The Lipstick Redeems Itself

for mutual last night the mia maids planned a game of clue.

they asked me to play miss scarlet.

i saw this as an opportunity to let the red lipstick redeem itself. 

i practiced my miss scarlet moves in the bathroom.

pretty ridiculous.

i stayed in character all night. i'm not sure the deacons knew quite what to do with me.

who does miss scarlet love??

you, baby.


  1. miss scarlett is a smokin' hot betty. i hope the holbs appreciated it if ya know what i mean...

  2. that is a freakin cute dress! where did you find it? i can NEVER find cute dresses like that! you look amazing. i can only wish to be that skinny again.

  3. thanks! it's tarrrrrrget!

  4. Hey I just had to tell you that my friend from Maryland called tonight to tell me she adores the onesie (the tie one) that I sent her. I will be ordering more from you soon!

  5. BAHAHAHAHAHAH, hilarious.


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