)

  4. I am currently taking part in National Novel Writing Month. It's an online challenge to write a 50 000 word novel from the 1st of November to the end. I have been thinking for a long time that I would like to write a novel but always found reasons not too. This way I am forced to go now that I have started and the website even tracks your daily word count in a graph! There's nothing I like better than a coloured coded and organized graph to show me my progresses.

    It turns out that I might actually be good at writing novels, mind you it's only been 3 days!! But I am very proud of the 5000+ words I have produced int he last 72 hours. It is keeping me smiling.

  5. May I just say how refreshing it is to hear someone say they are just not in the mood on blogging? Honestly - it sure takes the pressure off when you aren't just reading that everyone else finds the world a magical, gorgeous place every minute of every day. So thank you - and my good news story of today is that whilst I was in the same mood that you've mentioned I sat down with my journal and crayons, a hot cuppa and made myself (all for me) some chocolate crispies - I have to say I feel muuuuch better :D I hope you find a way to spoil yourself during the mud wallowing days.

  6. If it makes you feel better you were perfectly plesent at the fabric store. Never would have known you were having a crappy day- I probably would have bought you a diet coke to cheer you up.
    ALSO YOU LiKE BUGLES! you are my soul mate. we have found each other, offically. I like them to, but don't know anyone (but you) that likes them too.
    And yes, I agree with you on secretly crying.

  7. I totally had the same kind of day you did today. Must have something to do with the moon being so full for days on end. That's plausible right? I felt like bad mom of the year today. My youngest son's teacher called to tell me he misbehaved AGAIN today, on a field trip no less, and I felt like I was the one in trouble. Sheesh lady, do you want me to beat the child? He is ADHD, there is only sooooo much we can do.

    Here's hoping that tomorrow is a better day for both of us!

  8. Having pretty good day but the weather is not agreeing with me. Too warm. Brain melting. But will fix myself a cool drink with ice cubes that go clink clink and make sure the glass has condensation running along the outside. Ahhhh - it will be awesome. As refreshing as this blog.

  9. I've had plenty of days very similar to yours. Luckily today was not one of them for me. I set up plans to watch On The Waterfront (one of my favorite movies I haven't seen in years) this weekend, finalized plans to go to Vegas with some boys (yes BOYS) in my ward, and am fixing to go to pilates for the first time in about 3 weeks. However, I did have to yell at my kiddies at school today which always bums me out a little.

    I hope you have an extra wonderful day tomorrow to make up for today!!

  10. I just love to read blogs that are written with humor and soul! Today was a fabulous fall day for me warm and sunny all over, to bad that I had to work indoors most of the time. I have come to relish the fresh air and the sun hitting my face when I do my little commute from work to car and car to home. I was fixing a fantastic asian food themed dinner and was making my own black bean sauce when what do you know but one of the black beans turned out to be a goat head its little horns ready to pierce my tongue. Hmm other than that the day was pretty normal

  11. Hmm... I could list the bad things about my day. Like how I ended up having to buy $230 worth of food with my credit card because my husband had snatched out the food stamp card to buy candy for Halloween and forgot to put it back. And how I was sick to my stomach the rest of the day about it.

    I could tell you about how I ate WAY to much candy for Halloween and now my body is rebelling against me. Or how my 7 year old came home and yelled at me the moment he walked in the door.

    But those would all be negative so I will tell you that today I went to Wal-Mart with a friend. My 2 year old cuddled with me and had dry undies all day. I got to spend some time decorating a clipboard with my 7 year old boy so he has something to hold his loose drawings on. My daughter begged me to do a project with her tomorrow night and I was able to spend five whole minutes in my husbands arms. My littlest one smiled at me in her perfectly innocent way. And dinner was a hit.

    So who cares how the house looks or what the budget just endured or anything else because I'm loved and I knew it all day long!

  12. I got to hang out with you today, that was something nice about my day, the highlight in fact :0) hope tomorrow is better and yes Desi is right you were perfectly pleasant today!

  13. I had a similar day to yours. I even experienced the phenomenon with running that you so eloquently articulated.

    What made my day better was taking a nap. I don't typically take naps during the day. I usually feel like I could of spent the time doing something way more productive. I think most people don't typically take naps during the day, but I'm still in college and taking naps is commonplace for those of us that live on campus, even the seniors.

    Anyways, back to the nap. Fantastic nap. The kind of nap that you question the necessity of when deciding to take the nap or not initially, but afterwords conclude that no other option was even close to solving your soggy day than that excellent nap.

    It was just the right length. I left my windows open, turned my heating blanket on, and fell asleep feeling like I was in elementary school again on a boy scouts camping trip.

    I miss camping. Too bad it's getting to be winter. Maybe I'll round up some crazy friends that don't mind the cold and like cuddling to go camping with.

    Hope your day tomorrow is brighter. I enjoy your writing.

  14. I didn't read the right play for my class today so I purposefully and successfully kept the prof talking about the previous play all but 7 minutes of the 75 minute class. That made my day great.

  15. Let all of these comments show that you have many people who care how you feel. Let that be YOUR good moment for the day. Go to bed thinking on that, maybe you will wake with a smile! :)

  16. But Natalie, stories about poo and/or flatulence always make me laugh. Blame that on my brothers...(Have you ever read the book "The Story of the Little Mole who knew it was None of His Business"? I bought it on holiday in London a couple of years ago, and it is, in equal parts, wrong and hilarious. Check it out sometime.)

    Oh wow, have you ever tried Caramel Bugles? HEAVEN in a BAG! It's salty and sweet all at the same time! Ridiculously delicious! If you haven't tried them yet, you must!

    Something good about my day? Well, I got my hair trimmed and colored. By a girl who was born in 1991. What the devil?! Is she even old enough to be doing that?! Looking at the finished product, she did a good job, so I guess, technically, she IS old enough. I know that younger people (fresh out of childhood) exist; I just don't typically associate with them. I spend my days with adults and children, nothing in between.

    PRETTY SURE I GOT OFF-TOPIC. Another good something about my day (besides the new 'do by the fetus) is that I ate at Cafe Rio. That always makes me smile.

    What is this jalapeno jelly you speak of? I've never heard of it and it sounds a wee bit frightening. Enlighten me, please.

  17. My hubs gave the Peter Pan pictures sound effects as I scrolled through them. And he digs your plastic watch band. = good parts of my day.

  18. Dear Nat, I wish I could invite you over for snacks to ease your stupid day. I woke up in the crankiest of cranks, and in an effort to avoid people who were annoying me, I took the pomeranian to the park to enjoy the sunshine. Watching her happy little fluff bouncing around and sniffing seemed to lift the mood a bit.

    I hope tomorrow brings you better happenings.

  19. Hey Nat! I could tell you about how fun it was working with my fellow software developers, but that might not sound so fun to someone who is not a software developer. C left on a business trip today, which means I came home (no dinner to make!), played with our little bird who says cute things like, "Hey, Buddie! Whatcha doin? You're such a pretty bird!" and is learning the Addams family theme. Then he tried to eat all of my pine nuts while I watched four of the last five episodes of Greys online while I (finally) folded the MOUNTAINS of laundry that literally filled our guest bedroom. (Those socks!!!) I then worked out for an hour while watching the fifth of the last five Greys episodes, which for me is a blast because we have a PULL UP bar! It is too high for me to reach, so under the pull up bar is a Bosu ball, so I jump on it and pull up and hang. I love doing chin-ups, it's just too much fun, especially now that I can do more than one at a time. And that pretty much sums up my day! Happy day, though! I love waking first thing in the morning and checking for a new entry from you. Always a pleasure and a delight, and I tell C about the funny things you say. Sorry you had a prickly day. I hate that. Oh, and By the By, I TOTALLY LOVE JALAPENO JELLY! At Pikes Place in Seattle, they have an AWESOME Habanero Strawberry jam, and jalapeno too. If you can find some Alta Dena whipped cream cheese and put that on a water cracker topped with the jam - delightful!!! Here's sending a bit of cheer your way!

  20. Tuesdays are good, because I get to watch Castle (from the night before, good ol' homemade tivo thingy - the husband made it, I just pretend to understand how it works).

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

  21. Oh, and on the cry/running bit - rainy days are the BEST for crunning. . . as long as you aren't a sobber. Then people can hear you, and they look at you funny, and you can't catch your breath while you sob, and you can't run while you can't breathe. Messy. Just plain messy. ;)

  22. Oh how sorry I am to hear you are having a poopy day. Your blog is so delightful and I enjoy visiting natthefatrat land; it always provides amusment. Today I treated myself to a Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks and I wore a precocious red ribbon in my hair that made me feel flirty and sassy all the day long and I had a delicious lunch of broccoli cheddar soup and half a chipotle chicken sandwich (it was very delicious). Little joys. They make the world go 'round.

    If you need more happy thoughts, check out my blog ( I post ten things that make me happy every week!

    Happy tomorrow! I shall send my best thoughts your way.

  23. I turned 36 at 11:59 and 59 seconds last night. Why is this a nice, good thing you ask? It's not, but you can check today's post on my blog to see how I handled that.

    The good thing that happened was that I got to spend the day with my wife and 2 daughters at Disneyland for my birthday. No phone calls with tales of tragedy from work, the weather was absolutely beautiful, the food was questionable and way over priced just like we expect it to be, and the cherry on top was that I won the one minute writing of the day award over at C. Beth's blog, The One Minute Writer. I hope this helps, and I hope your tomorrow isn't so poopy.

  24. Hi Nat, You know what? Even on your crappy days your blog still rocks. That is talent my friend! My day started off equally crappy and I also tried to run it off - but failed. But I wasn't shouting at things...maybe that's where it went wrong? I'll try that tomorrow ;)

    Anyway, onto the nice part right? I decided to leave work early, skip my uni class, rent a whole series of gossip girl, and eat nutella from the jar all afternoon while it rained outside. And it was pretty awesome. The best part of that is that you can live vicariously without putting on the kilos I will from the experience!

    Wishing you a whole host of better days.

  25. I woke up feeling that way this past Saturday. I had to isolate myself because I was so cranky. For the few minutes I was around my husband and brother in law, we were watching t.v, and everything that came on the television followed with my response of, "That's stupid," or "Why would they even think that's clever?"

    Anyway, you said to say something positive, so I will tell you that my day was pleasant--mostly because I am living in Australia where there is no candy corn in sight, and my mom sent me a package of it in the mail. Left me smiling all day. :)

  26. I love reading your blog - crappy day or not! My days have been distinctly up and down recently but I'm not able to write about them with as much good humour I don't think. Keep going.... and I will too, new as I am to this game.

  27. I just recently started reading your blog :) I love the style of writing you have.

    Since today has just started for me, I will comment on yesterday's day. It started off horribly...I woke up early to have a nice breakfast of oatmeal, but then I burned the oatmeal. I had a nice outfit for work picked out the night before so that I wasn't scrambling to find something to wear the next morning, but then I somehow managed to get makeup ALL over my shirt. It is quite difficult to find something decent to wear when you already have your heart set on something. *sigh*

    BUT, it DID get better. Well, after work at least. I went to a yoga class and was able to relax, I ran into a bunch of old friends, and made plans to see them and catch up in the near future. Old friends make me smile. So much history, so many stories.

    I hope you woke up feeling better this morning. Today is a new day! And here (in Ottawa, Canada), it is sunny! Finally!

  28. I have that very copy of The Hobbit! When my Husband and I were dating we read it together (coincidentally on our own picnics sometimes!) and now the cover has fallen off.

    But a good book!

  29. Ok--I can't say as I have a great day story (I sent the whole day typing at work. Bleh.) BUT I'm about to make yours, with a recipe for the BEST jalapeno jelly (I've only given this to one other person, since I make them for Christmas gifts). But I'm taking pity on your plight, here. And I'm far from Moscow.

    I just throw everything in the food processor to chop so I don't have to deal with hours of dicing. Doesn't look as pretty and perfect as little squares, perhaps--but tastes the same and takes a fraction of the time. This the first thing I ever learned to preserve, so if you've never jarred anything, don't be scared. It's easy.

    3 green peppers, seeded and finely chopped
    2 3-1/2 oz cans jalaeno peppers, with seeds OR 4-6 fresh jalapeno peppers (remove at least half the seeds).
    1-1/2 cups white vinegar
    6 cups white sugar
    1/2 to 1 tsp cayenne pepper
    2 pouches certo
    4 to 6 drops green food coloring.

    Chop all peppers (use rubber gloves when handling jalapeno peppers). In a large pot combine peppers with vinegar, sugar, and cayenne pepper, cooking over medium-high heat. Stir frequently until mixture begins to boil--hard. Continue to cook on low boil for 15 minutes, skimming foam. Add Certo and boil hard for 1 minute, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, skim off foam, amd pour into sterilized jars. Makes about 6 small jars. I serve on crackers with soft cream cheese, but now I have to try it on a turkey sandwich!.

    Note: After I sterilize and fill the jars, I process the jars in a hot water bath for awhile for added safety and security.

    I'm now expecting to see pictures of your own homemade jalapeno jelly on Nat's Nest!

  30. I'm sorry you had a bad day. It can only get better tomorrow, right? I'm very happy because I have a new kotatsu quilt. Check out my blog if you don't know what that is, but trust me when I tell you, it's heavenly.

  31. I got two whole loads of laundry washed, dried AND FOLDED all in one night. Major accomplishment in my world (sad?) and it made it a good night.

  32. A good thing about my day....hmmmmm...I'll tell you something good about yesterday....

    Situation: Dating new guy. Status on social networking sites set to "in a relationship" and everything.

    Well, Books like "the rules" convince us that less is more....don't ask, don't tell policy with new lovers/relationships. However, I'm 31 and I don't have time to waste in unpromising coupling. So yesterday, I had "the talk" with "Pablo" my new guy, and said the things that needed to be said, I laid my bottom line aka, my cards, on the table...and said, if your wanna but I'm NOT going to skirt around this.

    I'm terribly NON-confrontational when it comes to relationships...unless I'm really, really coming right out, being direct and hitting this head on...well it set me free. Made me feel empowered when I normally feel slightly helpless in this type of situation..and better yet...he didn't run.

    Small step for womankind....HUGE in the world of me.

    btw..."sleepy hallow"...I know exactly the scene you described, i watch that movie every fall with my niece and nephew!

    Hope that head of yours clears up to something less cloudy and more clear, if not sunny.


  33. Nat, I'm sorry that you had such a terrible day but it happens to everyone, right? Yesterday I got to go yarn shopping for the blanket I'm knitting, which was very fun, and then I got to go to Target, where my best friend and I wandered around until 4 o'clock and realized we had to get back to campus. It's the simple things in life that can make a day good!

    Also, I love going on picnics. There is a picnic almost every day in my yard at home during the summer. If you're ever in New Jersey...stop by!

    Your blog is the only one I read, and every day it is my little source of hope and inspiration. TRULY entertaining. I read it every single day, and let me say, it is much better than watching daytime television or doing homework. Keep up the good work and I promise, things will get better! And check out my blog!

    Lots of love,

  34. Don't you just *love* how all these comments are saying how people just *loved* your blog today?? pfftt...come on people! Did you actually READ it?? Our mouse is unhappy. And when mouseys get unhappy, WE get unhappy! They start eating too much cheese and sipping too much wine but I think you're mormon and from what i recall mormons don't drink...right? Besides the little Mouse, shape up or ship out! is what my Daddy would tell me. You have to put yourself in a good mood is what my Mom would say (funny, how she was always in a bad mood.) Well anyway I didn't like your post. I hope your day is better today *love*!!!

  35. Sorry to hear that you were having a not so nice day.

    Yesterday afternoon, was a pleasant and sunny fall afternoon, even snow free. The kids and I ditched our homeschool books and took off to the river valley with our dog Holly. We chatted, played, laughed, and took photos. A nice lady offered to take our picture and it turned out to be one of our best ones ever.

    Thank you for your wonderful writing.

  36. The good thing about my day was having homemade cake at coffee time this morning. My new grad student came around to celebrate his successful negotiation of the next-to-last hurdle to starting in the lab. Things kind of degenerated from there because this flu shot does seem to be making me kind of sickish after all. The day will be over soon and I can go home and sleep and that will be really really good.

  37. i know you "wanted" to hear something good, really bad days can suck it! i'm at work. poop! how's that for sucky?! and....and auntie flo is l-a-t-e, like DAYS late, which does suck because then all these warm bubbly thoughts and dreams take over my brain and i can't help but imagine the impossible could really be happening! but like every blasted month before i scold myself for being so so stupid.'s a little ditty from a charlottes web cause we both need it:
    Chin up, chin up
    Put a little laughter in your eyes
    Brave it, save it
    Even though you’re feeling otherwise
    Rise up, wise up
    Make a little smile begin
    You’ll be happy hearted
    Once you get it started
    Up with your chinny chin chin!

  38. Maybe this isn't a "pick-me-up" per se, but sometimes when I'm in "a mood," listening to music that FITS my mood is a form of catharsis that REMOVES my mood (music is some kind of magic, no? and who doesn't love saying the word "catharsis"?) Not knowing anything about your musical likings, I'm gonna go ahead and recommend Ray LaMontagne's song "Empty" as your mood song for the day--"She lifts her skirt up to her knees, walks through the garden rows with her barefeet, laughin..."

  39. I'm amazed. Even when you whine you make it sound elegant. I have vented on my blogs multiple times and usually end up deleting the posts later, because I am unable to make my whines seem graceful. How do you do it??

    I've been moody lately too. Most of it is stress, I know. But yesterday I took off work a few hours early and Hubs drove me to our local Mount Magazine where we took pictures of the last of the fall foliage and then we ate at the lodge restaurant - super nice! It was lovely. And even though I'm still moody, our little outing totally made my day. Plus, I got to nap all the way home while Hubs drove. What a lovely thing for him to do for me! :)

    And if that doesn't lift your spirits, here's an Irish blessing for you:

    Wishing you a rainbow
    For sunlight after showers—
    Miles and miles of Irish smiles
    For golden happy hours—
    Shamrocks at your doorway
    For luck and laughter too,
    And a host of friends that never ends
    Each day your whole life through!

  40. I feel the same way about my life right now.. nothing nice! However, I did go out with the hubby and some friends for dinner last night and it was great fun! :)

  41. I think that picnic would make my day! Plus running really makes me feel good and ups the happy endorphins...

    But, We had a good day yesterday...We drove an hour and 15 minutes from Meridian to Garden Valley, ID, for my 6th grade daughters basketball game. AND....WE WON!!! First win! Yeah! It was a good day.

  42. After all you do for us, the imposition is a pleasure. Prepare to be DAZZLED!!!

    The entire day was ho-hum - not bad, but not good, you know. On the ride home, I told the husband we were having grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner because 1. I was lazy and 2. it was cold out and 3. I couldn't come up with anything else. We got home and he immediately went to the stove and started to cook, which he enjoys, but just never happens. His method looked wrong to me but I shut my trap and fed the dog (that's the job of whoever does not cook dinner, and I NEVER get that job) and had some apple juice (low blood sugar=yuck!) and still said nothing about the way he was making those grilled cheese sandwiches looking WRONG. But, they came out all beautiful and delicious, and even had Penzey's Greek seasoning added to them so they tasted like pizza, and what can be better than THAT?

    Only THIS: we ate on the couch and marveled at Peter Seller's Casino Royale, which was playing on tv - we didn't even seek it out or have to rent it. Let me tell you, if your day anything less than marvelous, the 1967 version of Casino Royale will pull that ehhh day into the GLORIOUS and SURREAL!!! Seriously, next poopy day, give it a whirl...

    When it was time for bed, I saw in the mirror that my hair - after visiting the post office, teaching art to nurses, not cooking dinner, laying on the couch, sweating through a low blood sugar, and watching the craziest film with 5 different directors, Ursula Andress, Jacqueline (but here, Jacky) Bisset, Anjelica Huston's hands and Deborah Kerr (and that much gorgeousness will just flatten the hair into newsprint) - looked BEAUTIFUL! Perfectly tousled, shiny and soft with sculpted round natural curls that shone red and gold. Flips and flops in all the right places. Even my PJs were extra soft and cutely matched.So a blah day becomes absolutely magical and delightful...just in time to end. (sigh)

    May your Wednesday be better than your Tuesday, and your tears, if they must come, all be shed in secret.

  43. Ewwww, that's an exceedingly long post. Apologies!!

  44. my day the other day started off crappy. I think it was the sorbitol that did it.

  45. Well I've never commented on your fantastic writing before, but look forward to reading it all the time. I, to have to live vicariously through other’s writing, so I know how ya feel.

    So here you are…my morning consisted of waking up at 6:00 because that’s when my little peanut wakes up these days. Change her because she pees through her diaper and it then leaks onto her pj’s. She’s probably the best thing to wake up to because she always has a goofy little smile on her face.

    Later in the morning I go to work at a private school where I tutor a little boy who is autistic. His new favorite thing to do is say one of his classmates names over and over and over again like this, “Birch birch birch birch birch birch birch.” Since he sometimes just can’t control it, it goes on and on. I spend my morning asking him to try, at least try to control it…doesn’t work.

    Hope you have a fabulous day!

  46. ok, first of all, all day yesterday i was like, "did she post yet? did she post yet?" a bit clingy and such. is it bad that your blog is like a staple of my everyday? :) also, november has started out just sucking. not sure why. but at this point it must be cosmic. planets misaligned and etc. making people feel crappy. also, photojournalism of dog training, favorite new thing :)

    p.s. best part of my day (last night) was making brownies. because really, chocolate+walnuts+gooeyness=best part of any day. xoxo

  47. WELL. I could tell today was trying to turn into an unhappy day, so as I walked to catch the train to school I stopped to buy myself some ice cream. At nine in the morning. And sure, I knew I'd miss the first train (which I did), but that ice cream was just SO worth it. And now the day isn't going so badly. Nice how that works :)

  48. Wow...a lot of people have read your blog already today :)

    I don't have to work on the first day of "that time of the month," so I have spent it doing my first day of Christmas shopping (always start at the dollar store!) and hanging out in bed (delightful!), reading blogs, updating my farmville, and blowing all of my crampy irritabilities on hot chocolate and pumpkin pie...knowing that I will try and run it all off in a few days and enjoy this day where I don't have to be crouchy and crampy at work as a waitress.

  49. candy. halloween candy. that is why my day has been good. Because the rest has been blah! But, oh, the grocery sack full of my 3 children's candy! That is why my day has been good. :)

  50. Well my good thing is that we are heading into summer and today is a fantastic summery springy day and I got to eat lunch outside under a tree. It was even reasonably yummy lunch for left-overs.
    While I was sitting in the shade of my elm tree Dan the gardener (his official work name) came over to chat and he told me all about when my elm tree was planted and how he was going to trim and thin it out so I could have a more sunny lunchtime. I work at a university in New Zealand so that's why its almost summer and yes Christmas Day is on the same day but it's usually hot weather so we go to the beach.

  51. Hey Nat,
    I am a fairly new reader, and a brand new commenter. But, I felt your pain today and decided I'd share some kind, and hopefully encouraging words with you. So, here goes...
    You are a beautiful gal, with a lovely home & husband. You have two fun-loving dogs who care for you deeply. You are a beautiful writer and obviously keep many people uplifted with your blogs. All this you know, but sometimes it just isn't enough. I know, I'm there too (except I live on a sailboat and add a bird and three turtle to my zoo). We know we are supposed to be grateful for all the wonderful things we have in our lives, but just sucks. The day starts off badly and nothing goes right again. Our cooking is off, the tv has nothing good to give, our projects aren't interesting, and lets not get started on the hair. The best thing to do in this situation is to put on VERY comfy clothes, curl up with a magazine (or book if you can find a good one) and will the hours to pass. Close your mind up so you don't have to think of all those angry, disheartening things, sip something warm (preferably with chocolate), keep the lights low and snuggle up in your favorite spot. The dogs enjoy a good, lazy afternoon and you'll be able to regroup for the rest of the week.
    I know life doesn't always give us roses or fresh lemons, but tomorrow is a new day and things will be at least different from today once you wake up.
    Bless you for sharing and being relateable. I hope tomorrow is better for both of us!

  52. Sorry you had such a crappy day!!! but.... SO DID I!!!! after all, today is my BIRTHDAY!!! NOV 4th!!! and.... i was sick!!! what a drag!!! i went to Disneyland, but I was too sick to enjoy it, how sad is that! and to top it off, my 2 year old is sick too... ugh! :( Mabye tommorow will be better, for everyone!

  53. I woke up today and shouted "TODAY IS FRIDAY! YAY!" and then I noticed Aunt Flow came for a visit. This is not going to let me down bc today is FRIDAY!
    I checked my email/myspace/facebook/ I’m a geek/so on and so forth and the guy that I dated earlier this year professed his undying love to me, which I do not reciprocate... That’s ok, its FRIDAY!
    My boss, in attempt to straighten the "girls", flashed me. I have seen more of my boss than I have seen a fat old man covered in hair that needs to be combed for lice in a Speedo. But it is FRIDAY!
    I finished all my work at 9am this morning, but have to stay until 5pm and its super slow (cause it is Friday) and I’m bored out of my mind. But, I’m so happy its FRIday.
    All my friends cancelled on me for tonight to see this totally awesome 80s band, but I can't get down, because it is Friday.
    I have 10 bucks in my account and my gaslight just turned on and I’m not getting paid for another week, but *trying to smile* its friday.
    The man I love, doesn't love me and all my future goals/aspirations/dreams of marriage, children, success, travel, blue ribbon winner of something, dog whisperer, movie star in France and all the rest will not come true bc it is FRIDAY!
    But friday is just a day, and I can make it as good or bad as I want.
    For as mature that I am, I will stick out my tongue and when my Mother isn't looking, I will raise my tall finger and say "TAKE THAT FRIDAY!"
    I feel much better now...


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