earlier this week the mom's group i'm in walked across the park to the met to see the angel tree. it's in the medieval section of the museum, which my very favorite section lately.

i had such a great time and wished we could stay longer, so this weekend, as soon as brandon had a break in studying, we bundled up for a cold family walk across the park and a good, long day at the museum. i'm obsessed with filling up my iphone with as many silly pictures as possible. here are some of my favorites from the day:

i found two paintings while we were there that looked like my sisters, below.
(sorry alex, but that painting is of a boy. he has a mustache.)

i felt way bummed that i hadn't found a painting that looked like me,
but then i found it.

then i picked out my favorite painting of the afternoon, van gogh's "shoes"

afterward we walked home past my favorite central park statue, 
and brandon attempted to get a picture of me.


it was a really great day.


  1. There actually is a piece of art out there that looks like me! It's Rembrandt's "Bathsheba At Her Bath." (Here's a link--and just so you know, it only looks like me from the neck up: I first saw this in a Humanities class at BYU--the girls next to me looked at it, then looked at me, then looked back at it, then started whispering and pointing. And then when my Study Abroad group saw it at the Louvre, everyone laughed (including the instructor). It was nice to enjoy that bit of fame, but...why can't my art doppleganger be hot?!

    Funny side note: Rembrandt was Dutch, and so am I! Maybe he painted a long lost relative or something. I guess that's as good a reason as any to develop a testimony of family history, eh?

  2. I want to be part of a biker gang of moms in NYC! Visiting the MET. oh, swoon. My inner art dweeb is envious. Looks like you had a fantastic day my dear!

  3. Wow! You managed to get a picture with Alice, alone. She is usually crawling with kids. I must go soon in hopes of getting one two.

  4. Perhaps the trick to getting a pic of yourself and Alice alone is to go when it's absolutly so cold out that you must turn your baby into a tv dinner!

  5. TV dinner baby is hilarious. Sounds like great fun, and I am so glad you are now part of a mom's group.

  6. I love the picture of your face in front of the different colored squares. (Though I think your picture is more artistic than those silly squares. I mean, really.)

  7. Ha, I love how the Greco-Roman sculpture is covered with fat, gurgly babies.

    And, Holbsdaddy! There are only so many pictures of fat, gurgly babies that Rat readers can stand. (Okay, granted, the tolerance level is extremely high, but that's totally beside the point.) Manly Holbsphotos would really rescue this blog from getting too ... um, too... well, too {insert something negative here}. Because, obviously, it is right there on the brink of {something negative} and YOU are the only man who can save it!

    There, did that seem convincing enough, Natalie? He'll listen to that, right?

  8. Oh, Nat! I was just going to suggest to you to try to find a mom's group. After reading about your date night and watching the movie in shifts I just felt horrible that you didn't have someone to keep Huck for a couple hours. Good for you. These women will be your lifeline, your saving grace, your cheap therapy! Enjoy.

  9. I love the picture of you through the glass (the effect) and also baby with just his nose showing. It's nice to be part of a Mother and Baby Group because when you have a small baby, your conversation tends to be all about the baby so you all have lot's to talk about. Your lucky to have a Holbs to act as your 'blog photographer' I have to do all of my own for mine...

  10. I love visiting art museums. It sounds so perfect, even though it also looks freezing outside. At least you have your TV dinner cover. Kind of seems like the perfect solution, and I want to tell my friend about it, since she has been using blankets draped over her baby and gets stopped a lot by people who think she is smothering her. (She isn't.)

  11. You may not recall, but I am the one who asked Santa Pan to recommend a non-touristy place in NYC? (And the restaurant Santa Pan recommended was, sadly, not only out of my budget (the life of a student, you understand) but closed for the season!) Well, I went to NY. And I went to the Met. (The only museum we had time to see, due to a misadventure in Chinatown that, fortunately, included really good noodles.) And would you know that I did not see a single thing you have pictured in your here blog? Testament to how big that place is, and to the fact that I must simply visit your snowy city again! <3

  12. Mom's groups are fantastic things to belong to, because it just yells I'M A MOM! :)
    And my DH sometimes gets silly about the NEED to take pictures for the blog as well...husbands.

  13. Alright, Holbs, get with the program. Granted, I haven't been blogging as long as Nat, but my husband puts up with my incessant picture taking "for the blog." It's in the marriage contract I'm pretty sure. ;)

    PS... Nat, you make me want to visit a museum or something artsy.

  14. Nat- I am so sad that I just now got around to catching up on your blog. Honestly, I think the last time I sat down with a computer to do anything other than chart vital signs and nursing assessments...was after little Huck was born! I love that I can always catch up :) I hope that you are enjoying NYC...I mean, wow. And, how lucky little Huckie is that you keep such great pics and document y'alls sweet lives together as Hs in NYC :)
    Keep writing, love it love it LOVE it! It's so easy to just put off blogging. I've been terrible at it. In a slump or something. Maybe it's the winter. Or all the laundry.
    Nonetheless, cheers from NC for a wonderful 2010 for you guys!


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