Yes We Can Take Naps!

"It feels weekendy" The Holbs says. It causes me pause and I consider: does it feel weekendy?

I don't suppose Tuesday has a consistent feel, does it?

"I don't suppose Tuesday has a consistent feel, does it?" I say aloud.

Most of my thoughts are worth saying out loud I've found. You may say I like the way my own voice sounds but mostly I like the way other voices sound when they are telling me how smart and clever and right I am.

I do enjoy being right. This must be why I am right so frequently.

Both of us voted today but only one of us voted for a winner. I will not say who. But I will refer you to the above paragraph. It was rainy. Rainy and blustery as I stood in line and voted with the other senior citizens that live with me in Precinct 9 in the Cultural Capital of America: Moscow, Idaho. I got my sticker and then the Starbucks folks kindly told me I could NOT swap a free drip coffee for a free steamed milk. And then it snowed for five whole minutes.

And yes, I was napping when The Holbs called me thirteen times because dear sweet Betsy The Flying Yet Unreliable Potato decided to overheat and he was stranded at the mechanic. I was napping during Holbs The Red's Time Of Need. And he had to walk all the way home past the Safeway in the coldest night of November so far and I felt terrible. So I took him to a butter-filled feast of a dinner to warm his chilly bones. (I didn't think it tasted very good.)

And then I was a very, very gracious winner.

Only now Brooks & Dunn is opening the acceptance speech and I am wondering if it is too late to rescind my vote. I don't know if I've ever mentioned my feelings about Brooks & Dunn.

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  1. I found your blog through CJane's and love it. This post made me laugh out loud numerous times. Congrats to whichever one of you (wink wink) voted for the winner!


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