weekend plans

this weekend we are hosting a very special lady at our house. her name is leila.

her human is our neighbor mareika.
mareika is in the hospital for radiation treatment this weekend,
it is a total party over here.

barnaby is especially excited to be having slumber parties with leila. 
he is in loooooooove with leila.

peter pan, of course, remains a confirmed bachelor.


(plus he ate two wet wipes today, so he's feeling a little tooty.)

this weekend my mom and i are hitting up the brooklyn flea market, seeing a taping of late night with jimmy fallon, eating our fill of dim sum at china fun, and then going churching on sundee. and of course, macking on this guy:

babble from this week:

iiiintroduuuuciiiiingggggg: huck!
how to raise a baby in just 300-square-feet, and all of the things you get to live without.
my favorite iPhone apps (hint: forever 21, duhhhhhh).
this is the post wherein i talk ad nauseum about all my hair falling out.
everybody has opinions on sleep training. what are yours?


  1. She is so cute! Good for you guys for taking care of her while her owner is in the hospital. I'm terrified to leave our dog with anyone because she gives me those sad rescue eyes and cries when I leave the room. I don't spoil her, I swear.

  2. Aaawww, what a cutie!!
    I hope all goes well for your neighbor this weekend.

  3. What a beautiful dog!

    We are geocaching this weekend, with our four boys (6,5, 2, and 18 months) while our oldest ( our girl) has a sleepover!! I am excited!!

    I love me some Huck pictures! you have a ca-uuuutteeee baybee and am excited to go read all your posts over at Babble! happy weekend!

  4. i was greeted with 2 ads upon loading your blog, one of them a pop-up ... no bueno!

  5. I love a full house - it's the same excitement as having a sleepover when you're a kid. I love hearing about Barnaby and Peter's adventures and romances - I hope they enjoy having the house guests as much as you do. M xx

  6. I saw the photos on the instagram app! What a cutie of a dog!

    Your weekend sounds fun. Mine involves working and drunk students. However I'm going on a nature trail on Sunday with my boyfriend and his 4 year old daughter so it's not all bad. Have a great weekend!x

  7. Funny doggie pics. I'm glad she is keeping her modesty intact amongst two such handsome chappies!

    Have a great weekend. It's all rain, rain, rain down here in SC :-(

  8. Good luck with your visitor! :)

    I love the forever21 app too, but I had to delete it cuz it tempted me too much. Hehe!

    Playing It Cooley

  9. I won a blog award and nominated you also. Please visit my blog to claim it.

  10. the introducing huck post is the cutest thing i've ever seen.

  11. Leila is a beautiful dog. And Peter Pan WOULD be a confirmed old bachelor. He's a dead ringer for Henry Higgins, if I ever saw one.

  12. All these 300 sq/ft references are making me want a home tour! I HAVE to see how you do it.
    They also make me extra grateful for my "tiny" 950 sq/ft condo. Looks like I should be a little more grateful. ;) So thanks for that!

  13. At least in all your pictures you look as though you have organization perfected! We have almost 4 times the square footage and I am not nearly as organized. I'm working on it though. And very nice of you to dog sit.

  14. What a sweet thing you're doing. Leila is very cute, too, so there must be no down side.

    I had a great weekend (in Aussie time it's nearly over). Had a date with my hubby and talked about our dreams. Can't get better than that. :)

  15. Hi, Leila! I hope she and Barney get married and have tons of sweet babies (who will NOT live with you). I chuckled at The Pan's crotchety bachelorhood, and eating wipes? Perchance he is only pretending nochalance towards Leila (after all, he is dignified), and he ate the wipes as a way to impress because the truth is, he's head over tail for her.

    A love triangle, right in your very own 300 sq ft home! (No, I was not referring to you, Huck and your Juliemom.)

    Happy weekending to the seven of you!

  16. Oh yes, please forgive my spelling. I am oh so very tired.


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