a recipe for shin splints

today i had some errands to run.

so there i was, dashing about the upper west side, pushing my baby in his stroller, dodging crowds at intersections, exchanging things at the gap, you know, saving lives, when suddenly my baby up and went to sleep. poof! knocked out cold.

i looked at his sweet sleeping face, at the way his little rosebud lips fought for space between those two sugary cheeks that i love to kiss and kiss and kiss, and then i thought to myself,

dude, how far south do you think i could get before he wakes up?

we started at west 72nd and broadway. at first i had no idea what i was going to do or where i hoped to end up. i figured i could say hello to a bagel somewhere, but really it was just an incredibly inane idea that seemed so blasted genius, even though actually all that is south of where i live is times square and sometimes going to times square is a bit of a suicide mission.

it wasn't very cold out though and what else was i going to do? clean my apartment?

at 59th street i ducked into the time warner center to have some moments at j. crew. a sleeping huck is an angelic huck and those j. crewbies loved him up hard and i got to gasp at some price tags.

at about 53rd street the spirit moved me to turn right, so i did!

i said hello to radio city music hall at 51st and pondered calf muscles for a bit.

at 47th i said 'no thank you' to a billion 'free comedy show' offers, and then some nice gentleman tried to give me a free hip hop cd by calling me "juicy."

"juicy, want a free hip hop cd?"

when we reached 42nd street my huck got angry. poof! not asleep, angry.

the 30 blocks that took nearly an hour to wander aimlessly down took a mere 15 minutes to power through on the way home.

here is what i have learned from this experience:

1. trapper hats on the street cost $20.
2. there are a lot of irish pubs around 53rd street.
3. you can tell the tourists from the new yorkers by their winter wear: tourists look color-coordinated, new yorkers look warm.
4. a man behind me had just seen a matinee of 'mamma mia,' loved it, and was going to pass on friendly's for some ice cream, but he hoped his friends had fun. he had a very loud talking-on-a-cell-phone voice.
5. cabs don't slow down when they see you pushing a stroller through an intersection.
6. sixty blocks might sound like a lot of walking, and actually, it is.


  1. I think everyone could take some tips on living life to its fullest from you. You rock.

  2. Love this photo. Looks like he's doing a little 'ROCK ON' fist punch. Eyes closed for dramatic emphasis. All rock and roll and milk.

  3. Your baby makes my ovaries hurt! SOOOO cute!!

  4. New to your blog and love it. I can relate to the giddiness of having a baby fall asleep and wondering with delight, "Now WHAT will I do?!?!?" Lovely post.

  5. The greatest shape of your life is when you are living in New York. I walked everywhere. 40 blocks, a walk in the park, stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge, no problem! Now that I drive most places my bottom seems to be a bit dimplier than it used to be. sigh.

  6. Hello! I just found your blog, and I just have to comment because I used to live in Moscow too! I went to U of I (and met my husband there). I am sitting at my desk dreaming of Moscow.

  7. I love this line, “i looked at his sweet sleeping face, at the way his little rosebud lips fought for space between those two deliciously sugary cheeks that i love to kiss and kiss and kiss…”

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  8. Perfect and SO true! I once pushed my first of SIX daughters 16 miles on friend told me it was 4 and I just thought I was really out of shape. She was barfing and such because she was only a few months old. woops.
    love your blog, I saw you at the blogger thing in Utah a while back. I blog over at Pink Moss and think you are pretty terrific! Maybe sometime you could do a diamond giveaway for me. You have a tad bit more readers. You would need one yourself of course for your time ;)

  9. Oh my, I just realized I could bump into you any day! I wander (at high speed) those streets everyday to get to and from work and yoga. I love 72st, have you gone to the cute independent toy/ everything you might ever need store going East? It's not very stroller friendly with it's tight isles packed with goodies but it's worth the trip.
    Have you been to the Crumbs on the corner of 77th and Amsterdam? It's the best crumbs in the city, in my humble opinion and it's next to Giggle, an adorable (although over priced) baby store.
    See you around!
    Take care

  10. That's a lot of walking, I used to become giddy when Baby Jakob would fall asleep too. Napping Babes are like a drug to moms.

  11. I took the same route today, only I went towards Columbus Circle. Made the mistake of NOT buying Ray's Pizza although I ducked in for a bit, made the great choice of finally wearing an ear flap hat!

  12. Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere walky like that. And I have to agree w/ the commenter who said Huck looks like he's saying "Rock on". LOVE the photo! Huck's such a cutiepatootie!

  13. Good gravy that is a cute baby.

  14. Sounds like fun. He's a babe for sure :)

  15. Rock on little dude! Rock on!

  16. Oh those cheeks are so beautiful and delicious! Good thing I have my own little fatty to love on or else I'd be baby hungry again.

  17. Today I was browsing BlogHer and read your LOL-spit-out-my-ginger ale funny post. Nat, you are spunky and hilarious. I don't know you but I already like you, even if I didn't i think I'd stick around just for the adorable picture of your butterball. :)


  18. Just stumbled across your blog and want to tell you that you have one of the most adorable, beautiful baby boys I have ever seen.

    SO CUTE!

  19. I want a baby. I want to wander around New York City with you and mosey in and out of shops. I want, I want, I want.

  20. your calves and tush must love you, though! ;)

  21. He's too cute, love the shirt too ! <3


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