A Testimony

I believe in God the Eternal Father, and in his Son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.

I believe in prayer, that God sees me, and that I can receive personal revelation if I ask in faith.

I believe in the healing powers of a really good dance party in the car.

I believe in handknit mittens.

I believe that this February when the Olympics are on I will be building my fort on the sofa and you will have to pry me out of that thing if you want anything from me. And how could you not? Want something from me, that is.

I believe in drinking as much Diet Coke as I want to.

I believe that I am meant to be a mother.

I believe in sewing (and ::cough:: shopping) as therapy.

I believe that Christ died for my sins, and that because he atoned for me in the Garden of Gethsemane he knows my struggles, my pain, and my disappointments, intimately. He knows exactly what I am going through, and because of that I know I am never alone.

I believe Sunday nights are for eating. Cereal. Also, ice cream. 

I believe that there is power in femininity, and that one can be both feminine and a feminist.

I believe in the power of a compliment.

I believe in hugging it out. I believe you can hug anything out.

I believe in family traditions.

I believe in striped t-shirts. A good striped t-shirt can make anything better.

I believe in babies. Universe! I would like a baby!

I believe in me.

(Shoot, somebody's got to.)


  1. I absolutely, 100% believe in the good a long chat with an old friend over hot chocolate can do! It will dispel all no-reason-loneliness, tiredness from studying, frustration over being made to WAIT, and any number of other day-to-day ailments.

    I also believe in never underestimating yourself. ...Not that I practice it, however :)

  2. Your baby miracle will happen. God cares about all of us whether we got pregnant "like that" or not.

  3. Thanks, Gillian. I hope everybody knows that when I said that I was joking, and frustrated :).

  4. I believe in going to bed, like right now. Honestly, it's 12:45. Something is wrong with me.

    I also believe in DP, Cherry Cokie, baked goods and stretchy pants.

    I also believe in Thomas S. Monson. I love him. And guess what, I love you.

  5. Keep putting it out in the Universe, babe! It will hear you and it will deliver for you.
    And Mondays are for detoxing--I myself just completed a bowl similar to yours--granola, peanut butter, banana, almond milk. Then mine pair nicely with a salty food, tonight it was half a bag of tortilla chips. Tomorrow it will probably be Ramen noodles.
    Enjoyed your post. :)

  6. I believe that someday you WILL be making onesie-twosies for one all your own.

    I believe that what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.

    I believe that God is testing you in ways that seem unfair and might cause you to doubt if his plans will ever be your plans.

    I believe that I do love reading your blog and that it can brighten anyones day!

  7. I'm with you on the compliments! Mark Twain said he could live for a month on a good compliment. I think I last about 24 hours on one, but it's still pretty fantastic!
    And back tickles are the best! When I watch movies, I have to tickle someone's back. I didn't realize what a habit it was until I noticed how many people were claiming the seat next to me during movie time. It's fun to see people happy and relaxed from having their back tickled - so it makes me happy to do it.
    A machine to do that would be a fabulous invention indeed!

  8. I believe you'll get your babies.

  9. I believe in love and family. I believe that you and I will both get our baby miracles sooner rather than later. I believe in skim mild latte's and suger free candy.

    Great post. Love it from top to bottom.

  10. I love this post! And I recently found your blog and I love it, as well!

    Ok, I believe I can do anything I put my mind to.

    I believe that a few deep breaths go a long way.

    I believe in the power of meditation.

    I believe that cupcakes and cookies are a girls best friend, not diamonds.

  11. I believe that I will find what makes my happy.
    I believe that a good run can cure just about anything.
    I believe in sunshine.
    I believe in calling my mother every darn day, even if I don't have anything to say.
    I believe that there is someone out there who is just perfect for me.

    And I believe that nothing makes me smile on a Monday morning when it is supposed to be 70(!!!!) degrees in New York and I am stuck in my cubicle like YOUR BLOG!

  12. Nice post Natalie, I beleive in our Lord and his wisdom as you do. God Bless and I will pray to St. Gerard for you. It worked for my sister, it took her 7 years and now she has a 4,3 and 2 year old. She named her son Jake Gerard in honor of the saint she prayed to for conception. I really enjoy your are so talented.

  13. I just want to say, I love reading your posts as I have my breakfast before work in the mornings. They always make me start the day with a smile, even if it is raining here in Wales pretty much all the time! Feel happy that you can make someone smile who is thousands of miles away just by your words.

    I believe in the power of home cooked food. No matter how rubbish I feel, food cooked by my mum or my nan can make me feel a hundred times better. This is especially true as I live away from home, so it's extra special when I do get a home cooked dinner.

  14. I believe that someday, SOMEDAY, William will sleep through the night and not be up for hours at a time when everyone else is sleeping, except me.

    I believe you will have a baby someday soon and be joyfully up all night too!

  15. I believe in the goodness in others, even if they themselves don't know it's there.

    I believe in the healing power of coffee, moist banana nut bread and long conversations about everything and nothing with my best friend at a little table at a little restaurant where we are so happy to be there and together that happiness radiates from our table to everyone around our table...

    I believe in heels....heels lift you up, even when your spirits are low. It's hard not to look, feel and taste attractive when you are sleek and elevated.

    I believe in get what you give...what goes around really does come around, maybe not in your time, but in God's time...

    I believe in family the written word as therapy....and the spirit of femininity.

    And I believe that something silly as a lil blog, somewhere in blogersphere can connect people who might not of otherwise ever crossed paths.

    Cheers to Blogger

  16. I also know that God lives and we have a prophet today. It's amazing!

    I believe that a good, solid, fast walk in the woods can give one the courage to face about anything.

    I believe in the power of a warm chocolate chip cookie and a cup of hot chocolate.

    I believe that the "kindred spirits" that God puts in our life's path are manifestations of His love for us, and they give me a reason to be grateful every day.

    Another lovely post--you always give me a reason to think, ponder, and/or smile. :o) PPT

  17. Firstly, I believe that Shakira sounds like a muppet. And she'd be a helluva lot more endearing if she WAS a muppet rather than a skanky human.

    I also believe in the power of a sincere compliment; it can go a LONG way. I rather enjoy validation as well, and darnitall, if people aren't going to give ME compliments, I'm gonna do my best to give some away. Seriously, I never pass up an opportunity to give a sincere compliment. If I like your sweater and/or watch, I'll surely let you know. If a fella smells delicious, I'll tell him. (This one has the potential for some kind of awkward, but typically the guy--even if he's a stranger--enjoys hearing it). So, Nat: I love your blog.

    I know that God is my literal Father in Heaven, and that He cares about me, and He is truly involved in even the smallest details of my life.

    I believe that Josh Groban becomes super attractive when he's singing. We're talking So Attractive That I Wouldn't Mind Bearing His Children. But only when he sings.

    I believe that stuffing is the best part of Thanksgiving as well, and I've never met anyone who agrees. So yeah, thanks for the validation, Nat!

    I believe in gratitude; I believe saying Thank You goes as far as a sincere compliment. People don't say it enough, and for sure they don't hear it enough.

    I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. Wow, without that knowledge, I'd surely fall apart in this life. Seriously, how blessed am I to know that Christ is real and that He's there for me; I just have to give Him my faith along with my heartaches and all that jazz, and life doesn't seem quite so hard.

    I believe in reading. Dangitall, if I could make READING my career, I'd do it. Just reading, and reading, and reading for leisure. And pay.

    I also believe I'm meant to be a mother. Which means I was meant to be a wife. Although it hasn't happened yet, I believe it will happen. In this life. And the guy I'm waiting for is gonna be some kind of wonderful.

    I believe I have to go and get ready for work...

  18. I believe that you are a fabulous writer.

  19. I believe in Jesus Christ.

    I believe in love.

    I believe in life.

    I believe in you...

  20. I am such a fan of this blog, and this is my favorite post to date :)

  21. I believe in hugging things out too. I believe that a cup of hot apple cider and a long walk with a best friend can make even the worst day better. I believe that God makes everything happen for a reason, even if we don't know the reason. And I believe in the power of blogging to introduce you to many, many friends you never would have found otherwise.

    Your blog is so inspiring. I'm excited to wake up every morning and read new posts. It's one of the little things that keeps me going on a daily basis.

    And I know you will get your baby someday. God has a reason for not blessing you with one just yet, but I know that He will bless you with one when the time is right :-)


  22. I beleive that you're one day (very soon, I hope) going to get your baby. And I believe you'll be a WONDERFUL mother. :)

    I also believe that ice cream cures bad days, that true love will ALWAYS conquer evil, and that happiness is a choice, but perfection is a blessing.

  23. See what I believe in my blog...

  24. I really need to hear (read) your ninth paragraph .. thanks for posting! :)

  25. I believe you are a fabulous writer, and this is the perfect post I needed to hear. It goes in line with Thanksgiving in a way, don't you think?

    I believe in Chocolate chip cookies and diet cherry coke, though not together.

    I believe you will some day have that baby you so crave.

    I believe in God the eternal Father and his Son Jesus Christ. I believe that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet, too.

    I believe in playing hookie from church for a quiet morning by myself. (only every once in a while...) Yes, I am THAT naughty...

  26. I believe in the power of a tree and the fact that lying under one on a warm day is just about the best thing to make you feel good and calm and fresh! I believe that God is pretty good too, talented! Look what he made...and all on his own too! Yeah. I believe God rocks.
    I believe there is a song: I believe in Rock and roll...i believe my feet are on the rock and my name is on the roll!

    I believe that was a fantastic post Nat.

    Keep them coming!

  27. I believe in Dr Pepper and the POWER OF CAFFEINE. oops, sorry. I got a little excited there.

  28. Doesn't the Holbs use at least one of the three hours of church to give back tickles? It's practically a commandment, isn't it? Thou shalt tickle the back of thy loved ones during sacrament meeting.

  29. Brooke - you would think! Yesterday I couldn't even get one good turn across the back!

  30. This was good :)

    I believe that Sunday night is for eating as well. If you would have seen me last night and my smorgasbord of food you would know this to be fact!

    I also believe in hugging it out. I just wish that I could hug it out with the scale after eating so much last night....

  31. i believe in ice cream.

    and laughter.

    is there anything else? :)

    xo, em

  32. I believe you have written my favorite quote of all time :"when you tickle my back it is as if your fingers are whispering sweet nothings directly unto my soul". And I believe this statement to be absolutely true. I hope it's okay but I have written it out an stuck it on the fridge for my hubby to see.

    Thank you,

  33. I believe in music. And hugs are the best things in the world. And a handwritten note from a loved one. :)

  34. I believe that life has challenges and not all we believe will happen comes to us in the way we believe it will . After our twin sons were born I believed I was to have one baby the next time . I have only been pregnant on time my whole life , Maybe I or my husband May not be Very fertile if we had not had the twins I believe we would of found that out and We may have adopted, because I know I was to be a mom and he a dad and nothing would have stopped that .

  35. I believe that there is nothing wrong with being 21 years old and going to bed most nights at 9 PM. (I'm already an old lady!)

  36. You ROCK! I found your blog when Google said, "hey, this is a cool blog you should check it out." (I don't always do what I'm told but it seemed like a good idea at the time.) So I did and book marked it because you’re awesome. I believe that God has a plan and a very ironic sense of humor.

    I also believe that Diet Coke and coffee run through my veins and that chocolate and laughter really can fix everything. That is all. :)

  37. "those of you who got pregnant "just like that" of whatever, well, God obviously didn't care enough about you OR your kid to get involved too much. So, no offense. I mean, too bad for you!"

    Wow Natalie, that's some 'joke'...

  38. Sara - I wondered if I might get some crossed-eyes after that. I don't honestly believe that . . . But it felt good to type it!

  39. I believe reading is a great pick-me-up. Taking myself to another world or time is good, if it lets you escape for a little while.
    I believe it's okay to have a cry once in a while, if it means you're going to laugh twice as hard the next day.
    And I believe compliments are the best thing since chocolate XD I think I don't get as much as I'd like, but if I compliment others it makes me feel good too.
    I loved reading this, by the way, and I hope you get many compliments and cans of diet coke in the future as physically possible.

  40. I believe that God has a plan and a purpose for every single moment of every single life on this planet. I believe that He has infinite patience and love and it's a good thing, too, because I sure do my best to try Him at times. I believe that if I hand over my fears and hang-ups to Him, I can count on Him to never let me down.

    I believe that there's a lot more to motherhood than nine months of pregnancy, even as special as pregnancy is, and that there's a child somewhere in the world, one way or another, for every heart that aches to be a mother...

  41. I believe your blog is one of the best i've ever read. todays was very nice(:

  42. I believe that you are one of the most amazing people ever. I believe that everything happens exactly when it's supposed to happen. I believe in hurry up and wait.

    I bought a striped t-shirt today ;) Also, that She Wolf song rocks my life.

  43. I believe the world is unfolding as it should and all I need to do is my best. I believe in the power of positive thinking. And I believe that there are few problems that don't look better on the other side of a decent chocolate bar.

  44. I believe that there will someday be a cure for mental illness.

    I believe that someday, I will feel like everyone else.

    I believe that I will be a good writer with practice. I hope to be as good as you:)

  45. I believe in the power of good books, good music, and good friends. Pretty much anytime you're feeling down and out one of these things will make it 150% better! I also believe in home cooked meals from your mommy. And when all else fails, a good yell can cure most crummy days too!

    Also, I believe that everything happens for a reason, the good stuff and they really really sucky stuff too. And as Tom Petty says, "It will all work out eventually."

  46. I believe in the power of friendship and truth. I believe that no matter what is thrown our way, we will always rise to the occasion because of the big picture.
    I believe that no matter how down I am, I can always come here and read truth and witness strength in words. The power of speaking; love languages; communication is intense and the fact that you are able to be 100% honest and you is fantastic
    I believe that the blessings you are waiting for are on their way and that you are have to be good and ready. From the mother who is hedging on 30 who does have the 5 year old, 4 year old and 2.5 year old that wasn't intentionally planning it - I belive in family and traditions....stuffing needs to be 3 servings per person and in my house it's also mashed potatoes.
    I believe that no matter fish, or foul or people or canine family is family.
    I believe that your post made me smile and feel better about myself. Thank you so very much.

    I believe in living insatiably!

  47. I believe that everything happens for a reason.. most of the time, anyway, cuz there's a lotta times that these for sure beliefs turn into 'I sure hope so's'...

    And I believe in diet coke. It heals all hurts. <3

  48. I believe in fuzzy socks. Nothing that better warms the sole....and the toes....;D

  49. I am a new blogger and I recently discovered your blog and I must say I am hooked!

    I believe in belly laughs.
    I believe in being honest and direct with everyone.
    I believe I am content with my little family as is (hubby, me and pup) and a baby wouldn't complete it-though it would enhance it...
    I also believe in the wondrous powers of consuming copious amount of Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi!


  50. Hey! Watch Marley and Me!

    I believe in holding hands...
    I believe in having faith in people.
    I believe in 2nd chances.
    I believe in hot chocolate with whipped cream, bien sûr.
    I believe in romantic vacations. ahem, hint. LOL
    I believe in the power of Christmas!

  51. I also believe that everything and anything can be solved by hugging it out

    I believe that I have to leave things up to God because I know I have no control when it comes to His will

    I believe that smelling my husband's scent on a shirt or his pillow will make me smile in an instant- so does the soapy smell that he has right after a shower

    I believe that my day will always be better if I have a few cups of hot tea

    Love your blog! I believe it makes my day!

  52. I believe that Nat The Fat Rat is the coolest blog I have ever had to opportunity to read, although f8hasit is really good too, ooh and starting over is really strong too, but Nat The Fat Rat is definitely the coolest, I believe.

    I believe that laughter is the cure for pretty much everything.

    I believe that I will one day get to meet Jesus Christ and that I will bow my head in shame.

    I believe! Thanks Nat!

  53. I believe Jesus Christ is my best friend. I figured it out when I was 16 years old.
    I believe that He didn't just suffer for a big mass of people, rather he suffered specifically for me.
    I believe Our Father loves us so much that he allows us to ache inside so that we will draw closer to Him and to each other.
    I believe Prophet Monson spent his life serving others like Christ would have everyone do. He teaches us by his example. He serves quietly and sincerely, out of the public eye.
    And I believe the Book of Mormon rocks! Because it is all about my best friend!

  54. I believe that Jesus Christ is my savior.
    I believe that I am a fine, good Mommy.
    I believe that there's not much better than being with family.
    I believe in rainy days, my D90, my MacbookPro and a sweet cup of joe all in my flannel pjs wandering my apartment when i should be at work :)
    I believe in you and the gifts God has for you and the Holbsinator!

  55. I believe in God the Father, Jesus His Son & the Holy Spirit. I believe in the Pentecost and Pre-existence and Baptism and most of all I believe in Love.

    I believe that reading for a living is an awesome career.

    I believe that reading blogs makes me extremely happy. (And having my internet back so I CAN read them makes me even happier!)

    I believe in family & friends & birthday parties & cupcakes w/ gooey frosting (if only you had just mailed me a couple of those cupcakes. They have overnight food delivery, right???)

  56. I started coming here fairly recently (when you were listed on Blogs of Note) and I'll tell ya, you have quickly risen to the top of my favorite bloggers list. I just adore you and your candor and your way with words. I'm a word nerd so anybody who knows their way around a sentence knows their way into my heart. Well, not ANYbody, but you know. Anyhow, I just wanted to say I REALLY, really like reading you. (Is that too wierd to say to a perfect stranger?)

    Also, I'm one of those that had babies "like that" and I did not take offense to your words. My heart breaks for you b/c I've seen people long for children and it seems to be the worst ache in the world. I will also say this, having had mine "like that", I've spent countless hours wishing I'd had 6 years alone with my husband and started having kids later... later when I'd be better prepared for parenthood -- so I could be an awesome mother like I know you will be.

    So see, the grass always looks greener in someone else's yard.

  57. ahhhhh yes, to believe or not to believe, that is the question.

  58. I believe that believe is one of the greatest for on earth. cause what you believe you can achieve with GOD by your side.
    After God coming first in your life, your believe a powerful propeller unto greatness.
    And that is why I believe your believe has to believe in God.

  59. So I know that this is a really old post, but I love it. Thank you for sharing your testimony. I also have a testimony of Car Dance parties. And President Monsons and Jesus Christ of course too....but YES to dance parties.


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