this week on babble

a run-down of my mom injuries. i'm especially proud of "latch jaw."
this one is about how when you go to nyc, you don't have to pay full price to see the met. 
parenting in the suburbs is way hard.
car seats? on shopping carts? i need extra tall shoes out here.

we're about to sit down and watch a plethora of chick flicks in our jams with beef stew. it's about the girliest set up i could imagine. minus the beef stew. beef stew gets such such a bad rap though. what is so manly about beef stew anyway? i'm not buying it. i love beef stew. specially with peas. 

yesterday we took my little brother shopping and convinced him to buy (and actually wear) skinny jeans. excuse me. slim-legged denim. i feel like i pulled off the impossible. such a proud big sister.


  1. congrats on the skinnies! every boy is 10x cuter in slim-legged denim.

  2. Ha, I'm not a mom yet and I LOVE those outfits! And personally, I'm not one that loves the skinny-jeans on guys but I am definitely glad the boat width stuff is gone for them. For now.

    Playing It Cooley

  3. I'm not a skinny jean on boys fan. I also don't like baggy jeans. I guess I'm a mediumist on jean leg width.

  4. Haha!! I love the denim skinnies ;) Not even for fashion reasons, but they are so comfy, like wearing leggings! Nothing more fun than sitting down and watching so chick flicks ;)

  5. No, No! Not the skinny jeans!!!! Have you not seen that commercial???

  6. Mmm, a plethora of chick flicks and jams sounds wonderful. Beef stew is totally my fav. -- NOT a man-only thing!

    Your last lines made me laugh out loud! I feel the love! Hope you feel it too!!! :-D

  7. You skills are well hned when it comes to striped shirts, why not branch ouut to dresses and skirts? I know I wish I had the money to.

  8. *honed. *out I have a baby on my lap...

  9. You don't know me but I've been stalking your blog since it was a Blog of Note a long old time ago. I'm a current BYU student and work for the Stats Department. We are undergoing some major renovations and as such I've been stuck in a closet for the past week cleaning out ancient history. I was sorting through tests and stumbled upon one from an Intro Stats Class with your lovely name on it. I tried to explain to my coworkers that I was so excited because I "know" her. It was the highlight of my 5 hour shift in the closet and thought you should know that your name made it so. :) Happy Tuesday.


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