Happy Thanksgeebing Bach?

i have about thirty bajillion things to accomplish this evening between the time that my butt gets off my office chair and my body collapses in an exhausted heap in bed, because it's the day before a road trip, and the day before a road trip is always filled with such exciting things, like Composing The Mother Of All To-Do Lists, and Doing So Much Laundry, and Making Awesome Road Trip CDs.

I make really awesome road trip CDs.


  1. #1 Pickles and Olives!
    #2 Mana
    #3 Napping
    #4 TurkeyBowls (non-football players like me who play football and end up head-butting me in the face and breaking my nose - now it's crooked)
    #5 "Thank your, ladies and gentlemen, thank your" (don't want to give it away!)

  2. 1. the connie's homemade rolls and jam, but then i get that more than just on thanksgiving sooo...what i really like is connie's rolls with leftover turkey made into sandwiches the next day. Yum-O (thanks Rachel Ray)
    2. abomination of the most heinous sort
    3. eating myself silly and shooting guns (that's two favorites. yee haw!
    4. feeling like i'm dying of an engorged stomach
    5. I DON'T KNOW... the agony! ARE WE STILL FRIENDS??

  3. #1 My mom's homemade's amazing!
    #2 Mmmm, love it.
    #3 Eating lots, and shopping the day after!
    #4 There is always some weird family comment that leaves everyone cringing
    #5 No idea, sorry!

  4. 1. Leftover Turkey sandwiches.
    2. No thanks
    3. don't know! I'm more of a Christmas gal...
    4. Having to say what I'm thankful for in front of all the in-laws.
    5. "Do you have a vase, a vaaase??"

  5. #1 mom's crimson regal
    #2 limbo
    #3 blake's impromptu acting game
    #4 "Oh the table's so quiet,everyone's too busy eating!" (something along those lines)
    #5 I'm mad that I don't know.


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