For All My Ho-Ho-Hos

Somebody told me the other day that they wanted to see a picture of Peter Pan in a Santa hat for Christmas.

I am only too happy to oblige.

Dear Santa Pan,

I have been a very good girl this year.

For Christmas I would like:
a trapper hat like this,
and an Eames Rocker (in white please!)

(You get to ask Santa Pan for super extravagant things. That's just how he works, you know.)

* * * *

If you have been good this year,
and would like to tell Santa Pan what you want for Christmas,
I'd be happy to pass along the message


  1. Dear Pan the man,

    Tiffanys. Anything. In the blue box. Get Nat her stuff also. Especially the iPhone. It is necessary.


  2. Dear Panta,

    I have said some things about you that I do believe to be true. The things I have said make you look less than desirable in most "do gooder" circles. Be that as it may, I would like a Canon Rebel T1I and some chocolate, oh and an ipod because I share one with my wife and it's pink. A tough guy like me shouldn't use a pink ipod, I think you will agree. Oh and if you could find a pair of adult sized pajamas with the feet cover things built in like I had when I was 2 1/2, that would be cool too. Ok, well bye.

  3. Dear Santa the Pan,

    I'd like him, please. You know. The one that is my one. I can't seem to find him. Or he's having trouble finding me. And if you have time, the Bugle Boy dress from Shabby Apple. And maybe the Chi hair straightener. Maybe just the second two items on the list, because if used on my body, they would send out a magnetic pull that would find the first item and bring him to me.

    Only if you have time, though. There are people who need you more than I do!



  4. Dearest Santa Pan
    I haven't been good this year, but you look like the kinda Santa that would give in to me if I give you a wink like this... ;)


    Badness and winky faces aside, may I please have some money. For shopping, because I really need clothes, to wear on my body, since I'm completely bored of everything I currently own.

    THANKYOU. xx

  5. Dear Santa Pan,

    I am going to be completely selfless here. Instead of bringing me things, could you maybe give a nice Christmas dinner to every person who really needs one? And toys for all the kids who might not get one? Pretty please with sugar on top? I've been ever so good this year!

    And if you do want to bring me something, I'd really like the winning lottery ticket. The money would really help me fulfill my dream of starting my own charity :-)

    Thank you <3

  6. Dear Santa Pan,

    I've been really good this year. All I want is a Cannon Rebel SLR camera so I can take amazing shots of my cute-although-sometimes-exhausting children, and blow them up really big in black and white and hang them on my wall, and then people who come over will think I'm artistic and hip. Okay? Thanks.

  7. Dear Santa Pan,
    Please bring me an uplifting, entertaining blog that has the power to lift even my heaviest spirits. I'd like for it to be witty and honest. And interactive, cuz that's fun. Oh...and fun photos. Then it would be the perfect blog!

    (Oh Santa Pan, thank you for Nat)

  8. Dear Santa Pan

    I would like some GHDs and some purple Converse please. Oh, and a big flatscreen TV as mine has just broke. Merry Christmas!!!! :D

  9. Dear Santa Pan,
    I'd like a pink Nintendo DS. I don't have one, and I think you'd agree that I'm in desperate need of the brain training games.
    Also, can I get some reasonable weather in London this Christmas, I'd like to keep training for my half marathon even with a belly full of turkey.
    Thank you. If I can have those things, I'll be good all next year.
    Love ya Santa Pan,

  10. Dear Santa Pan,

    Hi, my name is Charlotte. I am 22 years old and I have been very good this year. I refrained from making snide comments to my husband and I made my friends apple crisp. For Christmas this year, I would like to know where I am suppose to live in 2010: Milwaukee, Minnesota or Washington? Please tell me Santy Pan. I love you so much.

    Love from your friend,

  11. Dear Santa Pan,
    I've been fairly good this year, and I do believe in your santa-ness, so that's gotta be worth brownie points, right?

    I'd like a Red Rider BB Gun with... oh, wait, wrong movie, sorry!

    What I'd really like is for my nieces & nephews to have the best Christmas ever. If you could pull that one out of your hat, I'd be ever so grateful! : )


  12. Dear Santa Pan,

    I would really like a Barnes and Noble Nook this year. And also, Brody would like a little brother or sister, do you think you could pull that one off?

    And please let John know he can fin those awesome footie PJs at

  13. Dear Santa Pan (although I think Panta suits you well),

    I've been mostly a good girl (and that is what counts!) and I'd like new makeup, a haircut, and a laptop with lots of memory.

    Thank you oh sweet one!


  14. Dear Santa Pan the Man -
    If you are handing out iPhones and Mac books I would love to have those too. Also if it's not too much to ask I would love to be able to go on the Alaskan cruse with my parents this summer.
    Thanks Mr. Santa Pan!

  15. Dear Santa Pan,

    Just cash please.

    Thank you :D

  16. Dear Santa Pan,
    I just want whats coming to me-I just want my fair share...

  17. Dear Santa Pan,

    I can explain...

  18. Dear Santa Pan,

    Hi there, it's me again. I don't know if you'll grant me more than one wish but I'll go ahead and ask anyway.

    Please bring a fast recovery for my fiance Brandon. He had to have emergency back surgery the other day and so far, his recovery hasn't been a good one :-(

    Lots of love,

  19. To John,
    You can get those feet-y PJ's at Target. Oh yes, they come in adult sizes! If you like that sort of thing that is! :)
    Happy Christmas NAT and followers :)!

  20. Dear Santa Pan,

    All I would like for Christmas is to have enough to provide for my family this year. This past year we have had several set backs and upsets; and unfortunately, it's been my children who have suffered most. This doesn't mean that they haven't gotten; however, they have made sacrifices without being asked, and have given up many oportunities on account of our misfortune. I would like for this year to not worry about if we can; could we or is this the right time?...I just want to be able to make them smile every day and know that I did my best for them.

    insatiable host

  21. Dear Santa Pan,

    I would like a house and also to get into the grad school that is "right for me." Since you have the magical powers that make you Santa Pan, you will naturally know which one that is. A huge grant to pay for all of my tuition and living expenses would be swell, too.

    Also, I would really like a beagle to put into my house and a kitchen aid mixer and all the knowledge needed to make it do wonderful things (both the dog and the mixer)!

    Please give Nat the baby she has been waiting for too, Panta.


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  23. Santa Pan,

    I would like an extra two months to finish my computer science classes, please and thank you. I would also like a stress-suction machine, a personal chef that cooks like me, and an invisible maid. Oh, and a Slanky. Ha-ha! You think Snuggies are bad! (Saw a Slanky at a discount store yesterday. Hmmm. Is it possible the name had anything to do with the failure of this product?)

  24. Santa Pan,
    Natalie REALLY needs an iPhone. You see, I have one and I'm giving my personal testament to the fact that once you have one, you question how you functioned with out it. It is necessary. Purchase today. Personally, I would like a Kindle please. With a pink case. And an Amazon gift card so I may begin purchasing books for the Kindle.

    Thank you very, very much!

  25. Hello Santa Pan,

    I'd just like a job and some action - preferably involving that stud from my Textual Analysis class...

    though I wouldn't mind if you could also possibly convince Bill of Bill's Imported Foods in Minneapolis to restart carrying my favorite Spanish candy bar the Kinder Bueno (better than Peanut Butter Honey sandwiches, Nat!)

  26. Hi Nat
    Just wanted to let you know as a courtesy that I linked you in a post I did on my blog ( Thanks for keeping my inspired and entertained!

  27. Dear Santa Pan,

    For Christmas this year I would like a tax-free windfall to help me catch up on my loan payments, magic gloves that keep my hands warm even when I have to keep taking them off to get out my subway card, and some pretty knobs for my dresser. And if you can, please, try to make there be no weather between New York and Ohio tomorrow so I can get home safely. 'Preciate it.

    Love and snowballs,

  28. Dear Santa Pan,

    I want snow for Christmas. Can you do that? Can you grant this simple wish?

    Much love,

  29. Hey, I knew when I read this post, the title was for me! My initials are HO. So it's a running joke around these parts (ohio) that when ever Santa laughs, that he's thinking of me!

    While I did not specifically request to see P in a santa hat, I'm so glad I did. You know he's my favorite, naturally....and this just further cements the sentiment.


    Oh and for Christmas, I'd like a mild winter, of snow showers sporadically, and temperatures not going below 29 degrees all winter.

    k, thanks. you're the best.


  30. dear santa pan, i wish to be unto my kitchen as giada. (i believe this is my husb's wish too..although perhaps not necessarily for the cooking...) :)

    xo, emily b.

  31. Dear Santa Pan...

    It has been a long time since I have written to any kind of Santa (not because I have been bad- just busy and I apologize), so I am delighted to write to you and hope you are ecstatic to hear from me!

    I would like a Jeep Wrangler with a soft top (I do live in SoCal and I'm stuck in the whole "I wish I could have lived as a teenager in the 80s like the movies!", a neato titto phone, a Canon EOS-1D Mark III with a lens up to 300 and a flash and yadda yadda yadda, a Mac, a house I can call my own, and a returned missionary boyfriend (with engagement ring) that is NOT shorter than 6'3".

    Is that too much to ask for? Should I ask a fairy Godmother? Maybe Cinderella will have some reference....

    If nothing else, milk chocolate Lindt Chocolate Balls (by the crate) will be delightful!


    Merry Christmas!

  32. Dear Panta cutie pie:D,

    I want a camera, gift certificates to my fav. stores in the mall, a green cashmere sweater, tonz of skinny jeans!!!!, and a ton of candy canes!!:D


    PLh Merry Christmas!!s


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