Christmas Report

Filed 30 December 2009


Natalie Lovin Holbrook, Age 27
Gets her period Christmas Eve
After being a week late.


Amanda Lovin Gerig, Age 23
Contracts stomach flu
Spends all of Christmas in bathroom and/or asleep.


New Anthropologie Bag, Age Unknown
Holbsgrinch reports "Too Expensive, Return It!"
That night Barnaby pukes in Anthropologie Bag.
Anthropologie Bag now firmly belongs to one Mrs. Natalie Holbrook.


Holbs The Red, Age 32
Wakes up in the middle of the night feeling queasy
Threatens to barf in the car all the way home.

Anthropologie Bag is clean after forty-five minutes of scrubbing.
Anthropologie Bag reports numerous compliments.


  1. I looooove that purse! Hopefully it cleaned up well?

  2. Merry Christmas!! Hilarious post! I'm sorry aunt flow showed up... it will happen soon (i hope)! Your bag is beautiful! Happy New Year!

  3. You are so creative! I would never be able to come up with an idea like this, it is great! I am so sorry to hear that IT came, when the time is right huh?! I know you've got to be sick of hearing that! "diagnosis--stupid dog" that was great!

  4. lol....thanks for making me laugh...Absolutely love your blog!

  5. The bag is gorgeous! You must be a little thankful the dog puked in it, huh? :)

  6. Love the bag! Love the stupid dog! So sorry about Aunt Flo, she's a beach. :(

    My Christmas was great...except when we drove 7.5 hours on a trip that should have taken only 3 at the MOST. Dang Texas Blizzard...and I aint talking about no Dairy Queen treat.

  7. Thank goodness you were able to get the bag clean. It is adorable!

    All four of my Christmases were great. My son made out like a bandit, being the first grandchild and all. My cats did try to eat the Christmas tree, however.

  8. I'm bummed that your adorable bag got puked on, but I was even more disappointed that it was Mr. MacDuff who vomited in it; I'm sure it's insanity, but I keep hoping that your dumb dog will win out even just ONCE. I give him credit for you not having to return said purse though... :)

    My Christmas was FABULOUS and I'm deeply saddened that the entire week didn't somehow stretch into more than that...

  9. Awww, maybe Barnaby was being clever? "Mom really wants this bag, but Dad says 'No way!'. How could I help Mom keep this bag? I don't really have anything...I'm feeling kinda wrecked. Oh, I'll yammy in her handbag, then she'll HAVE to keep it! Yes, yes, yes, that's what I'll do..."

    Timing is everything!

    *hugs* Hoping for a Happy New Year!!

    (oh, yeah, and Christmas was nice. lots of family time is a wonderous thing! well, luckily i love spending time with my family! heh.)

  10. Love the bag! Maybe Barnaby was helping in the only way he knew least it was only puke and not something worse!!

    Babies when come when they are supposed to...and not a minute sooner, even though we want them to. And that sucks for us.

    I will pray that 2010 is the year your baby is ready! Have a blessed New Year Nat!

  11. Sorry about your Christmas, I must say it sounds kind of sucky with the period and everyone sick...

    Great bag, though!

  12. Ugh. You are so darn CUTE! Sorry about your stupid period. Lame.

  13. Stupid period. 2010 is your year, I can feel it!

    That dog of yours is a super-secret genius I suspect. You should be thanking him instead of calling him names. Next time he might not be so thoughtful...just sayin'.

  14. I love the bag! Sorry about your period, I was praying for you to have your baby. It will come soon, don't you worry! Hope you had and otherwise wonderful Christmas!

  15. 1) Christmas on your own is TOTALLY overrated. All three Taylors have vowed never to let it happen again!!!

    2) Slippers from your husband that NEARLY force you to ask if a zip-up velour housecoat comes with them are ALSO overrated. One Taylor in particular has vowed never to let them happen again (how? not sure--by buying her own gifts next year, maybe?).

    3) Verdict? We survived severe homesickness and seriously tactless questions that most certainly would have ruined everyone's day if voiced. Beyond that, I can't say much for the day. Thank goodness Christmas is OVER!!!

    4) P.S. my slippers would look SMASHING with the Holbs's new Snuggie. Perchance is he a size nine? in women's shoes? If so, I've got a treat for him! ;)

  16. That bag is FABULOUS. You wouldn't want to trade it for a pair of slippers...would you?

  17. I hear you Natalie. I too got my period a week late on the 25th after a week of lovely hopeful anticipation. Merry Christmas!

  18. oh just your luck!! that totally sucks, i'm sorry. me?
    silly teen: get's sick the Sunday before Christmas and has been sick the whole break. yuck. ALSO: she got RID OF her period on Christmas Eve, yay!!

  19. A WEEK late?!

    Dammit. So close.


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