After a soul crushing day at work, I have only this to say:

 At least my house is cute. 

and at least i can kill it at homemade pizza.

that's something, anyway.


  1. alright, i'm delurking to tell you I think you're awesome. I don't know you but your posts always make me laugh. plus you make some awesome onesies. so I'd say you've got a good shot at the gold.

  2. Look at it this way, at least you aren't on the R&D 'no christmas no holiday' party committee. If anything is a buzz kill to the holiday spirit, it's this. :)

  3. Denise, that IS a buzz kill. I planned that party two years in a row and let me tell you: YOU CAN HAVE IT. HAHAHHAAHAA.

  4. I'll say it again.

    Fan - flippin' - tastic!

    Grad school bites

  5. Natalie....your house here is so pretty. I love the cups in your dresser and the room with your sewing machine is so feminine and pretty.....x


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