testing the market

what my sunday morning looked like

okay okay. here's the truth of the matter: living in new york city can be hard.

immediately after church today we had an appointment to look at a two bedroom apartment in midtown. chances we are making ourselves a permanent fixture here are looking pretty good, and while our green palace of tiny wonders is a lovely and quaint little home, and while we love it very much, let's be real: this place is a tiiiiiiiiny dancer, elton.

you know how there's this one part of arizona where you can stand in four states all at once?

my living room is sort of like that. you stand there, and simultaneously you're also standing in the kitchen, the foyer, the hallway, the oven, and the shower.

and do yourself a favor when you're living here and don't ever go into anyone else's apartment, because nine times outta ten their place is five times the size of yours and also they're paying fifty dollars less than you a month somehow.

so, we're looking for an apartment. sort of. not really but kind of.

when we walked into that two bedroom apartment this afternoon it was a rude awakening. maybe we's forgotten it was nyc, where it is perfectly legal to advertise something as a two bedroom if the living room is big enough to fit a bed in it while still having room for a couch.

don't you think that's rude? i sort of think that's pretty rude.

and so, the search (sort of) continues. (kind of.)

a few pictures of my tiny dancer apartment right here.


  1. Good luck on your search! By the way, the part about standing in the middle of your apartment and being four places at once is one of my favorite excerpts thus far. Not many people can say that!

  2. Your apt is so cute. Good luck on your search, one door closes another opens!!


  3. What is it about real estate and bringing out the evil in vendors?? I mean, honestly, would it kill them to tell the truth? It's not like people won't realise the truth when they walk in to what's supposed to be a 2 bedroom apartment and the agent starts pointing to the oven as a potential cot for your baby!
    It's like saying you've got a penthouse for sale and then people being led into a cave.
    Grrr to real estate porkies...I hope you have better luck soon :)

  4. Really rude. As is that picture of you in that sleek pencil skirt--were you ever pregnant? I mean, other than having living proof? And me having seen your bump?

  5. Well as skinny as your little self if I don't think you need anywhere bigger than Utah/Nevada/arizona/Colorado.
    But I'm sure you would like to sneeze sometime and have room to do it in.
    Good luck with the house search...sort of.

  6. I think the sort of kind of house searching is the nicest kind.

  7. Firstly: you are looking so dang skinny after 3 months post-pregnancy, lady! "What the what?!" is what!

    Secondly: how come NYC snow is looking so much lovelier than Idaho snow? We usually have it coming down in disgusting quantities, but this winter? It's held back...which can be a blessing (they are not good at plowing state-wide), but at the same time I think: "If it's gonna be this damn cold, we might as well get lovely white snow to hide the ugliness of winter." That's all I'm saying.

    Also, I'm sorry that your hopes of a REAL two bedroom apartment were dashed. Sorry, indeed...

  8. Apartment shopping=zero fun in my books.

    I remember doing it when we were engaged. My husband was on the other side of the country...quite literally, and I was booking him viewing appointments. The things we do for love!

    And I would have to echo the other comments and are looking too good to have ever had a baby!!

  9. The good news is your outfit is super cute.

  10. ooo, fun fun fun! A new place to decorate! to spread out your legs! to pace the {bigger} floor with hucklebaby! i'm super excited for you- post lots of pictures when you find THE place!


  11. Dude, I like your skirt v. much ;). Where can I find one?

  12. fun that you're getting a new place! frustrating with all that bait and switch stuff. blagh.

  13. you. are. so. freaking. skinny!!!! augh why cant all women have your body?

  14. Natalie, our husbands are in classes together at NYU. Nice to meet you! I know exactly what you're going through. We were having to look for places from out of state, & we got so sick of getting scammed & lied to that we finally settled on this HUGE managed apartment in the middle of NOWHERE. While I wouldn't encourage you to move to Secaucus, I would definitely suggest New Jersey. Hoboken & Jersey City are both cheaper for the space, you can still get into the city quickly & easily on PATH, & you still don't need a car (plus, Hoboken's super cute. That's where we're going to try to move if we stay too). When you're used to the city Jersey seems like a huge step down, I know, but I have to say it's nice to be able to see the city across the river there without having to be in the middle of it all the time. I hope this helps!

  15. Hello:)
    I love NYC where are you moving too? My sister in law lives in manhattan near east village! Her name is Louise and she is the brand manager for acne jeans co. I so wish my husband and I could move there and live for a little while. Anyways your blog is so fun, how do you get the pics circular at your heading??
    if you click on my blog don't judge me....i'm so embarrassed I need to get better at blogging because I so want to! anyways hopefully we can be blogging friends:)

  16. Dang. That is just rude, indeed. Good luck with your future searches, kind of.

  17. That is super duper unlicious. I have been wondering how the one bedroom thing is working with the baby?

  18. Makes you miss your spacious home in Northern Idaho, eh?

  19. I hate real estate translating!
    cute = tiny
    charming = tiny
    vintage feel = old and probably tiny



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