stuff to do in the city: wander

restaurant row, midtown
 east village
meatpacking district
west village


  1. thanks again for my daily get-away!

    utah can be so boring sometimes... with all it's gorgeous mountains and stuff.

  2. Ahhh! Of all the restaurants- Bonsignour is my very very favorite sandwich shop in Manhattan! Oh I love that part of the Village.

  3. I used to live in nyc (now I'm in Indiana). These posts are making me ex-homesick. I loved going to Bonsignour Cafe!

  4. Your man looks like Dr. Hunt from Grey's Anatomy! Maybe? Just a little?

  5. Yes, please! (T-minus 72 days! Wahoo!)

    Where's the best bagel place in NYC, please?

  6. NYC is beautiful and exciting, but I miss your witty humor and meaningless yet much needed stories that made me fall in love with this blog. Please return soon :)

  7. That sign for "Cards and Curiosities" is neat, but I have to admit that I've never seen a lock on a sign before. Is that common around there?

  8. Just thought you should know you have another reader and I read your entire blog in 3 days. and i got a headache from it two days in a row. worth it. and I'm leaving a comment because who doesn't love comments? and one of my NY's [new year's not new york's] resolutions is to not let a kind thought go unsaid so I should tell you... I think you're hilarious.

  9. Picture 7 - What a pretty lamp post.
    Picture 9 - They locked the sign onto the building? What the?
    Picture 10 - I saw a shirt the other day that said, "I'm not Irish. Kiss me anyway!" I very seriously considered buying it, and those kind of shirts aren't really my style. :-)

    PS> I forget, when are you coming back from vacation? I miss your real posts!

  10. Natalie-
    I am sick of being a blog stalker. So let me introduce myself...I am LDS, a mom of TWO kids...{it sounds like I am super old...but I don't consider myself 28 old!? yikes!}, I am married to a Donny Osmond look-a-like...well I mean he looks like Donny...he doesn't do it as a job or anything weird like that...yes...he is about the cutest thing you've ever seen! I grew up in New Jersey {and I SO miss NYC-I auditioned LOTS there}...and no I am totally not a guido...I mean I am Italian but not a greasy Italian... I am not that kind of Jersey. Anyways, I just wanted to drop a note to you and let you know that I just adore your blog...your stories...{LOVE the one about your dog eating socks!} and your little boy is just the cutest little thing...well my little man is pretty cute too!

  11. I put a picture of baby Huck on my blog because he's so precious : )


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