A Little Light Reading

Holbs sits down beside me and frowns.
He lays his head in my lap.
"I am your blog tonight. Read me."
I put my fingers on his forehead and scroll.
"Scroll, scroll, scroll," I say.
Holbs smiles.
"Oh, this is a happy blog?"
Holbs sticks his tongue out.
"Oh, a snarky blog."
"So today I woke up at 8:00," my ginger-haired blog begins. "My first class, which starts at 12:00, was canceled, and so I didn't actually need to go to class until..."
"Scroll, scroll, scroll," I say. This blog is kind of boring.
Holbs makes a fast-forwarding sound and then picks up later down the page.
"... and I was sitting there in class realizing, I don't really care about this, and this is really boring, but..."
"Scroll, scroll, scroll," I say. Seriously, can't this blog tell a dirty joke or something? Maybe tell me how cute I look today?
"... then the mechanic came to tow poor Betsy away," my blog continues.
"Poor Betsy," I say, scrolling some more.
"Then I called Natalie and she didn't answer!"
"I didn't hear it!" I interrupt. I click a link on his nose, but the blog continues.
"So I called again, even though Lyndon offered me a ride, just because I wanted to see her smiling face."
"I like this blog now," I say, interested.
"And then she was taking too long to show up, so I called again, but she didn't answer again..."
"So angry, this blog."
"Then she asked me if I wanted Italian Wedding soup or Chili, and I thought, what does it matter anyway, I'll just eat the other one tomorrow..."
"Gosh, is this what it's like in your head?"
"Hello!" my blog says, now that it has come to the present time. "How are you tonight?"
"You should probably not keep a blog," I tell him, shaking my head. "It wasn't very interesting."

After Holbs read this post, he said the following.
"It was cooler when it actually happened, you didn't tell it very well. Also, I think you lied a little about some points."

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