::new sponsor:: darlybird


i am excited today to introduce you to darlybird, my newest sponsor. 

darlybird is a fun online shop with unique, hand-made and vintage jewelry, party supplies, and miscellaneous sundries (i love that word, sundries). 

if you're looking for something really rad, might i recommend the earring of the month club
(it's like a cheese of the month club, only you can wear it in your ears!)

thanks, darlybird!

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  1. Earring of the month club. Brilliant. I should have thought of that.

  2. Totally just became a card toting member of the EOTM club! I drank that Kool-Aid fast, man!

  3. oh man, wish i had a random $100 for the EOTM club! i love earrings (even tho i currently forget to put any in about 75% of the time...then pout about it while at work.LOL)!!

  4. Welcome to NTFR, Darlybird! What a pretty logo.

  5. It's like wine of the month club...I want to be a member!


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