Kids These Days

Kids these days do not know Britney Spears songs.
"Well, I know who Britney Spears is but I've never heard her music," a girl tells me on Sunday.
"Britney Spears, she's like, crazy and things, right?" asks the girl's brother.
"Uhhhh, crazy good, maybe!" I say.

These don't even know who Curt Kobain is.
These kids wear flannel for warmth.
I feel old.

And furthermore, these kids don't even know.
They don't even know how lucky they are that instead of Jared Leto they have The Efron. Instead of Jonathan Taylor Thomas or Elijah Wood, they have The Efron. Instead of Kids, Incorporated or the New Mickey Mouse Club or, ick, Roundhouse, they have High School Musical, and The Efron. I mean, is there even any justice in this world?

I sat through all of High School Musical 3 on Saturday night and let me tell you something:
  The Efron is Omnipotent. The Efron is Spectacular. All Hail The Efron, Amen.

The Cheese was Glorious and The Efron was Muscular. I got my full eight bucks worth in the first five minutes with that fabulously awful musical number involving the basketballs, a Sweaty Efron, and a glorious Vanessa Hudgens rising from a crowd like an angel of cheese into the night.

The Cringe Factor was steady, and all told, I gave it two cheesy thumbs up. Plus two big toes.

But let us not forget, before The Efron, there was THIS:

Post Script: Thank you to my husband who went off to fight the good fight yesterday and argue with the mechanic about the bill to fix up poor Betsy. I am so lucky to have him around to do things like take out the garbage and shrink-wrap our windows in the winter and pull out the hair clots from the shower drain and argue with mechanics.  


  1. Nat, The Bale will always trump The Efron. Never question that. ;)

  2. I would go to Santa Fe, in a HEARTBEAT i tell you

    oh christian, how i love you, slobber and all...

  3. awww i feel old too. i've been realizing how old i'm getting. and it makes me so sad! sometimes i long to be single and babyless again just to have freedom and no responsibilty! although i don't know if i had much freedom living under my parents roof. and i like having my own money now so i can actually buy clothes and get my hair done and get waxed...

    i miss our days together. although the thought of returning to high school makes me shudder. but if i went back to high school the person i am today i would fare alot better. as an adult, we can be friends with anyone and everyone now, it's great! why wasn't it like that in high school?

  4. oooooh the bale. mmmmmm.

  5. MMMM, <3 The Bale.

    What about The Craig?

  6. Oohh, The Craig. But does The Craig sing?

  7. You want to hear the most TRAGIC thing? I didn't see "Newsies" until I was a sophomore in college. And by then I was TOO OLD. Well, maybe I wasn't. But the roommate who showed it to me and insisted I like it annoyed me, so maybe I didn't like it out of principle. Karl likes it, though, so maybe I'll get it from Netflix and watch it again without all the peer pressure. Christian Bale is smokin' hot, though, regardless. Katie and I still torture ourselves by saying, "Hey, swing boy!" like he did to Robert Sean Leonard in "Swing Kinds." Yow!!!

    Yes, we WILL be in Tualatin for Turkey Day! Give me a call!!!

  8. Oh I don't know how kids couldn't not know that we must all stand by Brit during her struggles because at one point we stood by her during the red spandex. And if we stood by her then -- well golly a shaved head is nothing!

  9. i am de-lurking only to say that! i find it mighty comforting to know that we are not the only puppy parents to trim the wiener hair! do you also trim around the anus to avoid dingle-berries? I'll assume that you do!


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