this week's babble posts

 this week's babble posts, in case you missed them.

10 tips for new dads and the new moms who are married to them
a little ditty about my huckly's fatty fattiness
i wrote this one from an airplane
and then this one is about how i have anxiety related to playing music for huck.


  1. i am not married nor am i pregnant, nor am i anywhere close....but i love these posts. and huck's fatty fatness.

  2. I love the posts, especially the one about flying. You've put my heart and mind at ease. We don't have kids yet (I'll have my husband read the 10 tips for new dads), but living in Australia and having my family in America, we're going to have to fly back at least once every couple of years. That causes anxiety to build in my daydreams, but I feel a little better after reading that post.

  3. This is such a cute post! I am so glad that I found your blog!!

  4. i know this post is so old but im kinda going through baby huck archives because we have a little mini henry ourselves. and i must tell you that i too have total anxiety about playing music for the babe. when? where? do i turn the tv off? do we listen during tummy time? nap time? ahhh. i feel ya. first step for me today, the car. just wish he liked his car seat! ;)


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