stuff to eat in the city: bubby's

on monday we had dinner at bubby's, because i have always wanted to have dinner at bubby's, and lately it seems like maybe it is fulfill-my-life-dreams times or something.

bubby's is in tribeca, and i never have any excuse to go to tribeca so i've only been there twice. and i love tribeca, because tribeca is the kind of place with cobble stones and quaintly crooked side streets, and it is what it is, but that is just the type of thing to make me happy.

{that is soo harvey weinstein back there. it's becoming like a thing for me}

{the tastiest snack at bubby's for sure}


  1. i've been trying and failing to go to the tribeca film festival for years. i think you should go this year.

    also, how was the food? those fries look good.

  2. Maybe you should start using the upside down question mark for emphasis ¿ ?

  3. i didn't see much of the menu but i would for sure get that mac&cheese! looks yummy :)

  4. I love those streets! I always like parts of town that have those types of streets.

  5. loving these city shots. so beautiful

    love m.

  6. Love the cobble stone. It always makes a scene more whimsical

  7. ahh.... for the New York starved amongst us, what did you eat? What was so good about it, why did you want to go there so much? Who told you about it?
    Can you check out Cafe Havana in Nolita next? mmm, cheesy cuban corn on the cob.
    Love your blog, love seeing New York (and your sweet family).

  8. When I visit NY, will you please be my tour guide???

  9. The baby in the photo is so healthy and cute. eating is my hobby and as we were there we usually go to the streets to chat with my friends. I miss that place. It is a very memorable place for me.

  10. I don't know why, but that second pic of the buildings grabbed my attention and held it. I really like that photo. However, I do know why the photo of the fries and the cheesy potatoes(?) grabbed my attention and held it...I'm dieting. Bad decision on my part, I think!


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